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Startup Story: Keshav Jangid solving tech issues with his startup ED Apply

Keshav Jangid is a 20-year-old college student and the brain behind ED Apply, a company that provides you all solutions to te
Keshav Jangid is a 20-year-old college student and the brain behind ED Apply, a company that provides you all solutions to technology-related problems.

The Founder

ED Apply Founder – Keshav Jangid

Keshav Jangid is a 20 years old third-year student of B. Tech Computer Science at Jecrc Foundation Atomic energy central school in Rawatbhata, Rajasthan. He established his startup company in August 2019, namely ED Apply Private Limited.

ED Apply – What’s it about?

ED Apply (3)

At ED Apply you can find solutions to the various things revolving around technology such as:-

  1. To remove the problem of scarcity of AI programs in High school
  2. To create more awareness of AI
  3. To solve the problem of high-cost pricing to learn AI
  4. And lastly, to unravel the complexity of AI

The startup offers the following services:

  • DIY Kits
  • Mini Gyani
  • Pre-college Training
  • Workshops and a lot more

Unique Value Proposition of the startup:-

  1. It’s unique because it is based on storytelling and project-based learning
  2. They are the first to bring AI training to the School Students
  3. They also teach MIT’s Scratch Based GUI coding platform
  4. Lastly, talking about their current status, they have 500+ students to be trained in AI, and near about 5+ products to teach AI.

Check out ED Apply’s Company page on –

Keshav’s Vision, Idea & Inspiration behind ED Apply

Keshav's Vision

We asked Keshav about how he got inspired to create a company with this concept to which he told that it was the high potential of AI that inspired him a lot and brought in him the idea for this startup. The concept of the Company was to empower the youth with the latest and limitless technology like AI, which can change the world as the youth are more creative than the present adults.

He also told us that he has been researching for the past three years on AI & robotics. His work have been featured in various other news publications as well, apart from TimesNext.

ED Apply has its vision of making AI accessible to everyone.

Keshav believes that we live in a technological and modern society where AI is now playing a very vital role in our everyday life. So it becomes essential that every human should be clear with the concept and application of AI. Hence, ED Apply is here to celebrate the accessibility of AI to everyone and everywhere. And to empower every young learner on this planet with World-Changing Technologies like AI.

Challenges faced by Keshav

ED Apply

Obstacles are bound to come while establishing a startup. Similar was the case with Keshav and his ED Apply.  Keshav faced the difficulties of being a student entrepreneur. It’s always the toughest part to play. He had to manage his classes, peer pressure to score well in exams, and a lot more.

Despite all this, he didn’t give up and continued to strive hard.

ED Apply’s Collaborations and Partnerships

ED Apply

The Company has collaborated and is currently working with JECRC Foundation along with few schools in Jaipur and Kota to provide education of AI to their students.

During the interview with TimesNext, when asked about his collaborations, Keshav said:

“The experience was great as it was something special to forward the concept of AI to someone who is going to shape the near future.”

First Milestone and the growth of ED Apply

For Keshav, his first milestone will be teaching and training a batch of 40 school students about Artificial Intelligence.

So far, they provide AI education to more than 500 students. However, they are looking forward to collaborating with more schools and educational institutions to give AI knowledge universally.

Check out jobs and internships offered by ED Apply on –