Don’t we all spend hours on online shopping sites? Scrolling through the phone looking through products and buying them with just the swipe of a finger is so much easier than visiting a store. Moreover, it’s always thrilling to have big offers and cash backs when you buy something. Indians love to redeem money at every chance they get. What if you could get extra coupons on online purchases thus saving more with every order you place? If your answer is yes, then Cashkaro is what you are looking for.

CashKaro is an Indian website that offers various coupons and cashback on products like electronics, home appliances, accessories, health and beauty products, etc. For seven years, Cashkaro has been helping online buyers make huge savings on their orders. It was founded by Rohan Bhargava, Swati Bhargava in Gurgaon, Haryana. They are also supported by business tycoons like Ratan Tata and Kalaari Capital. You can enjoy the services of Cashkaro through their website or the app, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store or the Apple store.

The journey

Cashkaro (1) was initiated by constructing a strategic relationship with online shopping sites. They could easily acquire the trust of these retailers by bringing sales worth 25 crores to the collaborator websites within the first six months. They also raised initial funding of 5 crores from an organization named Drove based in London. In the year 2014, Cashkaro expanded its offices to Delhi and Chennai, and the team grew into 50 members. In the same year, they were able to collaborate with more than 500 online shopping websites.

In 2015, Cashkaro conducted a series A funding led by Kalaari Capital in which they raised a total of 25 crores. It was in the same year that they inaugurated a new headquarters in Sector 44, Gurgaon. Cashkaro also entered into a collaboration with Alibaba Wholesale. They had attained their name as the first site of India to offer cashback coupons to the population.


Ratan Tata became a prominent investor in Cashkaro in the year 2016. The website had earned the trust of over 1500 online shopping partners by then. They also crossed the remarkable gross merchandise volume mark of 1000 crores. By the year 2017, they had credited a total cashback of 80 crores to the users. They soon established a new department in Chennai and added 80 more brilliant techies to the team. They expanded their partnership to banks and offline sellers, thus bringing more innovative strategies and policies to the business.

The team behind Cashkaro

Rohan Bhargava, and Swati Bhargava
Rohan Bhargava, and Swati Bhargava

The co-founders of Cashkaro, Rohan Bhargava, and Swati Bhargava are both alumni of the London School of Economics. Roman Bhargava is a BSc economics graduate and has worked for global hedge funds like Aladdin Capital and Washington Square Capital. Before establishing Cashkaro, Rohan had eight years of experience in the field.

Swati Bhargava has a BSc degree in mathematics and economics and had been working as an investment banker in London. After working for Goldman Sachs for five years, she founded a cashback site called Pouring Pounds with Rohan in 2011. It was in 2013 that the Bhargava couple came up with the idea of starting Cashkaro in India. The CTO of Cashkaro is M K Arumainathan, who has more than 15 years of experience in the world of technology. Arumainathan had been working with HCL before joining Cashkaro.

Discovering the best offers on Cashkaro

CashKaro Website Screenshot
CashKaro Website Screenshot

As soon as you have logged in, you can search for your favorite online seller through the search icon which can be seen at the top right corner. Each dealer has an exclusive store on the Cashkaro website. You will be taken to another page which contains the offers for the shopping site you are looking for.

You can see dozens of offers, cashback, and coupons for that retailer on this page. When you find an offer that you feel interested in, you may click the orange “Activate” button and this will lead you to another page. This page contains a number of applicable coupon codes that can be used to claim that particular offer. You can copy this coupon with just a single tap of the finger and then paste it while paying for your order on that shopping site. The cashbacks are transferred directly to your bank account or sent as vouchers. Both the app and website have various offers from all their partners thus assuring you an appropriate offer.

The success of Cashkaro


Cashkaro is now India’s biggest Cashback and coupon platform with over 3.5 million users registered on the website. They have credited over 100 crores to the users through cashback as of now. Their services are based on a partnership with more than 800 brands and famous names including Amazon, Flipkart, etc. They earn a commission every time a user who was led to their site from Cashkaro makes a purchase. As much as 70 percent of this commission is returned to the users through cashbacks. Cashkaro brings you the best deal across hundreds of platforms.

You can make use of it for free through the mobile app or the website. Many offers and codes are available on the main page of the app. So all you need to do is tap to copy the code and apply it instantly to the shopping site. When the Cashkaro coupons and extra cashback is added to the discounts that are already given by the retailer, the users are sure to get everything they want at the best prices they can ask for. Though there is now enough competition in the field, what sets Cashkaro apart is the unique service they provide. While all other websites like these give coupons or cashback, Cashkaro has another distinct feature – the price comparison of your desired merchandise across various online shopping sites. The founders of Cashkaro have recently initiated the Earnkaro which is a social commerce app. They hope to invest more capital for marketing and building up the brand name.

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