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Startup Story: HyCube Works – An incubated Venture for a deep tech digital manufacturing

HyCube Works is an incubated venture in IIM, Banglore, NSRCEL. Let's uncover the story behind Hycube Works and its founders.
HyCube Works is an incubated venture in IIM, Banglore, NSRCEL. Let’s uncover the story behind Hycube Works and its founders.

The Founders

HyCube Works Founders - Reethan Doijode and Shreyash S. P.
HyCube Works Founders – Reethan Doijode and Shreyash S. P.

Reethan Doijode and Shreyash S. P. founded HyCube Works. Both founders were college mates at BNM Institute of Technology, Banglore, when they founded the startup in 2018. The venture soon became of India’s leading one-stop solution for an additive manufacturing solution.

More about the Startup – HyCube Works

HyCube Works

The team of HyCube Works for a deep tech digital manufacturing stays true to their nature for their excellence. They produce ALPI series of additive manufacturing systems. The company aims to create a more reliable and productive rapid prototyping and manufacturing industry than ever before.

ALPI v3  (Product)
ALPI v3 (Product)

HyCube Works ALPI series of 3D printers is the game-changing choice for companies and educational institutes who are new to 3D printing along with establishing users. It provides the highest levels of plug and print reliability with repeatable accuracy.

Check out the platform for HyCube Works here.

The Idea and Inspiration Behind HyCube Works

HyCube Works
“Idea is not to live forever but to create something that will”

HyCube Works team believes that they can create a pragmatic change in the lives of the people through the innovative manufacturing industry. They are working to revolutionize the market so it can adapt to a more customized and entrepreneurial path.

Collaborations and Partnership

HyCube Works has partnered with many product development companies and technological educational sectors in India.

HyCube Works is empowering PSUs, IITs, and is conducting many industrial interaction programs to bridge the gap between education and digital manufacturing technology.

First Milestone of HyCube Works

Set up of center of excellence for 3D Printing
Set up of center of excellence for 3D Printing

As student entrepreneurs, the founders are currently serving their happy 100th customer. Their first-ever milestone was to empower India’s most reputed Government Research Agency, DRDO.

Current Growth Status

The team of HyCube Works is continually working to innovate, curate, and execute in the direct digital manufacturing industry. They have created new possibilities by improving efficiency and have redefined te limit of manufacturing in India.

The company is also willing to take the next step towards consumer use, direct product manufacturing, and tool, mold manufacturing industries. These industries hold a $200 billion market size across the globe. The company is improving its manufacturing capacity, human resources, logistics, and financials to reach the stated market further on.

HyCube Works is currently mastering in direct digital manufacturing technology and solutions while helping to realize big ideas every day. They want to work in industries with tailored solutions for everything, from automotive to dental, creating a new design, and manufacturing possibilities across the world.

“we will help you bring your ideas to life; whatever the idea, whoever you are in the global platform.”

The company is currently active in 6 metro cities in India. It is serving more than 50 customers in the manufacturing and serving domains. The future goal of the company is to expand to 10 metro cities across the country along with overseas nations in the coming up years.

HyCube Works – The Vision

They aim to bring “innovation to you” using the vast use of 3D printing technology.

Redefining Design Manufacturing Innovations

The company offers world-class expertise for every phase of the product development cycle. The aspects include conceptualizing, analyzing, and design prototyping.