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How Sertify is trying to became a one-stop platform for Digital Credential Management – Startup Story

Let's uncover the story behind Suraj Kumar Jana and Nischal Reddy's startup Sertify - the one-stop platform for Digital Crede
Let’s uncover the story behind Suraj Kumar Jana and Nischal Reddy’s startup Sertify – the one-stop platform for Digital Credential Management.

The Founders and their Journey

Suraj Kumar Jana
Suraj Kumar Jana

Suraj Kumar Jana, the co-founder at Sertify was born and bought up in Kolkata and currently settled in Bangalore. Suraj completed his Engineering in Computer Science from the BMS Institute of Technology, Bangalore. Suraj is also a TEDx speaker and a community leader at Random Hacks of Kindness and a proficient technology speaker.

Nischal Reddy
Nischal Reddy

Nischal Reddy hails from Bangalore. Nischal is a law graduate from National Law School of India University. Soon after completing studies, Nischal started practicing and has 12+ years of industry experience as a corporate lawyer.

What is Sertify all about?

Sertify – Website Screenshot

Sertify is a digital credential management platform that enables both anonymized and non-anonymized data capture, subsequent transmission, verification, and analysis of the captured data.

The company is soon launching an opportunity mapping platform and a market place for badges, where badge recipients can see job-relevant market data for their skills and check out the job opportunities.

The user can also go to the market place and make their own skilling goals and earn appropriate badges.

Check out the Sertify platform here.

Idea and Inspiration behind starting Sertify

The Sertify Team
The Sertify Team

Suraj and Nischal believe in the concept of life long learning.

The duo wanted to enhance the education sector by providing an opportunity for the people to be recognized for their skills irrespective of it being earned in a Formal or Informal way.

So the duo came up with the idea of creating a platform that changes people’s behavior towards recognition and verification of skills by saving time and cost.

Check out the Sertify platform here.

Challenges faced in the Outset of Sertify

The duo believes that “Everyone has challenges and lessons to learn – we wouldn’t be who we are without them.” Suraj and Nischal are currently focusing on the skilling industry where the biggest challenge is that the established players in the education industry are slow to adopt change and accept new technologies. People in the industry are still stuck with paper certificates, and penetration of digital certificates is gaining momentum slowly.

Recent Collaborations

The company recently collaborated with the Acharya Institute of Technology to issue digital badges of recognition to their students and faculty members. The company also collaborated with Head Held High (HHH), a skilling non-profit organization in Bangalore.

Current Growth and Vision of Sertify

The company has flourished so well in no time and is growing both vertically in the education sector and horizontally expanding to other industries.

The duo visions to make Sertify a Digital Credentials as a Service platform, which enables both anonymized and non-anonymized data capture and subsequent transmission.

The company plans to provide services to anyone who wants to capture data into a credential that can be verified instantly without depending on the issuer.

The company is on track to issue 1 million digital credentials using the sertify platform by the end of 2020.