The Founder – Saurabh Sood

Saurabh Sood
Saurabh Sood

Born in Ghaziabad, Saurabh Sood completed his primary schooling from Delhi and pursued his bachelor’s from Delhi University. In short, Saurabh Sood is a first-generation entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience in quality management and execution, marketing, sales, and operations. After successfully establishing his startup – Nature Homes, now his primary focus is to create more awareness about the new construction techniques that are healthy for the environment.

Nature Homes – What’s that?

Established by Saurabh Sood, Nature Homes promotes new construction techniques that are healthy for living as well as for the environment.

This startup designs and manufactures wooden homes and pre-structured wooden structures made out of eco-friendly and sustainable building material for individual needs and requirements for residential or the hospitality industry. Nature homes customize designs and structures as per the needs of the clients by understanding what they overlook.

Check out the official website for Nature Homes here.

The inspiration behind Nature Homes

In the interview with TimesNext, Saurabh Sood spoke about how back in 2011 when he was promoting an international designer furniture brand in India, he saw a lovely tiny wooden cottage across the street. At first, he thought it is a coffee shop, but as he stepped in, he was amazed to realize that it was a complete house.

A man sitting inside the premises told him it was their office which they had imported from outside the country. After getting a full tour of the place, Saurabh was quite impressed and spent some time with the owner of the site who gave him all the information he asked. Before leaving, Saurabh asked the man if he could order a similar one for him as well and unsurprisingly the man said yes, of course. From thereon, it was a new beginning for Nature Homes. Ever since then, Saurabh is not only promoting wooden cottages but also spends time learning more about new construction technologies and their benefits.

Challenges faced by the startup

Saurabh Sood shared the challenges that his startup faces with us. According to him in India, the biggest challenge he has to face every day is the myths that people have in the minds; for instance, it is wood, it will catch fire easily and will be eaten by a termite and also get damaged by rain which is actually not true according to Saurabh.

To overcome the challenge, he is trying hard to spread more awareness and knowledge about the benefits of these wooden structures.

Growth and Achievements

The first milestone in the journey so far was developing Polo Orchid Resort,  a place located in extreme weather conditions of Cherrapunjee. Nature Homes has also collaborated with some Real Estates Developers such as ATS infrastructure and ABA corp.

The startup has started to get an outstanding response from the market as it doubled the number of orders from the past year.

Nature Homes – The Vision

The vision Saurabh Sood holds for his startup is the concept that also echoes with the change in the mindset of the people in the country.

He hopes to go a long way and work hard in building that mindset of people through their work in the form of Nature Homes. So far, in a short span, the company has been able to complete over 27 projects successfully, and many others are in the final stage.

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