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Taran Adarsh – The Indian film critic who has won everyone’s heart

In this article we are going to talk about Taran Adarsh - Indian film critic, film trade analyst, journalist and editor who h
In this article we are going to talk about Taran Adarsh – Indian film critic, film trade analyst, journalist and editor who has won the hearts of everyone.


  1. Introduction
  2. About Taran Adarsh
  3. Taran Adarsh Early Career
  4. About Bollywood Hungama
  5. Social Media Presence


Bollywood and Hollywood release thousands of movies every year. It is not humanly possible to watch them all. So we all have our filters to select which movies to watch. Some watch movies based on their favorite actor, some watch movies based on their favorite director, some like the trailer and many more reasons. All these have one thing in common, and that is reviews. Yes! We all check movie reviews before watching a movie. There are several critics who dissect the film for you and advise you whether to watch a movie or not? In this article, we are going to talk about someone who has been in this work for three decades. Below we have all you need to know about Taran Adarsh, his life career, and social media.

About Taran Adarsh

Taran Adarsh

Taran Adarsh was born in Mumbai on 13 June 1965. He is the son of B.K Adarsh, a film critic and Bollywood trade reporter. B.K. Adarsh is also a producer, director, and a screenwriter but mainly works in religious movies. Taran Adarsh is also a journalist, film critic, film trade analyst, and editor. He has been working in this industry since 1981. As his family, his father was already into Bollywood news; Taran garnered an interest in the same field. He started working as early as possible. At the mere age of seventeen, he established himself as the editor of Trade Guide, a weekly box office magazine. His determination and dedication made him a key player in the cut-throat competition of Bollywood.

Taran Adarsh – Early Career

Taran Adarsh entered the industry as a critic at the tender age of 17. As a teenager, he was the editor of Trade Guide, a box office magazine that was released weekly. Taran’s passion for Bollywood did not waver, and he launched a serial named Hello Bollywood. The theme of the show was based on Bollywood films. The stars of the shows were Kashmira Shah and Shehzad Khan. It was released in 1994. He simultaneously continued his work on Trade Guide. After years of being a professional critic, Taran works for Bollywood Hungama, a Bollywood entertainment website. Taran presents box office collection prediction for the latest release.

About Bollywood Hungama

Bollywood Hungama is an entertainment website. It was launched on 15 June 1998 as In 2000 the site was bought by Hungama Digital Media Entertainment. The site allows everyone to use the images under the CC-BY-3.0 license. The focus of the website is Bollywood news. This includes link-ups, rumors, the latest release, upcoming movies, cast, box office collection, reviews, and many more. The name of the website was changed to Bollywood Hungama in 2008. It is one of the most visited Bollywood news sites in India.

Social Media Presence

Image Credits – Twitter

Taran Adarsh, apart from being a critic in Bollywood Hungama, has his platforms like Twitter and Instagram, which he regularly uses to provide movie analysis. Taran Adarsh joined twitter in December 2009. Taran Adarsh Twitter handler is @taran_adarsh, and his account has 3.7 million followers. He regularly tweets about new movies, upcoming movies, the box office collections. His reviews are not only limited to Bollywood, and he sometimes covers Tollywood, Sandalwood, and Kollywood as well.

Taran is also a part of the Instagram community. He has a verified account with 406k followers. His bio Instagram bio is “Movie Critic | Film Biz Analyst | Influencer | Email for collaborations |.” He regularly posts on Instagram about new movies, their reviews, upcoming movies, and their analysis. The accounts are solely dedicated to his professional work; Taran does not post any personal things on Instagram and Twitter.