The story behind Do Friendly – A word of mouth marketing tool going live this month

Let's uncover the story behind Sunil's startup Do Friendly - One stop platform for the users to market their business free of cost.


The Founder

Do Friendly founder - Sunil (Right)
Do Friendly founder – Sunil (Right)

Sunil, the founder at Do Friendly was born and brought up in Bangalore, with Passion and dedication towards studies, soon after completing an MBA, he started his professional journey working with corporates like Oracle India, Visa Inc.


What’s Do Friendly all about?

Do Friendly – The Team

Do friendly is a startup that provides an open platform where anyone can market their business free of cost by just adding a small amount of commission upon transaction value.

On successful registration, the user becomes the brand friend of multiple businesses where the user is directly rewarded for each transaction generated due to the user’s word of mouth. The users can monitor the sale transactions within the mobile application.


The idea and the inspiration behind the startup

Sunil wanted people to understand how the marketing cost could be minimized for their business. Do Friendly is working on the same by providing a platform for promoting business and empowering people to work on behalf of other’s companies as the platform is absolutely free.


Challenges faced in the outset

In the beginning, Sunil faced a lot of challenges. As a founder, it became challenging for Sunil to keep track of dependencies and to compete to find an alternative for things that could not make up to its best.


Competitors and Hurdles in the journey

The company faces competition from the lead generating companies. Sunil believes that the companies that solely focus on competition will die, and those that focus on value creation will thrive.

Do Friendly is a pure word to mouth marketing company bringing customers to the business venue, which intends to derive the highest sale conversion rate and services which are provided free of cost.


Do Friendly – The Vision

Do friendly has the vision to provide a platform for having virtual business ownership where people can own multiple businesses. As per the Strategic positioning segment, the company intends to spread its reach to PAN India.

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Deepish Mahajan
Deepish Mahajan
An enthusiastic content writer with zeal and impetus to work towards excellence

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