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Slintel to Enable Customers to Identify Prospects with High Probability for a Purchase

The sales and marketing intelligence startup, Slintel (1), California US, has secured 4.2 million USD. Accel Partners led the latest fundraise and participation from Sequoia Capital India and Stellaris Venture Partners, its existing investor. The latest proceeds came less than a year after the company had secured a tranche from Stellaris Venture Partners and Powerhouse Ventures.

In a press statement, Founder and CEO of Slintel, Deepak Anchala, stated that the fresh infusions would enable the team to double their vision to help sales and marketing teams find buyers most likely to engage. Moreover, the startup would use the latest infusions to strengthen its products and aggressively capture the market share. Notably, the company has managed to get significant customers over a year.

Deepak Achala and Rahul Bhattacharya came up with Slintel when they realized that sales and marketing entities waste valuable energy and time, chasing after prospects with low conversion chances. The state further added that the firm has more than 100 customers across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions.

Slintel to Enable Customers to Identify Prospects with High Probability for a Purchase

Deepak added that the company had seen 800% growth since the last year. It is rapidly capturing more market share in the sales intelligence space. The press statement added that the team had observed its most immense earning numbers in Q3 2020 despite the market turbulence amid an on-going global pandemic.

While commenting on the development, Prayank Swaroop, Partner at Accel, stated that the growth of Slintel is primarily because of its product’s unique value proposition and its demand in today’s market. In the past several months, many companies are making cuts and are struggling with sales.

However, Slintel enables its customers to identify prospects with a high probability of purchasing their products or services. It makes their software more essential and useful at present than ever before.