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How Sriram’s startup – Anlyz Cybersecure is providing better security solutions to organizations

Sriram started working in the direction of building better security solutions for organizations that marked the beginning of
Sriram started working in the direction of building better security solutions for organizations that marked the beginning of his startup – Anlyz Cybercecure

Every business that is operating in today’s world is working with some of the other product which is prone to threats in one way or other. The process for detection of any possible threat is a little slow, which affects the operations of that particular firm. The security analysts and the senior management of a firm have to work intensely to figure out the threats to any service.

Often this process is time-consuming, which affects the overall functioning of the firm, which starts a chain reaction that eventually affects the sales and market value. During this time, Sriram Govindan had the idea to create a system that would help senior management and analysts to work better and swifter to create secure operations in an organization. Due to bureaucratic reasons, Sriram decided to form his own company to work in the direction of building better products and solutions, and this marked the beginning of his startup – Anlyz Cybercecure.

The beginning of the journey

Sriram is a motivated and passionate person who had interaction with computers and extraordinary capabilities at an early stage. This helped him stay motivated about his dream to be able to derive and build futuristic solutions. He ha worked with fortune 100 companies and interact with individuals in his line of work, and it has helped him improve his skills and stay motivated about what he does.

Parkavi R is the co-founder of the firm and joined Sriram in the journey to accepting the changes, and with the help of Parkavi’s far-reaching vision for the company has always helped Sriram work harder. Her previous entrepreneurial experience helps them work together and achieve more.

What is Anlyz Cybersecure?

Anlyz Cybersecure - Team
Anlyz Cybersecure – Team

Anlyz Cybersecure is a startup that was started to address the problems faced by the organization in securing itself in a cyber way. Data has grown exponentially, and the infiltration of data, misuse of data has increased as well. With Sriram’s experience and a natural aptitude for cyber forensics, they have developed an extraordinary futuristic experience with the help of their expertise, knowledge, and skills to secure the enterprises.

The platform offers three different products, and these are –


The platform makes holistic business security visualization possible, which works on the SOAR Incident Response platform to create a hub that eliminates the need for using various tools and reduces the time taken for finding a solution for any security-related mishappening.


The threat actors today are highly sophisticated, and they are using disruptive technologies to penetrate the security walls of enterprises in unrelenting fashion. REVERSS gives automated dynamic malware analysis to enable Cyber Intelligence Response Teams (CIRT) to mitigate obfuscated malware faster and effectively.


This product is an enterprise-grade SIEM which empowers the organizations to address nay known and unknown threat effectively. The data enhances the ability to correlate more alerts and identify more risks with additional cost. AI and ML provide contextual analysis, proactive insights, and enhanced correlation, which reduces the redundancy and increases efficient alerting.

Challenges faced in the beginning

Like every business, venture, or startup, Sriram and his team also faced their fair share of problems, and the biggest challenge for them was to convince people at esteemed organizations to believe and make changes with their product. Another barrier for them was to convince the organization about the credibility and reliability of the product and the company.

Upcoming collaborations of the company

Their initial POC being the means to collaboration and feedbacks indicated confidence towards their right set of products. They have completed successful POC with esteemed and Global organizations in data management and banking sector for Cyberal, the SIEM and with SOAR IR product paving the way to the next set of evaluations and further business associations. They are at this stage working with a couple of MSSP who are in evaluating stages and are soon expected to set the ramp for the next set of collaborations for them to work with.

The first milestone, current growth, and the vision of the company

The first milestone for the company was when they became the finalist at the NetApp accelerator program and won the “Investors choice award” for the same. The current growth of the company is steady as they have had successful collaborations in the past, and they are on track to work with security providers across India and abroad.

The company is working hard with the vision to build a world-class organization that would provide the best in class security solutions for the betterment of other organizations.