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The Startup Story behind SpotKwik – An online shopping platform helping people buy products providing real recommendations

Let's uncover the story behind Mithun Adith and Anusha Sunndar's startup SpotKwik - an online shopping platform providing rea
Let’s uncover the story behind Mithun Adith and Anusha Sundar’s startup SpotKwik – an online shopping platform providing real shopping recommendations.

There are many times when we order something online and wait for days and weeks for it to reach and get disappointed in the end. While shopping online, user’s often put the fate of their shopping experience in the hands of a stranger while most of the time, we decide what to buy by reading strangers online reviews. Let’s see how SpotKwik is helping People buy products wisely.

What is SpotKwik?

Spotkwik Website Screenshot

SpotKwik is an online shopping platform where users can buy products after reading through the reviews of products from people they trust. SpotKwik makes it possible to read genuine reviews from your friends and family who have purchased the same product.

Check out the Spotkwik platform here.


SpotKwik Co-Founder - Mithun Adith
SpotKwik Co-Founder – Mithun Adith

Mithun Adith and Anusha Sundar hail from Erode, a town in Tamil Nadu, located in the southern part of India.

SpotKwik Co-Founder - Anusha Sundar
SpotKwik Co-Founder – Anusha Sundar

The duo shared the same Alma mater at K.S.R. College of engineering and pursued their Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering, respectively.

The idea behind SpotKwik

While talking to TimesNext, Mithun told us that it all started with an online shopping experience of his friend who often looks to buy things online and genuinely enjoys the comfort of online shopping. Mithun came to know from her that she purchased shoes from a famous online store, which turned out not good though it had a 4-star rating and positive revies.

Mithun realized that there are many people like his friend who are facing the same problem every time they shop online. This motivated Mithun to come up with a solution and started the journey of research to ideation and prototype to the execution of SpotKwik.

Challenges in the outset

“Challenges are an opportunity to test you and rise to the next level.”

Mithun and Anusha faced a lot of challenges, while the most significant challenge for them was to find the right team. In the initial stages, the company didn’t have sufficient capital to fund a team while required a minimum of 7 people to turn the idea into a go-to-market product.

Mithun built a team of 7 talented people who worked with Mithun every day, taking SpotKwik to the market.

The team of 7 was motivated with the idea of why SpotKwik is being built & what is it going to solve. They married themselves to the product’s vision, working every day late at night till 4 AM, taking Spotkwik to the market.

SpotKwik and Recent Collaborations and First Milestone


The company recently partnered with some of the top online stores in India, as well as with a couple of local vendors across Bangalore.

The company considers its First Milestone as building the first -to-the market product.

SpotKwik – Current Growth and Vision

ShopKwik - Team at Work
SpotKwik – Team at Work

The company has flourished so well in no time soon after the release the company managed to gain 500 users in just five days, currently, the company has a user base at 1500+ and 50 daily active users and a viral social presence, the company is going to start making revenue by the end of third quarter.

The company visions to intersect the technologies with arts and human instincts to democratize shopping and empower people to make the right buying decision.