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How Shrey Jain’s startup – Experience Entertainment is making people’s life LIT with memorable events

The journey behind Shrey Jain's startup - Experience Entertainment, an event organizer that is filling people's lives with me
The journey behind Shrey Jain’s startup – Experience Entertainment, an event organizer that is filling people’s lives with memorable experiences.

Chandigarh – known as the city beautiful is known for it’s a peaceful environment, beautiful lush green parks, and the brilliant food that you can find in the city. Chandigarh is also a significant hub for students who come from different cities to get quality education in the city from different parts of the country.

However, the city beautiful is turning into a party hub during the weekends as more and more event organizers are entering the game to give the nightlife of the town a whole new look. With several party hubs and clubs opening up in the city, many people have entered the field of event management and organization, and one such person that is making the nights lit is Shrey Jain with his startup- Experience Entertainment.

The beginning of the entertainment journey

Shrey Jain
Shrey Jain

Growing up in Chandigarh, Shrey Jain graduated from DAV College, Chandigarh, and during his college days in Chandigarh, he would organize several events for college, and the response he got from people was satisfying that he decided to pursue his post-graduation in event management from National Institute of Event Management, Mumbai.

He believes that it was one of the best decisions he made in his life as it was a remarkable journey for his personal growth, and it also gave him the best exposure to grow in the field. Working closely with Mr. Shailendra Singh (founder of Sunburn Music Festival, percept, Bollywood Producer) helped him a lot in his journey, and he learned a lot from him.

What is Experience Entertainment and the challenges faced by the company?

The company is involved in creating and making an event, and Shrey (Founder) believes that he is in the business of making memories and making people happy through their events. The vibe that they receive from the crowd makes them happy, and the whole team is like a family to him as they work together smoothly.

Experience Entertainment has organized events such as “The Lit Night,” and “Comedy Affair,” in Chandigarh. Currently, they are working on the “World Club Festival” event, which is a multi-genre event that would take place in different clubs of Chandigarh and brings DJs, Comedians, live bands, open mics, and other fun games all under one roof.

The challenge that they faced, in the beginning, was when they were planning to start the things, and it was not an easy task for them. However, his family was supportive of his interests, and once it got started in May 2019, things started falling in place. There were difficulties every time, but they did things differently and kept them simple yet unique, and they all became a learning experience for them.

Their collaborations and the first milestone

Since the company is working in the event management and handling industry, they have collaborated with several clubs in Chandigarh to make things work out, and it’s been a great relationship for them, which is more than business. They understand the needs of the club and try to understand the people, and this the reason why all the clients work with them again.

According to Shrey, a milestone is something that keeps going ahead once it’s reached, and there have been many achievements by them, but there are no significant milestones. A milestone, according to him, is a game-changer that makes an impact on the society, culture, trend, and mindset of the people.

The current growth and the vision for the company

In conversations with TimesNext, Shrey Jain talks about the growth of the firm, saying that they are doing well, and they are curating new experiences back-to-back. He believes that making efforts is a thing that can never fade, and this is the reason why they are growing in any aspect of life.

Vision is a never-ending process according to him, and it changes and grows with every feather they achieve for their cap. Currently, he wants to make memories with more and more people to make it a life long memory for them. He quotes, “that curve under the nose is all I want for life on everyone’s life.”