Teercounter – The game of dreams

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Teercounter is a game that is being played hugely in the North East Shillong. Teer is a unique gambling game where there are Teer standard numbers that come after some calculation using some unique formula. This game has recently picked up where people have to bid on numbers out of 100.


The Teer that leads the win

Teer Game
Teer Game

People have to bid on a number out of 100, and whenever the number on which you placed a bet falls, you get 80 times more than what you bid on the game. The game is considered legal in Shillong as it has involved many Teer agents and players in the area to help them with the game.


12 different groups that play Teercounter in Shillong:

  • Rangbiria
  • Wahingdoh
  • Bedeiplang
  • Pynthor
  • Malki
  • Laban
  • Senglang
  • Jaiaw
  • Kathuplang
  • Laikor
  • Mawlai
  • Laitumkrah

Every day two clubs compete with each other, and on Saturdays, all the clubs are combined to bring them together. There is also a Google Play store app that helps in understanding the process better and gives you the information about Teercounter results of the previous rounds and has data of all the past results.

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