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The Story of Exaalgia’s Founder Who Made His Journey from Failure to Success

Exaalgia Founder - Satish Singh
Exaalgia Founder – Satish Singh

As Winston Churchill excellently stated, “Never, never, never give up!”

Several companies we know today are either a product of well-thought and implemented plans or formed accidentally. But we cannot deny that failures happen to most of us. Successful people today faced hardships and failures yesterday; some have faced them countless times.

In a nutshell, almost every successful entrepreneur has faced failure at least one. Whether it was being rejected by venture capitalists, messing up prototypes, going bankrupt, dropping out of school, or being fired from multiple jobs. Starting a business from scratch is not easy. However, they still find success and meet their goals.

What is their secret? Never giving up. They find success with their enthusiasm and passion. Success is the testimony of their strengths despite past failures.

Satish Singh, an India-born American entrepreneur like many other entrepreneurs, also started his journey experiencing failures. He was never a brilliant student and always aspired to have a job one day, a common phenomenon in India.

Satish Singh - Exaalgia

After his graduation in 2002, Satish started his career as a car insurance agent. He worked there for over two months with a 1,500 INR/month all-inclusive salary. Of course, Satish knew it was not fair.

So, he began hunting for a new job in pharma sales which offered him better pay. He worked in the industry for several years, switching jobs for better opportunities. Down the road, he started to find his passion for entrepreneurship.

We all need guidance and motivation to make bold decisions. It was also the same for Satish, who received it from his father, Mr. Suresh Singh Parmar, and his brother, Mr. Manish Singh Parmar, his biggest strength. He left his job in the pharma sector and started his first company, Evergreen Turf, a flooring material business. However, the business didn’t go well and suffered a major loss.

Before coming up with Exaalgia, Satish was also briefly involved with the IT industry, helping a friend start his own business. However, things again didn’t work out well.

Regardless, Satish used the experience to fuel his next project. Was he afraid of experiencing failure again? Yes, he was. Was he feeling down? Yes, he was. But he had committed to success, to keep going on regardless of the multiple failures he previously experienced. Satish is also grateful for his sister, Khusboo Parmar, for always sticking by his side, motivating him, and being his biggest mental support.

“Success comes from your consistent approach, not from the occasional approach.”

– Satish Singh.

Another point worth highlighting? The idea for Exaalgia was that no company could go these days without good digital marketing, and it indeed was a good business.

While digital marketing is attractive now, it didn’t have much weight back in 2009. But it didn’t stop Satish.

He faced several challenges while working on Exaalgia. The biggest was his non-IT background. But he strived to learn everything he can to stay up to date with the latest developments in technology and help clients enhance and advance their search engine rankings.

He kept working hard for the project, and within the first 30 days of launch, he received his first order for 30 USD. And after that, Exaalgia only kept growing.

What was started with three people and a small room, Exaalgia now has a big team of managers and executives working hard to break all the boundaries and two offices in the United States.

In May 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the company also acquired Your Design Guys, a US-based SEO, and web design company.

It has only been a decade since Satish left his job and was debt-ridden after experiencing failure with Evergreen Turf. At that time, he had struggled even to purchase a second-hand bike. Now, he is the owner of two luxury cars and already looking to purchase another, which is a big achievement.

Meet the Founder

Exaalgia Founder - Satish Singh
Exaalgia Founder – Satish Singh

Today, Satish Singh is a technology visionary and a pioneer in the digital marketing industry. He appears as a keynote speaker at some of the biggest conventions across the US, Dubai, and Malaysia.

After his successful venture into Exaalgia, he has completed more than 15,000 projects so far and has expanded his business to all across the United States. Presently, he is looking to expand his offerings to the UK and UAE.

Satish’s vision is to ramp up businesses for success with intuitive and robust strategies on the product lines of Exaalgia while offering the best working culture to his teammates.

“Life is too short. Live your current moment fully. You never know what is going to happen tomorrow.”

– Satish Singh.

Know the Company

Exaalgia offers affordable web development and SEO solutions customized to unique business requirements.

The US-based company has also received the award for being the best digital marketing company in the USA by Good Firms in 2019. It specializes in designing and executing a customized digital marketing strategy to feel business requirements. It offers result-driven SEO services to increase traffic and boost sales.

Their out-come-oriented SEO strategies, perfectly combined with content marketing efforts and social signals. The specialists are always striving to make clients’ online portals search engine friendly with the best on-page optimization. They also work on rigorous link-building methods to ramp up a site’s credibility, improving its position on the result pages, especially Google, which consumes a staggering 37% of all search volume for a keyword.

Exaalgia also offers Ecommerce SEO services necessary to run an effective strategy, ensuring increased online store conversions.

In short, Exaalgia is all about helping businesses to plan their customized digital strategies to conquer the internet with a stunning online business presence and stand out from their competitors.