Top 12 Fashion Bloggers from India [2020 Updated]

Fashion bloggers are the ones who keep us updated on the new fashion trends.  In this article, we bring you the top 12 Indian fashion bloggers.

Introduction – Indian fashion bloggers

Do you like cotton sarees? Have you no idea how to mix and match sleek, complementary colors? It couldn’t be any easier to find the solution. Being imaginative with these kinds isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, and you need some professional support and advice from fashion blogs India. Move right on to Instagram to find famous Indian fashion bloggers. Hundreds of fashionistas are posting their new looks and patterns to get you influenced.

Still, are you puzzled about what type of jewelry to suit the outfit? You don’t like gold, so you want to complement the saree with the accessories. How about the temple jewelry? Instagram influencers will probably help you through this too on their Indian fashion blog.

This social media site is known for its uniqueness and nature. Since its inception, women have been leading this platform. All the biggest female social media influencers have a commanding presence on Instagram. Top women fashion bloggers India with thousands of followers are regularly uploading stunning images, sassy videos, and new tips. If you haven’t joined Instagram yet, here are the 12 most influential fashion influencers to follow on Social Instagram for fashion blogs India.


Top 12 Indian fashion bloggers

1. Komal Pandey

This fashion bloggers in India is an example when it comes to realistic and affordable fashion. It’s not shocking that her Instagram account @komalpandeyofficial currently have 998k followers. As her bio reads, her Instagram page and the Youtube channel are all creative and relevant. 

Komal Pandey would instead teach her fans how to create a lehenga out of saree (without cutting it) then talk about how stunning a Manish Malhotra pattern is. Her style is one that any Indian girl will visualize easily because it’s inexpensive. It is not shocking that she is one of India’s top women in fashion blogs India.

Instagram – 998k followers

Youtube – 928k subscribers


2. Sejal Kumar

Sejal Kumar is another Indian fashion blogger in lifestyle and fashion. She began her social networking career in 2014, creating food, travel, and lifestyle videos. Her Instagram account @sejalkumar1195 reportedly has 800k followers.

The affordable fashion that Indian women can comfortably afford and carry also makes Sejal Kumar accessible. This year, she received the Cosmopolitan Award for Popular Choice Best Lifestyle Blogger. With her friendly way of chatting and chirping, she’s among one of the most famous Indian fashion bloggers.

Instagram – 800k followers

Youtube – 1.25 Million subscribers


3. Riya Jain

Riya Jain is a Mumbai-blogger of fashion and beauty, and her Instagram feed is lush. Her fashion sense is straight out of the cinema, and her image does justice to her clothing. Her photos are sweet and cute, among other fashion blogs, India.

Her Indian fashion blog will boost your heads on a rough day in no time. If you wonder how good old jeans and black tops can be reborn and turned edgy, swipe through @caughtinacuff, which currently has 317k followers.

Instagram – 317k followers


4. Santoshi Shetty

Santoshi Shetty is Mumbai’s most prominent fashion bloggers India. She’s confident, and she wears her confidence. She owns a site named ‘Thestyledge.’ She is an architect. She never dreamed of establishing herself in the fashion world. Initially used to upload her regular personal style on fashion blogs India @santoshishetty, and later people started to recognize her.

Then, for her, it all started to fly, as several companies decided to contact her. She insists that every woman will respect her body no matter what. She received a variety of distinctions in the fashion industry and runs a production house that operates her YouTube channel. She is one of the most favored bloggers among several significant Indian fashion bloggers.

Instagram – 710k followers


5. Kritika Khurana

Kritika Khurana is a Delhi-based fashion bloggers India. She operates her blog, @thatbohogirl she graduated in Fashion & Design from the JD Institute of Fashion Technology. Earlier she launched her online shop called The Hype Store. She’s an excellent YouTuber who runs an Indian fashion blog.

She’s a huge fan of Swarovski jewels. She likes to dress for a bohemian feel in her fashion blogs India. Erika Boldrin influences her. She’s got a big following on Instagram because of her chic, bohemian style. She’s trendy and makes herself feel relaxed with every theme. If you want a bohemian look, don’t waste your time and press the follow button for fashion bloggers India.

Instagram – 864k followers

Youtube – 301k subscribers


6. Ammy Arora

This Delhi-based 27-year-old has become a social media sensation through her fashion blogs India. Ammy Arora has given up her career as a model to indulge her passion and love for blogging from architecture to fashion. She has an unquestionable passion for clothes & travel. She has collaborated with over 300 + A-rated companies such as Apple, eBay, Facebook, Hotstar & Forever21, etc. 

This Indian fashion bloggers continue updating her page and Insta with loads of Ready tips, Including Styling hacks, Hair Treatments, Skincare hacks. You should follow Ammy to make your holiday more trendy, whether flying and needing Hair or packing ideas. There are other Creations on her Instagram account @amy_chhabra and the website.

Instagram – 287k followers


7. Masoom Minawala

Miss Style Fiesta Blog @masoomminawala was founded by Masoom Minawala back in 2010. She is one of the country’s most successful female entrepreneurs who runs an Indian fashion blog. ‘Fiesta Style’ is an e-company and lifestyle blog. She has a fantastic sense of design and keeps up-to-date on the new trends in the fashion sector.

She blogged about her images with popular magazines like Cosmopolitan and Vogue. She has worked with numerous brands such as Wrist Wood, Zardosi, and LIVA, and her blog is lined with sophisticated and straightforward crafts that are ideal for all age groups. She excellently handles the simplest outfit in comparison with other fashion bloggers India.

Instagram – 663k followers

Youtube – 45.1k subscribers


8. Aashna Shroff

Aashna Shroff is a fashion blogger located in Mumbai, operating fashion blogs India @aashnashroff. She ‘s gorgeous and simple. In her social network, she is involved. For the lux perfume store, she also visited Paris. 

She has a big fan following who follows all social media and YouTube. She has an online shop named “The Snob Shop” that has an exquisite luxury outfit range. This Indian fashion bloggers has been working with brands such as Nykaa, Vero Moda, Koovs, L’oreal, Body Shop, etc. She has an excellent feel for styles and will continue to educate everyone on the new trends.

Instagram – 774k followers

Youtube – 178k subscribers


9. Gia Kashyap

Gia Kashyap is the CEO of @giasaysthat, which was founded in 2010. She’s been a fashion enthusiast since her childhood. She began as a graphic designer when she was 15, and at the end of 18, she started her own t-shirt company. 

She is an individual with tremendous imagination and abilities in her Indian fashion blog. Many other posts on her profile can be included in fashion trends and accessories. She also posts her travel diaries and fashion ideas along with other fashion bloggers India. Despite this, she also has a cooking segment called a food lab. She has also launched a new section of her platform devoted to offering creative work for young women.

Instagram – 147k followers

Youtube – 6.58k subscribers


10. Shaurya Sanadhya

Shaurya is a huge lover of fashion and style who runs fashion blogs India on Instagram under the name @shauryasanadhya. That is evident in her social media, of course. This Indian fashion bloggers rock anything which she wears. Honestly, it all suits as it is designed especially for her. She’s always someone who isn’t too shy to pursue new types and patterns.

We’ve seen her gorgeous photographs in Anarkali suits, crop tops, skater caps, hoodies, and we can’t say in which outfit she looks best. She sports all the gear with great dignity that we can’t take away our heads. Apart from the beauty of the Indian fashion blog, Shaurya is a star when it comes to make-up and skincare.

Instagram – 411k followers

Youtube – 120k subscribers


11. Aakriti Rana

Fashion bloggers India, MBA, Photographer, and Graphic Designer, are the terms that define Aakriti Rana. She is also a blogger and YouTuber who posts and creates videos about fashion, lifestyle, travel, and beauty. Aakriti won several modeling titles and trained with an internationally renowned designer.

Aakriti was a fashion lover with a good sense of style in her fashion blogs India. In 2014, she launched her Indian fashion blog @aakritirana that soon became more popular. As a blog extension, Aakriti has also started a YouTube channel, uploading videos about life, fashion, travels, beauty, etc.

Instagram – 668k followers

Youtube – 146k subscribers


12. Aayushi Bangur

Aayushi is a Mumbai-based Indian fashion bloggers. She’s renowned for getting incredible fashion sense and coming up with very eye-catching fashion blogs India. This diva attracted and hooked Lakhs of people to her Instagram page @aayushibangur, and the crowd could not quit gazing at her drool of good images.

Aayushi launched her Style Drive blog a couple of years ago, and it didn’t take long for her to become a famous blogger in the industry of fashion bloggers India. Whatever she shares on her blog and feed turns out to be very useful to her audience. The only thing everyone enjoys is her fashion take-up through fashion blogs India.

Instagram – 238k followers

Youtube – 5.27k subscribers



Several other Indian fashion bloggers are to be identified, though we have chosen 12 best fashion bloggers. If you’re still not following these fantastic people in the Indian fashion blog, follow them on Instagram now.

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Aakriti Suri is a MBA student who has been effectively handling a Real estate and Construction house from the past 3 years. She has always had an eye for the emerging startups and dreams to have her own someday.

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Aakriti Suri
Aakriti Suri
Aakriti Suri is a MBA student who has been effectively handling a Real estate and Construction house from the past 3 years. She has always had an eye for the emerging startups and dreams to have her own someday.

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