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Startup Story Behind Sandeep Pandit’s Creative Experiential Marketing Startup – Kraftjar

Let's discover how Sandeep Pandit's marketing company Kraftjar is creating customized, scalable, and experiential intellectua
Let’s discover how Sandeep Pandit’s marketing company Kraftjar is creating customized, scalable, and experiential intellectual properties for brands.

What is KraftJar?

KraftJar is a creative experiential marketing company that focuses on creating customized and scalable experiential intellectual properties and brand activations.

Intellectual properties are long term branded properties where brands are highly involved and drive them to deliver their strategic marketing objectives.

Apart from Intellectual properties, the company also specializes in brand activations, events, social media marketing, and content creation via animated videos, corporate AVs & more.

Check the website for KraftJar here.

The face behind KraftJar

KraftJar Founder - Sandeep Pandit
KraftJar Founder – Sandeep Pandit

Sandeep Pandit, the founder of KraftJar, hails from Kashmir (Srinagar) and moved to Mumbai to pursue his MBA from Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research & Entrepreneurship Education (SIMSREE)

The Journey

“What you learn in tough times can be used in many ways to bless the Journey of Life.”

Sandeep told us that hailing from Kashmir, he has been part of the Kashmir Situation, and growing up there, Sandeep & his family faced serious challenges. It was the divine love and support of his parents that they ensured that Sandeep and his elder brother Vikram Pandit get the proper education.

Sandeep told us that he is a firm believer in the power of stories that can influence human behavior positively and create an impact.

Sandeep does storytelling sessions based on his life & learnings at corporates and colleges as it instills positive thinking, inspires people, and helps them to approach life from a different perspective.

The idea that inspired Sandeep

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.”

While talking to TimesNext, Sandeep told us that in today’s world, standing out of the clutter and all the noise around has become extremely difficult for a brand.

That’s why it is important to invest time with the brand and focus on the storytelling and concept led approach while discussing the brand’s marketing problems or initiatives.

During the last stint in Radio Mirchi, Sandeep closed a few large scale intellectual properties that inspired Sandeep to take the plunge, and this is how the idea of starting KraftJar was born.

KraftJar – first milestone and on growth

The company got it’s first milestone breakthrough when State Bank of India entrusted KraftJar with the responsibility of managing their showcase at a very prestigious event where the Chief Guest was Honourable President Shri Ram Nath Kovind. Determined towards the work, the company completed the delivery of 15-20 days within five days garnering appreciation from all the Senior Management of SBI & Guests alike.

The company claims to have flourished so well in no time, and the process of onboarding specialized resources is on and all set for FY 2021.

Challenges faced in the outset and the vision of KraftJar


Sandeep told us that the biggest challenge he faced was overcoming the fear of losing his job and managing family responsibilities. The immense support from his wife (Shilpa Pandit), brother (Vikram Pandit) & few senior industry mentors (Eika Banerjee – CEO Future Learning, Avinash Gabriel – COO Tata Teleservices, Rahul Balyan – CDO Radio Mirchi & Sarvmeet Oberoi – Founder Petfelix) helped him focus on building the business from the ground up.

The Vision of KraftJar is to become a one-stop-shop solution for every brand with a clear focus on intellectual properties, Brand activation, and content creation.

The company intends to own the space of Experiential Marketing and encourage brands to re-think experiential marketing.