Startup Story: How AppE became the recruiting consultant you can count on

appE Technology Solutions is a company that provides assistance to other small startups to improve their business. Let's take a look at their path to success!


appE Technology Solutions

There are various startups and businesses that sprout up frequently in our country. But all of them would require some support when it comes to hiring and expanding their team. appE Technology Solutions provides all kinds of HR Services including Recruitment, Training, Branding & Marketing services thus helping startups & mid-sized companies grow. They started with App development (iOS & Android) and HR services but gradually extended their actions into other support functions. appE believes in efficiency, and their entire team works to attain this goal of maximum productivity.

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The founder and the seed of thought

appE Founder - Hemashree Kalavakolanu
appE Founder – Hemashree Kalavakolanu

The founder of appE Technology Solutions, Hemashree Kalavakolanu, is an MBA graduate from VIT University. Besides working on appE, she loves to sing and cook.

“I’m fortunate to have my family‚Äôs support for trusting and supporting me in difficult situations.”,

says Hemashree.

Hemashree is thankful to her brother Kishore Kalavakolanu for leading her to the path of entrepreneurship. Kishore encouraged her to streamline the company operation and supported her financially.


The hurdles and feats

Hemashree Kalavakolanu (In black) with the team
Hemashree Kalavakolanu (In navy) with the team

appE had faced a few challenges during the onset but soon rose above them. In the beginning, they invested in different platforms for hiring which turned out to be of no use. They even had to hire faculty who were not beneficial for the project. appE managed to overcome these struggles to achieve the success they have today. Hemashree believes that their first milestone was completing one year of business. By that time, appE had attained their 1st 100 candidates and 15 clients who were utilizing the HR services.

Presently, they are able to assist clients across different industries with efficiency. Even during the COVID -19 situation and lockdown, they are training many professionals, students to build & grow in their careers. The company has a praiseworthy growth status as of now, and they hope to earn the title for the best HR services company.


Collaborations so far

Hemashree says that appE has collaborated with Tarun, the owner of Co-Karma, who crossed paths with them while sharing a co-working space. appE expresses their gratitude to Tarun as he fetched them many clients. They have also collaborated with a few freelancers and firms for web development projects. appE maintains a healthy relationship with their partners and believes that two hands are better than one. They are open to more collaboration in the near future.

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