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The Story Behind Fe-Uri – A Feminine Hygiene Startup Providing Seamless Healthcare and Hygiene Experience to Women

The story behind Divesh Sood's startup Fe-Uri - A feminine hygiene platform helping to provide women a seamless healthcare an
The story behind Divesh Sood’s startup Fe-Uri – A feminine hygiene platform helping to provide women a seamless healthcare and hygiene experience.

For ladies across the country, public toilets are more or less inaccessible. The majority of the toilets across the city or at railways or highways are either ill-maintained or are highly in unhygienic conditions. These conditions power most women to hold up until they return home to ease themselves, and this is a situation of both pity and worry. Let’s talk about Fe-Uri, a startup that is helping to solve this salient issue.

What is Fe-Uri?


Fe-Uri is a feminine hygiene startup that provides women seamless healthcare and hygiene experience.

While talking to TimesNext, Divesh told us that he observed that women had to face multiple challenges and thought of helping them.

The startup takes a step forward towards safeguarding DIGNITY, INTEGRITY, and the overall LIFE OPPORTUNITIES of a woman.

Fe-Uri comes with a wide range of Feminine health hygiene products for safe and healthy womanhood.

Check out the Fe-Uri platform here.

About the founder of Fe-Uri

Fe-Uri Founder: Divesh Sood
Fe-Uri Founder: Divesh Sood

Divesh Sood was born and brought up in Delhi. Divesh completed his Bachelors’s in Computer Science and Masters in Network Technology. Divesh pursued his M.Tech in Cyber Security from Gujarat Forensic Science University. Soon after completing studies, Divesh started his corporate journey and holds experience in Cyber Security and had formerly worked with JIO in Cyber Security Domain.

The idea behind starting Fe-Uri

Divesh told us that while he was in Mumbai during his job days, whenever he used to go out with friends he observed that most of her female friends had to face issue about finding a clean toilet to pee, they had to look for a good restaurant or mall nearby as public toilets were in such a pathetic condition. The situation motivated Divesh to come out with a solution to the problem and gave birth to the idea of starting Fe-Uri.

With the idea of SMART SANITIZATION, Fe-Uri intends to offer a complete solution to female hygiene with care.

Fe-Uri conducted a countrywide survey asking women with their experience of encountering unhygienic toilets and reports came out to be shocking that at least 65% of women always face problem while finding a clean toilet outdoors. Divesh came up with the solution of making paper funnels as they are easy to carry and use and can be disposed of then and there.

Fe-Uri – The Team

Dhriti - Graphic Designer at Fe-Uri
Dhriti – Graphic Designer at Fe-Uri
Pooja - Marketing and Content writer at Fe-Uri
Pooja – Marketing and Content writer at Fe-Uri
Ramshmeet - Content Manager at Fe-Uri
Ramshmeet – Content Manager at Fe-Uri

Challenges faced by Fe-Uri

Divesh faced a lot of challenges, the very first challenge he faced was to generate awareness among women about stand and pee funnels, and why feminine hygiene is an issue of concern, Divesh had to explain them the impact of using chemical-based sanitary napkins and how organic and biodegradable sanitary napkins are safer for them and our environment.

Another challenge Divesh faced was at the inception stage to balance the product cost while maintaining the price affordability by the customers.

Recent Collaborations!

Fe-Uri Event
Fe-Uri Event

Divesh told us that Fe-Uri has been very active from the commencement of its journey. The company recently collaborated with various schools and colleges, where they conducted workshops to raise awareness for feminine hygiene among the young growing women of our society.

The company recently conducted an interactive session at the annual college fest of Institute of Home Economics, Delhi.

The company also shared free samples on Yoga day in collaboration with a renowned fitness blogger.

On Growth and Milestones

While talking to TimesNext, Divesh told us that the first milestone was successfully raising awareness about the concept of feminine hygiene to all its women customers.

The company has flourished so well, and in a short span of time, Fe Uri has successfully started generating both offline and online orders throughout the country. Fe Uri aims to reach physical markets by the end of 2020, expecting good sales through retail stores.

Vision of the company!

Fe-Uri aims at making women’s hygiene SIMPLE, SMART, ACCESSIBLE, and AFFORDABLE. Through feminine hygiene products like stand & pee funnels anion technology sanitary napkins Fe-Uri visions to make daily lives of women easier, safe, and healthy.

The company plans to make its products available across the country and to reach out to every single female and build a safe, clean, and healthy community.

Fe-Uri Revolutionary products

Fe-Uri Website Screenshot
Fe-Uri Website Screenshot
  1. Stand and pee Funnel– Fe-Uri has designed a revolutionary product for women, which is compact, easy to carry stand, and pee aid. The product is designed for the utmost comfort. Stand and Pee Funnel can be used in public toilets to avoid contact with dirty toilet seats, railways, aircraft, highways, and other outdoors, which lack clean toilets or have limited access to toilets.
  2. Sanitary Napkins – Periods are an important part of women’s journey of life, and so are sanitary pads. Fe Uri has the best feminine hygiene companion, which is 100% Organic, Ultra Comfort & Super Absorbent sanitary napkins with extra-long and soft wings for smooth and comfortable periods. The product uses no chemicals or synthetics and is entirely biodegradable.