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How Gaurav Sharma is working with tribals to extract the best forest honey – Honey By Nature

Dr. Gaurav Sharma, a native of the city of lakes, Udaipur started his startup - HONEY BY NATURE. He has employed the tribals
Dr. Gaurav Sharma, a native of the city of lakes, Udaipur started his startup – HONEY BY NATURE. He has employed the tribals of Udaipur.

The Founder

Honey By Nature Founder - Dr. Gaurav Sharma
Honey By Nature Founder – Dr. Gaurav Sharma

Honey By Nature was Dr. Gaurav Sharma’s idea who holds a Bachelor of Dental Surgery’s degree from Rajasthan University of Health and Sciences. He was an alumnus of PGPM Class of 2014-15 at Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon. Through his startup, he is helping numerous tribals to make a living for their families.

Honey By Nature

Honey By Nature

Gaurav is working with the Tribals of the district to harvest one of the most excellent Forest Honey, not just in India but all across the World. They have a group of Tribals, working for them. These people are natives of the jungles and the startup trains them with incisive knowledge and equipments to collect the super nutritious natural honey. Consequently, they are creating employment opportunities for them in their villages and forest areas. So far, they have 62 tribals harvesting honey for them.

After extraction, the team then bottles up the Honey under their label “Honey by Nature.”

The brand now has a healthy customer base and has respect among its customers who are looking for pure honey. The 100% pure Honey is already a rare item in the World because of geological factors.

Now Honey By Nature plans to come up with a series of sugar-free and Honey infused products like Organic Jams, Honey chocolates, and Honey Chyawanprash. The demand for such healthier products has increased post coronavirus exponentially, and they wish to capitalize on this demand for health benefits to the people.

Most of the products that they are creating are first of it’s kind such as an entirely organic Jam made of Honey instead of sugar or sugar substitutes. It is not healthy enough due to the sugar content. We already have many other ideas lined up regrading these honey-infused products, and They wish to expand with a comprehensive list of the product portfolio shortly to scale up the company.

Check out Honey By Nature’s company profile on –

Check out Honey By Nature’s Website here.

The Vision, Idea, and Inspiration behind Honey By Nature

When asked about the idea behind his startup, during the interview with TimesNext, Gaurav stated,

“The idea came up on my visit to a nearby forest area in Udaipur district. I am a recreational trekker, and on one of those visitors, I came up in touch with these tribals of the area. They offered me this honey, which they then harvested freshly. I was amazed by the essence of the honey and the knowledge of these tribals regarding the forest.”
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Moreover, he later found out that the tribals are not paid enough and fairly. He researched the topic and discovered the constant demand for raw honey.

The vision of the company is to build a substantial product portfolio, and on that basis, they want to be one of the most excellent health innovation companies in the world market.

Challenges faced on the outset!

When asked about the challenges that he faced, Gaurav said,

“Initially, it was hard to organize a team of the harvester, and the fact that we have to educate the tribals about the benefits of working in an organized manner to generate substantial employment opportunity and financial advantages for them.”

He added that soon he realized the worth of his company and overcame all the challenges.

So far, the startup not partnered or collaborated with anyone. They wish to partner with an appropriate partner who understands the vision of our company to build on a symbiotic relationship.

First Milestone and the Current growth status!

Honey By Nature

The first milestone of the company was to bring their Honey on the shelves of the supermarkets and generate sales with the world’s best and biggest brands like Langnese, Manuka honey, Bonne Maman. Eventually, they were able to do it, and it was the first milestone.

Currently, they have been in operation for only several months and yet they are generating good demand. The customers have been growing exponentially, and the premium quality of our Honey has made the demand for other products for our company like Jams, infused honey, and Chavanprash. They even have created some prototypes and got hugely successful feedback with demands.