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20 Top Startup Companies in Hyderabad (2022)

There are more than 3000 start-ups in Hyderabad alone. In this article, we look at some of the top startup companies in Hyderabad that are truly taking off.

Photo by Shiv Prasad / Unsplash

Today's India is a fertile ground for ideas and innovations that are taking the form of start-ups. More than 75,000 start-ups in India on its 75th Independence day. And when we dig deeper, we see certain places which generate more start-ups than others. (1) Hyderabad is one such hotbed of start-ups in India. There are more than 3000 start-ups in Hyderabad alone. In this article, we look at some of the top startup companies in Hyderabad that are truly taking off.

Top Startup Companies in Hyderabad

Here we have compiled a list of some of the top startup companies in Hyderabad offering innovative solutions to various everyday problems.


Image: MapNyGenome Website

People can receive molecular diagnoses from this start-up company, which does so by combining genetic reports, health histories, and genetic counseling. They decipher your DNA and provide insights on potential health concerns as well as specific strategies to take to maintain your health and receive improved treatment if you are already afflicted.

MapMyGenome was established in 2012 by Anu Acharya with the goal of providing "Better Health for Indians via Technology."

The following is a list of their most well-known products and services:

  • Genomepatri is an acronym for DNA-based tests that can predict the risk of over 120 different diseases, traits, treatment responses, inherited ailments, and carrier statuses. This assessment is also accessible for specialized areas such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, workout management, brain problems, gynec evaluation, cancer prognosis, and a host of other conditions.
  • Reports on the Sequencing of the Whole Genome and the Exome
  • Screening tests that can determine cognitive strengths and deficiencies can be found on Webneuro.

Up to this point, they have successfully raised close to $31 million, with the most recent investment coming in 2017 as part of the company's Series C funding round.

You can catch them at (2)


Image Source: SFarmsIndia

SFarmsIndia, one of the top startup companies in Hyderabad, is a web application that facilitates farmers to showcase their lands for sale or for lease. The service can be accessed online and has two primary features: listing and fractional trading. These two roles complement one another, which results in a powerful synergy.

Buyers are able to identify and search for agricultural lands on the listing platform, while sellers are able to list and publish agricultural lands that are available for purchase or lease. This makes it possible for farmers and anyone who develops agri-real estate to buy and sell agricultural land.

Fraction Trading is SFarmsIndia's primary unique selling proposition (USP). It enters into a contract with the buyer (an agri-realty developer) to issue fractions in the form of a digital land contract against their lands.

By exploiting these fractions, the sellers and Agri reality developers are able to liquidate their large land tracts. Because each agricultural land is given a digital contract and is then divided into 2000 fractions per acre, this makes it possible for individuals with medium to low incomes to obtain land with relative ease.

In 2018, Kamesh Mupparaju and Linus Lindgren, who served as Mupparaju's co-founders, established SFarmsIndia, which is now a successful start-up in Hyderabad. While Linus serves in the role of advisor to the company, Kamesh serves as the Chief Executive Officer.

You can check them on (3)


Vivalyfe Founders on Shark Tank India

Vivalyfe is an incubated firm that was established at the University of Hyderabad in April 2021. The company delivers low-cost and non-invasive glucose monitors for diabetics under the brand name Ezlyf. Your smartphone can operate as a connection point for the glucometer, which then provides diagnostic information.

The company's founders, Duvvuru Varshitha Reddy & Vimal Kumar R.N., aim to reshape the market for medical devices by offering a comprehensive selection of self-care diagnostic solutions to address problems in the fields of oncology, ophthalmology, pulmonary medicine, and cardiology making it one of the top startup companies in Hyderabad.

When they appeared on Shark Tank India - 2021 in December 2021, they were awarded the seed funding they needed. In the most recent investment round, they successfully attracted investors who contributed Rs. 750k.

Here is their website: (4)


Source: eKincare Website

eKincare is responsible for the surveillance of medical information and the collection of medical data from a variety of providers. It maintains users' medical records, refreshes their profiles, and provides a central repository for all of their information.

With eKincare, businesses can establish individualized health benefits for their employees and take care of their workforce's health. It is an AI-driven platform that performs data analysis on your staff members and then generates reports based on those findings.

The creator and current CEO of eKincare, Kiran Kalakuntla, received his education in engineering from Duke University. In 2014, Kiran Kalakuntla and Srikanth Samudrala laid the groundwork for what would become eKincare, which is currently on the list of the top startup companies in Hyderabad. Endiya, Bitkemy, and Eight Roads are among their investors. Ventureast is also one of their backers.

Here is their website - (5)


Payswiff, one of the top startup companies in hyderabad
Paywsiff website

Payswiff offers complete end-to-end omnichannel electronic payments and commerce solutions to Indian banks, small and medium-sized businesses, and large corporations.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and merchants can make use of their integrated payment gateway, contactless payment solutions, and unified payments app. On average, its users complete more than 7 million transactions each month.

This company began in 2013 under the name Paynear and has since expanded to have a presence in ten countries in South Asia. It was founded by Prabhu Ram, Priti Shah, Anil Bharadwaj, Ravi Kiran, Krishna Kishore, and Maulik Shahof. After acquiring the payments company Goswiff, which was situated in Singapore, Paynear was rebranded as Payswiff in the year 2017.

They have been successful in raising a total of $10.7 million in fundraising up to this point. It was purchased for Rs. 450 Crore by Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company in January of 2022.

Payswiff website - (6)

My Dream Store allows users looking for a specific style of shirt but cannot locate it in stores or online to design and purchase the shirt of their dreams. This website caters to a large number of customers.

Individuals make clothing and then sell it through the same network. Therefore, in another sense, it can be understood as a marketplace for apparel where individuals can buy and sell individualized products.

My Dream Store was initially established by Karthik Venkat, who has an engineering degree from Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology. After then, he was employed in the field of financial analysis. In 2014, he established My Dream Store as a business. The previous name of the company has been changed to Nobero.

Here is their website - (7)

Strip Finance

Strip Finance, one of the top startup companies in hyderabad
Strip Finance Website

The financial technology industry's next big thing will be cryptocurrencies and NFTs. By creating a marketplace for borrowing and lending collateralized non-fungible tokens, this business hopes to offer NFT liquidity options to its customers.

Borrowing money will be possible for users of this NFT platform, provided they retain some of their NFTs to use as collateral.

Strip Finance was established in 2021 by Varun Satyam, Yuvraj Chhibber, and Yash Jejani. In September of that same year, the company successfully completed its seed investment round and raised 3.5 crores. They have been successful in raising a total of $8.5 million in investment.

They propose to make it possible for crypto projects to obtain debt financing by enabling the use of project tokens that have been issued as NFTs as collateral on the platform.

Here is their website - (8)


MastiTickets was established in 2014 and has already partnered with more than 120 theatres across the states of AP and Telangana. Its website and mobile app made it possible for consumers to purchase tickets to see movies.

Around 2016, the business start-up was booming in those sectors. As a result, BookMyShow completed an all-cash acquisition of MastiTickets in the year 2017. The whole cost of the acquisition has not yet been made public.

MastiTickets was established by Ravi Narla. Ravi received both his undergraduate degree and his master's degree from Andhra University, making him a double alumnus of the institution. Until 2013, he held the position of Project Manager at a wide variety of businesses before deciding to launch MastiTickets.

Nukkad Shops

POS offered by Nukkad Shops

Nukkad Shops is now introducing innovation to the retail industry while also assisting small and medium companies with their digital transformation. They make available to merchants an android-based and cloud-connected commerce platform as well as the devices necessary to handle every facet of their companies.

They also assist merchants in moving their physical storefronts to the digital realm by providing hyper-local e-commerce mobile apps that feature real-time inventory. Their hardware options include point-of-sale (POS) systems that merchants may use to handle various aspects of their business, including billing, inventory, customer loyalty programs, sales, and financial data, multiple store counters, and more.

Nukkad Shops was established in 2015 by Niranjan Kambamettu, Ravi Korukonda, and Vivek Shukla. The company has raised a total of $1.4 million in capital over the course of two rounds of fundraising.

Here is their site - (9)



REVOS, which is short for Revolutionary Operating System, is an AI and ML-enabled Internet of Things Platform designed for the automobiles of the next generation. It has clever hardware and software that can power both two-wheeled and three-wheeled vehicles.

On-the-go vehicle data analysis, diagnostics, intelligent control and protection, and visualization are all things that REVOS offers. This firm, situated in Hyderabad, already has partnerships with companies such as Mirakles, Udaan, and others.

Mohit Ranjan and Jytiranjan Harichandran laid the groundwork in 2017 for what would become REVOS. After receiving his degree in Engineering from BITS, Mohit began his career with Oracle, where he worked for a year, before moving on to Adobe, where he remained for four years. Bolt is the new name of the company.

Here is their website: (10)


Founders of NowFloats

NowFloats, one of the top startup companies in Hyderabad, was established in 2012 by Jasminder Singh Gulati, Ronak Kumar Samantray, and Nitin Jain with the intention of assisting local small and medium companies in being more visible online.

NowFloats provides various services and apps, making it possible for small and medium-sized businesses and major corporations to establish an online presence.

These are some of their products:

  • Boost 360 is a platform for small and medium-sized businesses that lets you launch and manage your company online by building your own website. Once everything is set up, you will be able to receive orders and payments online, as well as schedule and perform services.
  • Kitsune is an open-source framework that makes it possible for web applications to become scalable and speedier. It is geared toward large businesses.
  • Zadinga is an app that provides effective end-to-end shop management and the creation of an eCommerce store that is integrated with local delivery. It is designed specifically for retailers.

Throughout seven separate investment rounds, NowFloats has amassed a total of $17.4 million in the capital. The year 2019 marked the completion of their most recent funding round, during which they secured debt financing to the tune of 253.9 million euros.

Their website: (11)


Psynapce is a tech business that focuses on the healthcare industry. It gives hospitals and clinics access to a variety of backend services. It offers a variety of services, such as analytics, inventory management, hospital information systems, electronic medical record systems, and so on.

In addition to these B2B services, the new company has also introduced a mobile application known as Savika. The Savika app is designed for expectant mothers and walks them through each stage of the first nine months of their pregnancy.

Raji Harish, Rajesh Kumar, and Girish Patinharepatt are the three individuals who established Psynapce. Raji currently serves as the company's Chief Executive Officer, while Rajesh and Girish hold the titles of Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, respectively.


Grabon Website

At the moment, this coupons and deals marketplace is the largest couponing company that can be found in India. The young company already has a sizable user base, with 6.5 million monthly visits to its marketplace, which features more than 3000 different merchants listed.

Ashok Reddy established this company in 2013 with the goal of enabling clients to achieve the greatest possible savings on their purchases made online. In addition to providing authentic digital coupons, they also provide online vouchers and offers that may be facilitated via social media and mobile devices.

Smaller businesses frequently use Grabon in order to increase their online sales and grow the footfall of their e-stores.

Grabon has barely completed its seed round of funding despite having raised a total of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars so far.

Their website - (12)


Darwinbox Founders

Recruiters may identify candidates and train them with the help of the Darwinbox tool. It empowers managers with the ability to monitor and evaluate the work of their personnel while they are on the move. Its use is demonstrated by functions such as employee engagement, payroll management, and HR workflow; furthermore, its application and voice bot makes it simple to operate.

Darwinbox was established by Rohit Chennamaneni, Chaitanya Peddi, and Jayant Paleti, all in collaboration. Within just one year, they were successful in acquiring forty customers. The sum of capital obtained by the company comes to a total of $107 million.

Get more info on their website - (13)


NEEMAN'S Footwear

This is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) footwear manufacturing start-up that operates online. They use recycled plastic bottles and Merino Wool fibers in manufacturing shoes, loafers, and joggers. Neemans was established in 2017 Amar Preet Singh and Taran Chhabra to design and manufacture footwear solely out of natural, renewable, recyclable, and chemical-free materials.

Neemans has only just been successful in acquiring new money to the tune of 7 Crore, which was provided by Stride Ventures in the form of debt financing. This follows the footwear start-up's successful completion of its Series A investment round in August 2021, during which it raised 20 crores.

They have completed three investment rounds and have raised around $4.6 million in total capital thus far.

You can check their website here - (14)

Troo Good

Tree Good, one of the top startup companies in hyderabad
Tree Good website

Troo Good was established in 2018 by Raju Bhupati, and after getting a new investment of 55 crores as part of its Series A funding, the company is planning to expand its operations over the entirety of India.

They make delightful millet-based treats that are both wholesome and adorable. They currently provide 14 different goods, one of which is a variety of millet chikkis, manufactured in three different factories in Hyderabad and Rajahmundry.

Troo Good currently helps 10 lakh youngsters each and every day, and they anticipate that this number will keep rising. It had initially launched its business by selling 800 millet parathas and chapatis daily to information technology businesses.

By the end of 2018, they figured out the very first millet chikki in the country. They are generating monthly revenue of over 15 million dollars from the sale of millet snacks.

Ever since, the Indian government's recognition of millet as the long-term solution to the nation's food and water crisis, this new business has a great chance of achieving success in the rapidly expanding millet market.

Troo Good has raised $8.4 million in funding thus far, with its Series A funding round taking place in November 2021.

Here is their website - (15)


Zippr, one of the top startup companies in hyderabad
Zippr Team

Zippr is a forward-thinking startup company in Hyderabad. It gives individualized addresses to each and every person. When you place an order for something online, you won't have to enter lengthy addresses if you have a Zippr code. You can provide the Zippr code to anyone, including the person delivering your package, taxi drivers, and so on.

Because they have the Zippr code, they are able to locate your home. The Zip code is made up of a combination of four random letters and four random integers. At the moment, this new business is only offering its services in the city of Hyderabad.

The founder of Zippr, Aditya Vuchi, earned his bachelor's degree in engineering from Osmania University and West Virginia University. In 2013, he established Zippr, a company that Amazon and the Indian Angel Network are now backing. It has completed four rounds of fundraising, bringing in a total of $8.6 million.

More information on their website - (16)


Image Source: Recykal website (17.1)

This company went into business in 2017 and offered a SaaS platform for end-to-end trash management that is hosted in the cloud. The platform that Recykal provides brings together garbage generators, collectors, ragpickers, scrap dealers, recyclers, and processors.

This new company's mission is to promote environmentally responsible recycling methods in India. A marketplace model digitally closes the gap between all stakeholders in the waste management chain by providing transactions that can be tracked and are open to public scrutiny.

Recykal was initially the idea of Abhay Deshpande, but it inspired other people, including Abhishek Deshpande, Anirudha Jalan, Ekta Narain, and Vikram Prabakar, who are now the company's co-founders.

Recykal has raised a total of $24 million in finance, with an investment of $22 million coming from Morgan Stanley India in January 2022 as part of its most recent funding round.

They are making progress in building an inclusive ecosystem as well as hyper-local trash processing infrastructure across the country. They have redirected more than 200,000 metric tons of discarded plastic.

More about Recykal - (17)

Saras Analytics

Saras Analytics, one of the top startup companies in hyderabad
Saras Analytics website

With its predictive platform, Saras Analytics assists direct-to-consumer and business-to-customer (D2C and eCommerce) companies in making decisions based on data. It offers in-depth analytical reports and comprehensive dashboards, providing firms with a 360-degree view of their business data.

Saras Analytics was established in 2016 by Krishna Chaitanya, Abhiram Kolli, and Balaji Kolli, cousins. The company's goal is to transform business data into a strategic asset.

The following are included in the products that they currently offer:

  • Daton is a cloud data pipeline that allows you to quickly aggregate your data into a data warehouse.

This privately funded firm has a staff of over one hundred individuals, and its founders have contributed three crores of Indian rupees to it up to this point.

You can get more information on their website - (18)


By no means is this an exhaustive list. We will keep adding more entities as they make some headwinds in the startup scene of India. The Indian startup scene is radically changing. The government is supportive. We have shows like Shark Tank India, which have popularised the concept of start-ups to crores of Indians. We can expect many more start-up initiatives to flourish in the future.