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Top 10 Ecommerce Companies in the United States

Some of the most successful businesses have been rising from the US. Here is the top ecommerce company that has been stepping
Some of the most successful businesses have been rising from the US. Here is the top ecommerce company that has been stepping on the success stones.

When we think of the top ecommerce company. we can surely give credit to the US companies that have created a trend in the world towards online or ecommerce shopping and selling.

A wide variety of products are available in the US through top ecommerce companies that engage the attention of almost 288 million people and have a successful growth. Although, with colossal marketing involved between these companies, there is fierce competition among them, and the primary portals are operated just like Amazon and eBay. Moreover, there is always a place for new ideas with a powerful influence on people. Similarly, numerous startups also have been growing just like a top ecommerce company in the US.

The Top 10 US ecommerce Companies

Without wasting any more time, let’s get straight to the point and list the Top ecommerce Company of the US-based on their estimated monthly traffic and audience engagement on their portal.

10. Lowe’s

The estimated monthly traffic on this portal is approximately 70 million, and people actively use it. Lowe’s (1) is a website through which people can buy household related things and a one-stop destination for hardware products. With more than 2000 stores around the US, they focus on selling construction material, Garden Equipments, furniture, and tool through their portal and have a qualitative and reasonable price.

9. Wayfair

Wayfair (2) was founded in 2002 as a CSN Store is now a top ecommerce company of the US that sells Furniture and household products to people. It allows other companies and global suppliers to sell their furniture products directly to the customers through their portal. To support the global working of the website, Wayfair has established many warehouses across the US, Canada, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. The top ecommerce portal Wayfair generates almost 77.7 million visits and traffic to their portal each month.

8. Macy’s

The estimated average monthly traffic generated by Macy’s (3) is almost 74.9 million visits. Macy’s is considered one of the most influential and leading departmental stores in the US, making it the top ecommerce company. The portal of Macy’s provides the people with products through the Women’s and Men’s Fashion, Children Clothes, Accessories, and household products. By enhancing their performance to a higher level, Macy’s deals with shipping their product to almost 200 locations worldwide and eventually generate a considerable profit throughout.

7. Best Buy

Best Buy (4) has an average of 92.4 million visits every month and has specialized in dealing with the products regarding Electronics, computers, digital appliances, mobile phones, etc. with tech and different gadgets to people also. Their functioning takes place mainly through their ecommerce website and has also been spread across the United States, Mexico, Canada, and China.

6. Target

With almost 128 million visits per month, Target (5) is another Top ecommerce company of US that is just behind Wallmart and has nearly 1800 stores around the US. With diversified products available in their stores, one has a wide range of selection options like Home Decoration, Groceries, Electronics, and Hygiene Products.

5. Home Depot

As the name suggests, Home Depot (6), this Top ecommerce Company of the US, mainly deals with construction products, home and garden equipment, furniture, etc. and has more than 2200 stores across the United States. With almost 129.5 million active users monthly, they have expanded their business over Canada and Mexico.

4. Etsy

A rising marketplace on a virtual platform, Etsy (7) has become one of the top ecommerce companies of the United States. Generating over 222.5 million traffic every month, Etsy has been catering to customers’ needs with different products like handmade or Vintage products manufactured by people all around the US. People can find a range of Art, Photography, Clothes, Beauty Products, and some unique toys. With a different idea of ecommerce business, Etsy has been rising at a significant level.

3. Walmart

The leading retail corporation of the World, Walmart (8), has become and is considered as one of the biggest and top ecommerce companies worldwide. The estimated traffic on their portal is almost 294.5 million; people have also accessed the products of Walmart through their walk-in stores. From a simple product to a higher-range product, Walmart has been serving people’s needs on a substantial basis. It includes different products of categories like Food, fashion, pharmacy, electronics, home equipment, etc.

2. eBay

Considered the top ecommerce company throughout the world, eBay (9) has an active audience of almost 746.5 million on its portal. Founded in 1995, eBay has been organizing sales of numerous products like Cars, electronics, fashion, etc. for the people worldwide. Providing Service to almost 20 countries, eBay has been an unstoppable top ecommerce company.

1. Amazon

The most common and the biggest and top ecommerce company and giant, Amazon (10) has been founded in 1994 and generated the idea of ecommerce business. With many categories and numerous products available on their portal, people can find anything about their wishes and usage. Amazon, being the most successful ecommerce business, has expanded worldwide and has active users of almost 2.012 billion visits every month. They connect third part suppliers to function and sell their products directly to people through Amazon’s portal.