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RTE Admission 2020: Details and Procedure

The Right to Education act was undertaken in 2009, enabling students the right free and compulsory education in the Schools of India. RTE admission is a boon to students who cannot get into schools for different reasons. The initiative towards the Right to Education was carried out by the center of Civil Society (CSS) and the School Choice Campaign (SCC) towards the betterment of school education for students.

The RTE admission (1) is provided to students age between 6 to 14 years and is provided as a free and compulsory right. This program has currently been taking place in partnership with the Centre for Square Foundation (CSF). Any student who belongs to the economically weaker section can opt for the RTE admission act for completing their school education. The state government makes a 25% reservation in a different school of the state under the RTE admission.

RTE Admission 2020

The RTE admission mainly depends upon the government of the state in which you currently reside. There is a 25% quota for students under the RTE admission act 2020, and the dates of the program for RTE admission may vary from state to state. Any child belongs to the age between 6 to 14 years whose parents or guardians income is less than Rs. 1 Lakh can apply for them under the RTE admission act 2020. This year, the last date to apply for the application form was 12th February 2020.

Current Partners of RTE

As mentioned above, the RTE admission act is mainly taken up by the Centre for Civil Society (CCS) and the School Choice Campaign (SCC) and in partnership with Central Square Foundation (CSF). These three societies of India have been taking out the process for RTE admission 2020.

Eligibility Criteria for RTE admission

The Eligibility Criteria for RTE admission 2020 are pretty simple to be undertaken, and with just a few steps, one can successfully establish themselves as candidates under RTE admission. One can fill out the form for RTE online and get into the 25% reserved quota for education. The criteria for getting into RTE are mentioned below.

  • The Applicant must be the permanent resident of that state under which they are applying.
  • A domicile certificate is must to be present for the RTE admission
  • The age of a student must be between 6 to 14 years.

How to Apply for the RTE admission 2020

The steps for successfully enrolling a student under the RTE admission act are easy to follow. One can even follow the steps below to get themselves under the RTE admission act.

  • Visit the official portal for the RTE admission act 2020
  • Look out for the online application form for the RTE admission on the home page of the
  • website.
  • One can notice the page being redirected to another one, which will load a registration form that has to be filled online to register themselves as an RTE admission student.
  • Please enter all the details correctly as it will be considered the official form for the process, and any mistake can pose a danger in the future.
  • Click on the register option after filling out all the information correctly in the way.
  • Now log in to the portal using login id and password for getting into the main application form.
  • Now, one can fill out all the details asked in the application form and submit the application form after mentioning the details correctly.

Through this process, one can see themselves registered for the process of getting admission under 25% reserved quota and avail education under this.

RTE Admission under Different States

The RTE admission is differentiated based on the state to the state of India. One has to remain in touch with the state government regarding the RTE admission program as the dates, and the application process varies in each state.

Some Important FAQs

Q1. What is RTE admission 2020-21?

The RTE admission is the Right to Education act established by the government in 2009, allowing students of economically weaker sections to have a free and compulsory education under the age of 6 to 14 years. The admission for the session 2020-21 is known as RTE admission 2020-21.

Q2. Can anyone apply for RTE admission?

No, only the students whose parents or guardian has an income less than Rs. 1 lakh and belong to the economically weaker section under the age of 6 to 14 are eligible for the RTE admission.


The Right to Education act of 2009 poses an excellent opportunity for students who cannot get admission to schools due to money reasons. The RTE admission has offered an opportunity for the student by the government to avail of proper education and has a bright future ahead.