The Moms Co Bags 3 Million USD in Series B Funding Round

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The New Delhi-based brand for mom and baby care, The Moms Co (1), has secured another 3 million USD in its Series B funding round. The round was announced in December 2019, where it bagged 5 million USD allocations. Its existing investors, including DSG Consumer Partners and Saama Capital, led the round. An early investor in Epigamia and Paper Boat, Shripad Nadkarni, Ashutosh Valani, Priyank Shah, Beardo’s founders also participated. 

The startup aims to reach 5 million customers with the latest infusions. It is aiming to be India’s fastest D2C brands and touch the 100 crore mark. The Moms Co is striving to grow its natural and toxin-free products by introducing new commodities for moms and babies. The startup is likely to extend its arms in more unique retail formats, invest in technology while also launching its operations globally. 


The Moms Co aims to Help Moms and Babies Safe With its Products.

The founder and CEO of The Moms Co, Malika Sadani, stated that with the latest fundraising, the team is looking forward to work on its aim to help moms with their natural, safe and effective solutions. The startup is working hard on its intention with the next five million moms using The Moms Co. They will get to feel different while also considering the environment. 

Since its launch in 2017, the startup addresses a massive gap of toxin-free products in the Indian market for pre and postnatal and baby consumption. The firm is working with experts in India, Australia, and Switzerland. It has also broadened its offering in different categories, including the face, hair, and others with over 30 SKUs in three years. 

The Moms Co has over one million customers and delivers over 15,000 pin codes in India. The brand also has a physical ubiquity in five different cities in India. The New Delhi-based start upraised an angel investment round previously in 2016, and Pre-series A in 2017. 

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