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How a husband wife duo’s startup – The Moms Co is helping the would-be mothers

The Moms Co Founder – Malika Sadani

About The Moms Co

The Moms Co is a startup that started back in 2016. It provides toxin-free products for would-be mothers and newborn babies.

In today’s time, hygiene is the topmost priority of new-age parents. No one wants their child to be born in an unhygienic environment. That is why people try the best of their abilities to maintain a sanitized environment around the expecting mother.

This helps in keeping the women emotionally and mentally at peace. Also, keeping a clean surrounding and using non-toxic substances is considered vita for baby’s health and wellness.

Here The Moms Co comes into the picture. They offer a wide range of non-toxic products for all the new mothers out there. Their products are safe and natural.

Recently, the company launched a natural prenatal care kit for expecting others. The package aims to eliminate many of the common discomforts that pregnant women encounter.

The new package includes:

  • natural body wash
  • body butter
  • body oil
  • natural foot cream

An Overview of The Moms Co

  • Industry: Baby, Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Health Care
  • Headquarters: Asia-Pacific (APAC)
  • Founded in: 2016
  • Founders: Malika Datt Sadani and Mohit Sadaani
  • Current Operating Status: Active
  • Current Funding Status: Early Stage Venture
  • Employees: 11-50
  • Company’s Legal Name: Moms Co
  • Company’s IPO Status: Private
  • Company’s Type: For Profit

The Founders

A husband-wife duo, Malika, and Mohit began The Moms Co. Below are the detailed accounts of the founder of The Moms Co.

Malika Sadani- Founder and CEO

The Moms Co Founder - Malika Sadani
The Moms Co Founder – Malika Sadani
  • Malika has a degree in engineering and an MBA.
  • She used to be a banker in the past.
  • She left her job to be a full-time mother.
  • She was very particular about the smallest details of the products that an expecting woman uses. Thus, she started The Moms Co.
  • In her opinion, mothers should never compromise on any product.
  • She used the best babycare & pregnancy products when she was expecting, and now she works hard to create a similar high-quality environment for other mothers at The Moms Co.

Mohit Sadaani- Co-Founder

Co-Founder - Mohit Sadaani
Co-Founder – Mohit Sadaani
  • Mohit holds a degree in engineering.
  • He has completed his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad.
  • He worked at McKinsey for 7 years and consulted goods & products.
  • He was also the Head of Strategy and Growth in Snapdeal.
  • When he became a father, he had a tough time finding authentic and safe products for Malika.
  • When Malika started The Moms Co, Mohit was her first team member.

Why was The Moms Co started?

The Moms Co

When Mohit and Malika shifted to India from London in 2012, they had a tough time with their year-old daughter. Their daughter had dry skin. Whenever she is exposed to any chemical irritants, her skin turned red and itchy.

One day, a doctor suggested Malika to use purely natural and safe moisturizer. And it finally worked. But she was unable to find any safe and natural products here, so she had to import everything from diapers to soft-fabrics.

She interacted with over 200 mothers and found out that all other mothers are finding it hard to access natural and safe baby products.

Thus, she decided to solve this problem and make it easy for moms to find high-quality products for their babies. Thus, The Moms Co was born.

Some Unique Features

The Moms Co - Website Screenshot

In India, people have finally started to look after the high-quality products for the expecting mother and newborns. Thus, The Moms Co is a famous company with a new, fresh, and unique approach.

Some of the unique features of The Moms Co that attracts customers are:

  • No compromise for safety: All the products of The Moms Co is Australia certified toxin-free.
  • They use 100% natural ingredients for the products.
  • The Moms Co allows you to gift toxin-free products to your friends and family.
  • They even reward you with Mommy points if you invite your friends to use their products.

The Moms Co’s debut digital campaign

Science of Motherhood

Recently, The Moms Co rolled out its first digital campaign ‘Science of Motherhood.’

The campaign includes a narrative by the founder, Malika Sadani, who talked about a mother’s struggle to find the right products for her baby.

Spring Marketing Capital conceptualized the campaign, and Sohini Dasgupta, a member of Big Momma Productions, directed it.

The short film describes the journey of motherhood as a roller coaster ride and the existence of science in it.

Subsequently, The Moms Co is working on Science in Motherhood with the researchers from Australia, Switzerland, and India. They intend to create the best quality products useful for both mothers and babies.

The Moms Co raising millions

Delhi based startup, The Moms Co, announced a $5 million, i.e., INR 35 Crores series B round from the already investors DSG Consumer Partners & Saama Capital back in December 2019.

The company intends to use that amount for its product portfolio expansion, enhancing tech capabilities, and even the offline presence all over the country.

The founder, Malika Sadani, aims to make the Moms Co, one of the largest natural & certified non-toxic solution provider brands. Also, the company seeks to Rs 100 cr in revenue.

The Moms Co launches in Bangalore.

The Moms Co announced its launch in Bangalore back in 2018.

They joined hands with the Cloudnine Group of Hospitals India’s largest maternity, childcare, and fertility group of hospitals in the country.

In recent years, The Moms Co witnessed a quick expansion across the big metropolitan cities. Thus, their collaboration aims to make a more significant domestic presence in retail stores, standard outlets, and general trade.

The Moms Co competitors and market size

Currently, The Moms Co has a market of INR 10,000 Cr. The company is growing at a rate of 20% annually.

Moreover, they are also steadily shifting to online platforms. The reason is that mothers spend significant time over the internet looking for suitable products for their babies.

The Moms Co is giving a tough fight to its fellow companies in the mom-to-be industry like Johnson, Himalaya, and Baby Dove.

The Moms Co FAQs

1) Are the products safe for breastfeeding mothers?

The answer to this question is a big yes!

All the products of the company are natural, non-toxic, and safe for breastfeeding mothers.

2) What chemicals and toxins are used in the products?

The company does not use harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and mineral oils. You really don’t need to worry about their products. They are incredibly safe.

they check all their ingredients against the following:

  • Environmental Working Group skin deep(EWG)
  • Whole Foods premium skincare database
  • Paula’s choice directory for ingredients
  • USA safe cosmetics
  • Australia safe cosmetics

3) What is the shelf life of the products?

The Moms Co products can stay up to two years from the manufacturing date.

This is ensured via rigorous testing in temperature variations like 0 to 60 degrees.

But, to get the maximum benefit of the products, you must use them in the first six months of opening.

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