The Startup Story Behind PARENTNashik – A one-stop solution for spot welders and robotic welding

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The couple behind PARENTNashik

PARENTNashik Founder - Shreekant Patil and Manufacturing Head - Sneha Patil
PARENTNashik Founder – Shreekant Patil and Manufacturing Head – Sneha Patil

Shreekant Patil, the founder of PARENTNashik completed his bachelor’s degree in Electrical engineering from Amravati University. Shreekant worked for ten years with a company and then decided to start his business and made a measurable impact over the past 14 years as a passionate engineer for all those needs the help of resistance spot welding with spot welding shank, projection & seam welding consumables.


What is PARENTNashik?

PARENTNashik is a brand that helps automotive, switchgear industries for resistance welding consumables, weldparts spares, projection welding electrodes at one-stop for spot welders, and robotic welding.

The company has product know-how and has more than 20 years of experience in resistance spot welding and has products that meet all international quality standards and requirements.

Check the website for PARENTNashik here.startup sto


The idea behind starting PARENTNashik

While talking to TimesNext, Shreekant told us that after working for ten years with one company, Shreekant found that most of the automotive industries need the best quality products and on-time delivery and other technical problems to be solved. Shreekant realized the problem and decided to start a new small business to help customer’s welding consumables related problems and support them at their crucial time.

Shreekant has developed more than 300+ parts in copper alloy and other materials with low-cost manufacturing techniques with world-class quality.


Challenges faced at the outset!

“A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor.”

Shreekant faced a lot of challenges as being electrical, Shreekant decided to start a business in mechanical products, and export to other countries which made Shreekant make more efforts to grab orders in the Indian market.

Shreekant told us that initially, the company could not get orders from Indian customers for which Shreekant started understanding automotive industries production problems, which he tried to solve with his experience and knowledge.


Recent collaborations and first milestone!

Shreekant has vast experience in the welding field and has helped his colleagues from different areas like accounts, marketing, production, R&D, sales, design, etc.

Shreekant considers his first milestone breakthrough when he got first international order, which was a turning point for him as, after this, Shreekant never stopped the spread to the USA, Middle East, Asian countries, and EUROPE.


Current growth

parentnashik vision

Shreekant told us that the initial inception of PARENTNashik was not in the good financial stage as his investors withdrew their investment, and this period was crucial for Shreekant to stand alone.

parentnashik vision

The company flourished in no time and is observing a growth rate of 30 – 40% raise every year.

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