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The story behind YouAndMe – A startup by Rajashree and Sharath Parvathavani created for the joy of theatre

Let's uncover the startup story of the YouandMe, a startup that is making theatre more relevant and accessible to the people
Let’s uncover the startup story of the YouandMe, a startup that is making theatre more relevant and accessible to the people of all sectors.

The Founders

Dr. Rajashree - Co-Founder, YouAndMe
Dr. Rajashree – Co-Founder, YouAndMe Theatre

Dr. Rajashree, co-founder at YouAndMe is an alumnus of Carmel college completed her Ph.D. in communication with 25 years of experience in dance and theatre.

Sharath - Co-Founder, YouAndMe
Sharath – Co-Founder, YouAndMe Theatre

Sharath Parvathavani, co-founder at YouAndMe is MS in Engineering from Wright State University, an experienced screenwriter from NYFA.

What’s YouAndMe Theatre?

YouAndMe Theatre helps make theatre more relevant and accessible to all sectors. The startup uses techniques of theatre to address an issue of concern, which can be customized in aspects of stage size and audience seating.

The startup uses various interactive theatrical methods like role-playing, improvisation, other interactive dramatic methods in combination with the innovative use of technology.

Check out the official website of YouAndMe theatre here.

Idea an Inspiration behind YouAndMe Theatre

YouAndMe ArtTalks
YouAndMe Theatre ArtTalks

Dr. Rajashree and Sharath felt that urban life is increasingly devoiding the human connection, and people are becoming emotionally alienated. Sharath thought that live art is what can rebuild lost contacts and make society happier.

YouAndMe - Corner Stage
YouAndMe – Corner Stage

With over two decades of experience, Dr. Rajashree and Sarath understood the need for live art to get people comfortable access to theatre and knowing the audience’s expectations, this is how unique idea of Vyoma artspace and studio theatre was conceived.

Check out the official website of YouAndMe theatre here.

Hurdles in the outset

YouAndMe - Event

The biggest challenge that the founders faced in the beginning was making people understand that theatre can be a viable business, and also it’s relevance in the current scenario. It wasn’t easy for them to make people understand the versatility and advantage of the theatre was immense. Still, due to the communication gap, everything that people knew about theatre was a ‘film-theatre.’

In the beginning, it was very grinding for Dr. Rajashree and Sharath. Still, with their endless efforts and dedication, they managed to deliver the experience, and then there was no turning back.

Recent Collaborations and experience


YouAndMe Theatre recently worked with IIM Bangalore, conducting various workshops and training programs. YouAndMe Theatre has collaborated with various performing art teams, startup enthusiasts, and experts in corporate behavior analysis.

Current Growth and First Milestone of the company

The company got flourished quite well in a minimal period. The first milestone of the company was from gathering 8 to 10 events in a month and growing that to 70 to 75 performances per month, achieving an operational breakeven.

YouAndMe – The Vision

The company’s vision is to become the best theatre company in the country with a series of actively functioning performance studios across the nation and hence make a difference in the quality of living.