The Startup Story behind Collections Reloved – An e-commerce platform promoting preloved women’s fashion items

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What is Collections Reloved?

Collections Reloved Website Screenshot
Collections Reloved Website Screenshot

Collections Reloved is an e-commerce platform that promotes preloved women’s fashion items across India. The company intends to create an eco-fashionable community that is not only conscious of their style but also has an impact on the environment.

The main idea of the company is to make shopping for sustainable fashion accessible and easy by bringing it your fingertips.

Collections Reloved - Nikita Almeida
Collections Reloved Founder – Nikita Almeida

Nikita told us that the clothes, jewelry, handbags are sourced from wardrobes, which are looking to be decluttered of items that no longer fit or not their style anymore or party outfits, which cannot be repeated again. In contrast, all these items are barely worn 2-3 times, and some of them still have their tags on.

Collections Reloved - Collection
Collections Reloved – Collection

Nikita told us that the collection is curated by her where every item is scrutinized individually for quality purposes and takes only branded pieces that are still in pristine condition, which includes preloved brands in the collection like FCUK, Vero Moda, H&M, Zara, Mango.

Check out the Collections Reloved platform here.


One – Woman Show!

Collections Reloved

Nikita Almeida, the founder of Collections Reloved, was born and raised in Kuwait. Nikita moved to Bangalore to pursue her bachelor in commerce from St Josephs College of Commerce and then pursued Chartered Accountancy.

While talking to TimesNext, Nikita told us that Maths and Accounts were her strengths in college, which became a stable career choice for her. During this time, Nikita got the opportunity and started working with Grant Thornton.

Nikita’s desire for creativity pushed her to make a career change to the marketing took her to Dubai, where she started working in a shopper marketing agency.


The idea behind Starting Collections Reloved!

Nikita told us that when she moved back to India, she looked back at what had impacted her significantly in the recent past, and figured out it was being introduced to sustainable shopping and preloved fashion.

Collections Reloved - Collection
Collections Reloved – Collection

Nikita realized that people are conscious of their shopping habits and want to embrace sustainability. However, most sustainable brands are heavy on the pocket. While she was looking to shop preloved, she couldn’t find too many well-structured businesses providing guaranteed quality.

Check out the Collections Reloved platform here.


 “Win-Win for the Pocket”

Nikita wanted to provide the community with a trust-worthy shopping experience for preloved items with quality, style, and most important at the comfort of the customer’s home, and this is how the idea of Collections Reloved was born.


Challenges in the Outset!

“We Love Second Chances”

Nikita faced a lot of challenges as people have the Taboo of second-hand items, Nikita had to put a lot of efforts into removing the Stigma of Dirty/Old, for which Nikita keeps high standards of quality for every item and also tried to educate people through her social media platform.


Collections Reloved – Collaborations

The company recently collaborated with a stylist from Bangalore, where they gave her a challenge named #ReStyleChallenge, which was a week of preloved looks showcasing the items from the collection of Reloved wardrobe. The idea behind the challenge was to show how preloved pieces can be incorporated into the wardrobe to create a stylish look, be it corporate wear or a night out.


Collections Reloved – On Growth and First Milestone

Collections Reloved – Collection

The company considers its first Milestone when it started getting repeated orders from customers across India.

Collections Reloved - Collection
Collections Reloved – Collection

The company has flourished well in no time and is observing a significant growth in customer base month on month.

Collections Reloved - Collection
Collections Reloved – Collection

Collections Reloved is currently online, and new items are added to the store and hope to grow eventually by having physical stores solely dedicated to only Preloved items.

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