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The Story Behind Shivangi Bajpai’s Startup MixMitti- A Lifestyle Accessories Focused on Animal Conservation

The story behind Shivangi Bajpai's Startup MixMitti- A brand that focuses on animal conservation through its design and colle
The story behind Shivangi Bajpai’s Startup MixMitti- A brand that focuses on animal conservation through its design and collections.

The Journey

MixMitti Founder - Shivangi Bajpai
MixMitti Founder – Shivangi Bajpai

Shivangi Bajpai, the founder at MixMitti was brought up in Nairobi, Kenya, and came back to India to pursue her graduation from the National Institute of Fashion Technology. With a deep love towards animals & travel and a wildlife photographer by passion, Shivangi worked with the Ministry of Minority Affairs for the “USTTAD” project, which focussed on upliftment of Indian Artisans and received the best graduation collection award for the same.

What is MixMitti?


MixMitti is a startup that aims at bringing an exclusive range of high-end lifestyle accessory products that are handcrafted by skilled artisans creating awareness towards life and global issues with the help of photography.


The company handicrafts accessories that showcase the expression of exquisite individuality that focuses majorly on animal conservation through its design and collections.

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Idea and Inspiration behind starting MixMitti


Shivangi says that three things have been simultaneously there behind the concept of MixMitti. A portion of her childhood, as brought up in Kenya, she came closer to animals, her passion for photographing them, fondness for earthy aesthetics and lifestyle. Being into the Indian design industry and graduating from the National Institute of Fashion technology made her look at things from style and trend perspective. Lastly, but the most pressing concern was the rising issue of animal cruelty and environment changes that every individual should actually look at and align their actions accordingly for the betterment of our living conditions and our future generations.

All these together had an epiphany that compelled Shivangi starting MixMitti, a brand creating social awareness with the amalgamation of craftsmanship.

Check out the platform and shop for MixMitti products here.

Challenges in the Outset

Shivangi Believes that “Difficulties Strengthen the mind, as labor does the body.”  As the major of the startup’s aesthetics depends on photographs, the company faced the challenge of bringing the produce unless generous photographers contribute their pictures for collection.


Shivangi also found it challenging to educate people on wrong assumptions they had regarding Animal-friendly products and Eco-friendly products. It became a challenge to bring in a balance between requirements and the feasible price of the products as such material is expensive and limitedly available.

Recent collaborations and Hitting the first Milestone


The company’s first Milestone was launching the first collection in a few months of start. Another Milestone of the company was becoming the foster parents to two young orphaned elephants at Sheldrick Wildlife Trust situated in Nairobi, Kenya.

Current Growth and Vision of MixMitti

MixMitti has flourished well in no time. The company plans to launch the second collection soon for good growth in the coming time.

The company visions of playing a pivotal role in animal welfare and conservation through the sales of the animal-friendly product range and emerge as a union of photographers spread worldwide by bringing consciousness to the masses through their art and craft.