Supreme Court orders review on the telecom and internet services lockdown

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Due to the increasing tensions in the Kashmir after the revoking of Article 370 from the state caused nationwide protests where some people supported the ruling while some opposed it. Amid this, the government decided to shut down the internet services in the state, and from the past five months, there were no internet services available. This has impacted people’s freedom to conduct their businesses in Kashmir.

The Supreme Court has ordered a review on the restrictions that are imposed by the government on the people to protect people against the constitutional guarantees. The central government and “competent authorities” have been given a week to review the imposed law and restrictions after the revoking of article 370. The court has also asked the Centre to publish the prohibitory orders in force, future orders under Section 144 of CRPC, and orders suspending telecom services, including the internet so that affected citizens can challenge these orders in the high court or in another appropriate forum.


Supreme Court to get set things right in Kashmir

The Supreme Court has declared that the freedom of speech and freedom to practice any profession or carry any trade is the basic right of a human, and it cannot be exploited no matter what the conditions are in the area. However, in the case of an emergency, the imposing of such powers can be done with the purpose of preventing any injury or annoyance to any person who is lawfully employed.

The power provided under Section 144 cannot be used to suppress or exploit the legitimate expression of opinion or grievance or exercise of any democratic rights. The judgment is significant to ease the communication restrictions in Jammu and Kashmir, as well as help people work in their business. The 4,196 hours of internet blackouts in India cost $1.3 billion in 2019, which affects the economy. The report analyzed by every major internet shutdown around 2019 has affected the global economy over $8 billion.

The order on the review on public interest litigation (PIL) by the editor of Kashmir Times, Anuradha Bhasin, challenging the lockdown in the state.

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