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Top 50 Startups in Bangalore (2022)

Almost all the major IT companies in India have their HQ in Bangalore. This article will look at the top 50 startups in Bangalore that are making a difference.

Photo by Raghavendra Prasad / Unsplash

India is fast becoming the hub of startups in India. There are over 75,000 startups in India, and more than 13,000 were founded in Bangalore! (1) Not just startups, but the city is well known as the Information technology hub of India, with almost all the major IT companies of India having their HQ here, and any other Global IT company which wants to start its operations in India lands up in Bangalore. This article will look at the top 50 startups in Bangalore that are making a difference.

Top Startups in Bangalore

Here are the top 50 startups located in Bengaluru.

Money Tap

MoneyTap is a Fintech startup established by graduates of the Indian Institute of Technology and the Indian School of Business, Bala Parthasarathy, Kunal Varma, and Anuj Kacker, in 2017. (2) In June of 2017, Sequoia India, New Enterprise Associates, & Prime Venture Partners contributed to MoneyTap's seed fundraising round totaling $12.3 million.

Money Tap, one of the top 50 startups in Bangalore

The RBL Bank and numerous other non-bank financial companies (NBFCs) have collaborated to launch the MoneyTap app, which offers unsecured loans up to a maximum of Rs. 5 lakhs. People have many options for the time they have to make their repayments, ranging from two months to thirty-six months.


Scaler Academy is an education technology firm in Bangalore that caters to individuals enthusiastic about participating in advanced online computer science courses. (3) Abhimanyu Saxena and Anshuman Singh founded it in 2019.

Scalr, one of the startups in Bangalore

Scaler Academy has devised an online training program that spans six months and is intended to improve the coding abilities to work professionals by providing them with experience in cutting-edge technology.

Students who enroll in a course offered by Scaler Academy receive guidance and instruction from seasoned technology professionals and subject-matter experts. These mentors have experience working for industry-leading companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

After the seed funding round, Scaler received $20 million in Series A and $55 million in Series B funding.


Strata is a firm that was launched in 2019 and is headquartered in Bengaluru. (4) Priyanka Rathore and Sudarshan Lodha founded it as a Real Estate and Financial Services Startup.

It is a fractional property investment platform that allows investors to invest in commercial property and assets without dealing with any difficulties.


Docttocare was established as an online provider of healthcare services to simplify patient access to the highest quality medical professionals, clinics, hospitals, and other facilities.

Sugandha Agarwal, Founder Image Source Twitter(5.1)

Sugandha Agarwal founded it in 2016 as a Healthcare and VR startup. (5)

Docttocare encourages healthy relationships among patients, doctors, and clinics. It also contributes to improved user experiences and engagements by providing patients with the opportunity to participate in virtual walkthroughs even before they visit a specific medical facility.


Blowhorn, based in Bangalore and serving as a provider of intra-city transportation, was established in 2014.

Blowhorn, one of the startups in Bangalore
Blowhorn website screen grab

It was Founded by Michael Strong, Mithun Srivatsa, and Nikhil Shivaprasad in 2014 as a Logistics and transportation startup. (6)

The forward and reverse logistics that this offers for the first, midway, and last kilometers set it apart from other similar services. Blowhorn should be your choice whether you have to move one gram of weight or one ton of weight of goods.


Deepak Bansal & Devleena Neogi launched GingerCup. (7) The two people came up with the idea of using paper cups as a branding tool, and in 2015 they started a business centered on the idea.

Screen Grab of Gingercup (7.1)

The advertising firm GingerCup is known for its innovative approach. It specializes in the branding of coffee cups and teacups. Through the printing of promotional phrases on paper cups, the company assists brands in engaging and interacting with the audiences for which they are intended.

GingerCup helps marketers communicate with the people they want to reach during coffee and tea breaks at workplaces and educational institutions.

The list of firms that GingerCup counts as clients includes names like BookMyShow, OYO, Nestaway, and Uber. Two well-known angel investors, Sanket Gupta and Rahul Shah are behind the startup company GingerCup.


Aadesh Jain, Anuradha Agarwal, and Devendra Agarwal set the startup's foundation in 2017. It is an e-learning platform. (8)

Matrubhashi, one of the startups in Bangalore
Screengrab of Matribhashi website

As its name suggests, Multibhashi is a language study app developed in Bangalore, India. Its primary goal is to be of tremendous assistance to Indian language aficionados located around the country.

The company's linguistics specialists developed these learning courses. They are delivered to users through cloud-based learning management systems (LMSs), cloud telephony, video streaming, real-time chatting, experiential learning, gamification, and participatory assessment.

This ultimately results in the user becoming more adaptive through their learning.


Zoomcar, a startup located in Bangalore, was the first Indian company to concentrate on providing customers with the ability to rent cars independently. (9)

Screengrab of Zoomcar website

David Back & Greg Moran were the ones that initiated the project in 2012. People can rent vehicles from the company for a single day or multiple days. Depending on their required services, consumers can be billed by the hour or day.

To provide transportation, convenience, and flexibility to its consumers, Zoomcar is committed to meeting their needs. More than 15 cities in India are served by the company's operations, some of which are Bangalore, Pune, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Chennai.


Deepinder Singh founded this building automation and control startup in the year 2012. (10)

75F, one of the startups in Bangalore
Screengrab of 75F website

75F is a firm that specializes in building controls. They make it possible to automate smart buildings at a price that is accessible and in a way that is simple to implement. 75F also improves occupant productivity by enhancing convenience and interior air quality.

The input from sensors is used by the Building Intellectual capacity System developed by 75F to make proactive adjustments to the HVAC, indoor air quality, and lighting configurations to maximize occupant comfort. These adjustments are made possible by the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart algorithms hosted in the cloud.


RentoMojo was established in 2014 by Achal Mittal, Ajay Nain, and Geetansh Bamania. (11) It started as an online rental marketplace that allows end customers to rent furniture, electrical appliances, and other home goods on a month-to-month basis.

Rentomojo website screengrab

Rentomojo recognizes the challenges young professionals face in their careers' early stages and responds by providing straightforward and cost-effective rental choices for a wide range of small and large pieces of furniture and equipment.

Healthy Master

Founded by Dipti Singhal and Shivali Agrawal in 2019, Healthy Master is a health and ecommerce startup. (12)

Healthy Master, one of the top 50 startups in Banglore
Healthy Master screen grab

Healthy Master is committed to providing its consumers with food products that are good for them. The organization believes all harmful and unhealthy snack items should be replaced with healthier alternatives.

It aims to become a one-stop shop that can meet all of the end-users requirements in terms of their health.

In addition to providing extensive diet assistance for individuals with diabetes, gluten-free diet followers, and keto diet adherents, Healthy Master offers high-quality products and guarantees on-time deliveries, powers its operations with quality customer service, and sells products under its brand name.


Zefo is an online firm that operates out of Bangalore and provides a marketplace for secondhand products. (13) In addition to being a manufacturer market for furnishings and appliances, Zefo is also responsible for administering exchange programs on behalf of third-party businesses such as Urban Ladder.

Additionally, the group is collaborating with Flipkart on developing an appliance trade-in scheme.

In August 2015, Rohit Ramasubramanian, Karan Gupta, Himanshu Joshi, & Arjit Gupta laid the groundwork for Zefo. Sequoia Capital, Beenext, and Helion Ventures are some of the companies that have supported it.

Quikr acquired Zefo in 2019 for $ 30 million. (14)


2018 marked the beginning of Woofwoofnow, a global pet consultancy firm. (15) Sujit Paul and Rosie Paul are the people who laid the foundation for this Petcare startup.

Woofwoofnow website screengrab

It began by providing pet transportation, but it has since expanded to provide various animal services and amenities, such as online veterinary consultations, medical record management, a mobile medical clinic, pet products, and more.

The availability of non-urgent consultation and various additional advantages for pets are two of the elements that contribute to Woofwoofnow's widespread popularity. These services are available 24x4 via Woofwoofnow's mobile app, which pet owners may use to get in touch with the company.


Viral Chhajer, Varun Bhalla, and Devashish Dalmiya started this co-living startup in 2016.

StayAbode, one of the top 50 startups in Banglore
Founders of StayAbode. Image Source: Youtube (17)

StayAbode caters to young professionals by providing aesthetically pleasing and completely furnished living spaces. These are structured so that each resident has their personal space in addition to communal areas that can be used for working, dining, and other activities.

As a result, inhabitants can enjoy their private area while being part of a community of individuals who share similar values, preventing them from feeling isolated and excluded in the city.

It leases out entire buildings and converts them into shared living areas, including everything from the basements to the terrace.

The StayAbode staff will then assemble the furniture and set up the common room, ensuring that the space has everything that a renter requires, with the addition of community kitchens, study places, reading spaces, or even barbeque grills in some of the properties.

Voyage Group, Akatsuki, & Incubate Fund have contributed financial support to StayAbode. NestAway completed the acquisition of the business in June 2020.

Housr acquired StayAbode in 2022. (16)


Razorpay is a payment platform established in 2014 and functions as a payment gateway for businesses. Harshil Mathur and Shashank Kumar laid the foundation for Razorpay. This allows businesses to take payments by integrating Razorpay into their existing business processes or websites. (18)

Razorpay, one of the startups in Bangalore
Razorpay website screengrab

In addition, because Razorpay provides its customers with a premium suite, companies cannot only take payments but also process and distribute the funds from those transactions.

As a result of the fact that Razorpay is compatible with all of the various payment methods that are available in the modern world, such as UPI, PayZapp, JioMoney, Mobikwik, Airtel Money, Freecharge, and Ola Money, as well as many others, it is even simpler for customers and businesses to use the service without any interruptions.


In 2012, Fanzart Fans was established as an online platform to provide customers with access to an extensive collection of distinctive and elegant electric pedestal & ceiling fans. Anil Lala, Tarun Lala & Sangeeta Lala are the founders of this luxury product and fans startup. (19)

Fanzart, one of the top 50 startups in Banglore
Fanzart website screengrab

There is a wide variety of designer fans that can be found listed on the Fanzart Fans website. These fans can be installed in various settings, including dining rooms, restrooms, kitchens, living rooms, workplaces, and more. Fanzart's goal is to increase its market share in the Designer Fan section of the country to around 20 percent.


PurpleRain is a software as a services startup started by Satish Ganesh in 2010. (20)

Limecalls and OutreachPlus are the names of two business-to-business products that PurpleRain offers. The PurpleRain team is remote, consisting of over 50 members from over 20 countries.

It is a self-funded startup driven by the revenue generated through advertising. It has a presence throughout India, London, & California. PurpleRain's products are trusted by thousands of B2B customers worldwide for selling automation, internet connectivity, and big data management.


Abhaya Agarwal is credited with having established Instascribe in 2013. Abhaya is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and co-founder of another startup company called (21)

Instascribe sacreen grab of website

InstaScribe is a tool for the creation of e-books. A ‘What you see in what you get (WYSIWIG)’ editor and user-friendly methods of directly altering the e-book are features included with InstaScribe.

The user can import content, immediately modify and format that content, auto-create a table of contents, easily fill out metadata, attach a covering, and publish the e-book to several formats with only the click of a button.


Manish Kumar laid the foundation for this fintech startup in 2015. (22) KredX was established to resolve issues associated with cash flow. Businesses can quickly obtain the working capital they require by selling their unpaid accounts receivable, typically between 24 and 72 hours.

kredX, one of the top 50 startups in Banglore
KredX website screengrab

KredX, which originated in India, is now recognized as one of the largest invoice discounting marketplaces in that country. In addition, KredX presents several options for investors to make larger returns while simultaneously reducing their risk exposure by utilizing one-of-a-kind short-term investment schemes.

The investment for KredX comes mostly from Sequoia Capital, Tiger Global, and Prime Venture Partners, and the company has raised approximately $33 million throughout its three rounds of funding combined.


ZestMoney is an Indian consumer finance fintech firm that allows customers to take advantage of digital Instalments without evaluating their credit card or credit score. (23)

ZestMoney website screengrab

ZestMoney was founded in 2015 by the trio of Ashish Anantharaman, Lizzie Chapman, and Priya Sharma as a fintech startup. The business believes that EMI should be made accessible to all clients, regardless of whether or not they have credit cards or good credit scores, as the company expects this to be the case.

ZestMoney offers its consumers the ability to pay for things such as flights, mobile phones, clothes, home appliances, vacations, TVs, laptops, and more with interest-free installments (EMI).


MyCaptain is a virtual e-learning website linking its pupils to one of the largest learning communities in India. In this way, the platform assists students in figuring out what they are passionate about and encourages them to pursue those interests. (24)

MyCaptain, one of the top 50 startups in Banglore
MyCaptain Website Screen Shot

Fatema Hussain, Mohammed Zeeshan, Ruhan Naqash, and Sameer Ramesh are the founders of this e-learning platform, MyCaptain. The company was established in 2013.


Factoreal is a software solution or tool that aims to give marketers a competitive advantage as they work toward expanding their brands. Aditya Dhruva laid the foundation for this company in 2019. (25)

Factoreal website screengrab

The software functions as a typical illustration of a SaaS model and is constructed according to three fundamental principles: simplicity, intelligence, and effectiveness.

The strong automation and robotics that Factoreal has developed claims to streamline and, as a result, revolutionize both the journey that customers take and advertisers' journey.


Ajay Tiwari and Sainadh Duvvuru are the ones who started HappyLocate in the year 2017. Ajay served in the human resources departments of several different firms, including Teleperformance, Nokia, & Vodafone, until he founded HappyLocate. (26)

HappyLocate, one of the top 50 startups in Banglore
HappyLocate website screengrab

HappyLocate is a comprehensive solution for all of your moving needs. It focuses on automating and facilitating corporate bodies to handle end-to-end workforce transition through mouse clicks, improving the efficacy and experience of new employees having joined through a built-in authorization system while keeping 100% strategy migrations.

HappyLocate does all this while maintaining policy compliance and ensuring that all migrations comply. HappyLocate is one of the most popular relocation companies, catering to more than 4,000 requests. HappyLocate is currently accessible in more than 15,000 different PINs throughout India.

HappyLocate is the relocation partner for several of India's most well-known companies, including Coca-Cola, Nokia, OYO Rooms, ITC Infotech, and ACKO Insurance.


Subhra Chadda started Chumbak in 2009 as a shopping and lifestyle startup which. It is essentially an eCommerce website that is stocked with a variety of products that may be used for a variety of different types of gifting. (27)

Chumbak Website

Chumbak's users won't have to go through any problems acquiring the gift they desire for their friends' weddings, birthdays, work anniversaries, baby showers, and other special occasions because the platform makes it easy for them to do so.


The process of managing credit cards and paying bills has been simpler, thanks to CRED. CRED assists its customers in managing their credit cards, paying their bills online, and providing specific benefits for their repayments.

Cred, one of the startups in Bangalore
Cred website Screenshot

Cred was established in the year 2018 by Kunal Shah. (28)


Ayush Bansal and Shubham Sharda founded Foxmula in 2018 as an ed-tech startup. Foxmula is an educational technology company that primarily provides its users with access to training, accreditation, network apprenticeships, jobs, and employment opportunities. (29)

Foxmula Website

The company asserts that it is more than simply an e-learning platform; it also focuses on industry-oriented learning, career development, corporate hiring, and employee management, solving unemployment concerns.

De Space

Bangalore is home to this interior designing startup, founded by Dev Vig and Akshata Menon Vig in 2010. (30)

Dr Space, one of the startups in Bangalore
De Space website

With expert workers, technicians, architects, artisans, and inspectors, De Space can deliver transformative turnkey designs to residential customers and tailor them to their needs.


Kishan Vasani founded this Artificial Intelligence startup in 2013. Spoonshot is a personal exploration portal that was developed to mimic human thinking in the field of sector of food and beverages. (31)

Spoonshot Website screengrab

The company brings innovation to the food business by using brand-new technologies that utilize artificial intelligence. In addition, the organization makes use of cutting-edge tech, which enables them to forecast forthcoming trends and prospects for innovation, thereby illuminating the future landscape of the food industry.

Spoonshot is currently assisting some of the world's most well-known companies in fulfilling their client's requirements in the future. The funding for Spoonshot came from HNI, Zeroth.AI, Techstars, and Arts Alliance, totaling $ 712k.

Grexter Living

Grexter Living's is a real estate startup built by Pratul Gupta and Nikhil Dosi in 2016. Grexter Living's mission is to make coliving easier for its users by assisting them in locating well-designed, secure, and reasonably priced locations to call home. (32)

Grexter Living, one of the startups in Bangalore
Grexter Living website screengrab

The main goal of the start-up is to assist individuals in locating reputable neighborhoods that provide desirable amenities in an open and uncomplicated manner so that they can make their homes there.


Luxaire, started by Nisha S Kukrejah in 2012, is a home décor and fans technology startup. Luxaire produces top-quality, artistic, and unconventional ceiling fans to fit the rising needs of households and businesses. (33)

Luxaire website screengrab

These fans can be found in both residential and commercial settings. Every fan produced by Luxaire is hand-built with quality and equipped with cutting-edge technology to power them.

In the beginning, Luxaire established its online store serving customers in Punjab, UP, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives. Since then, the company has been meeting the ever-increasing demand.


Ninjacart is a business-to-business (B2B) supply chain initiative with its headquarters in Bangalore. Ashutosh Vikram, Kartheeswaran K K, Sharath Loganathan, Thiru Nagarajan, Thirukumaran Nagarajan, and Vasu Devan are credited with the foundation of this agritech startup. (34)

NinjaCart, one of the startups in Bangalore
Ninjacart Website screengrab

The company focuses on the distribution of fresh food. The company's mission is to establish direct connections between retailers, brands, growers, manufacturers, and brands.

With the assistance of the Ninjacart platform, fresh produce such as vegetables and fruits may be supplied directly to retail locations and restaurants throughout the nation.


DailyRounds is an educational community that is geared toward medical professionals. It was in 2013 when Nimmi Cherian & Deepu Sebin successfully founded this startup. (35)

DailyRounds, one of the startups in Bangalore
Website Screengrab

DailyRounds is made up of a group of medical experts and computer programmers. They are committed to building a workplace that caters to the educational requirements of medical professionals.

Current projects that DailyRounds focuses on for the medical and pharmaceutical device industries include statistics, emotions, and case analysis based on feedback from doctors.

Lo! Foods

At the beginning of 2019, senior OLA executive Sudarshan Gangrade established Lo! Foods is a firm that is in the business of manufacturing and distributing food and beverages. (36)

Lo! Foods Website

Lo! Foods is dedicated to providing people in India with low-carb food options that will make their diets healthier and more flavorful. Lo! Foods aim to assist individuals following the Ketogenic diet and those who wish to improve their diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle with their distinctive selection of keto-friendly food items.

Carbohydrates are infamous for developing chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, which are disproportionately common in India. India is responsible for a sizeable percentage of the world's diabetic and heart disease patients. Here is where the company hopes to differentiate itself from its competitors with the assistance of its natural and low-carbohydrate food products.

Lo! Foods has set a goal to lower the likelihood of diseases associated with obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes by 5 million by 2023.


Vedantu is an Indian e-learning portal developed to make online tutoring and education more accessible. It was founded in 2011 by Anand Prakash, Pulkit Jain, Saurabh Saxena, and Vamsi Krishna. (37)

Vedantu, one of the startups in Bangalore
Vedantu Website screengrab

The platform assists in bringing the students and the teachers to the same level, enabling them to connect more easily and enjoy all of the advantages of face-to-face learning while online.

The WAVE (Whiteboard Audio Video Environment) technology, developed in-house by the company, provides students and teachers with access to a real-time virtual learning environment. This climate makes it possible to engage in online education in a previously impossible way. Learn about the different marketing approaches that Vedantu has taken.


Byju Raveendran and his wife, Divya Gokulnath, launched BYJU's in Bengaluru in 2011. BYJU's is an online learning company that offers the best, most interactive, and most productive coursework for students in grade 1 to those who desire to do well on competitive exams. (38)

Image Source: Indian Express (38.1)

As of June 2021, BYJU's was worth $16.5 billion, making it the most valuable edtech company worldwide. It grew quickly, bought other companies, and got good funding.


In 2009, Krishna Kumar came up with the idea of Simplilearn. Simplilearn is an educational platform where professionals can get training online. (39)

Simplilearn, one of the startups in Bangalore
Siplilearn website screengrab

The company has over 400 courses in IT, coding, internet marketing, and project management. It also offers product and service offerings and online courses for companies and companies, including some well-known Fortune 500 corporations.

Through 4 rounds of funding, Simplilearn has been able to get $31 million.


Jeroen Tas founded this IT company in 1998. Mphasis is an information technology services provider that assists organizations in transforming by implementing cutting-edge tech that it supplies to its clients. (40)

Image Source Mint (40.1)

Mphasis is a company that focuses on the fundamental needs of businesses to become more quick, innovative, and customized to keep up with the rapid pace of the digital era of disruptions.

The company helps businesses expand into new frontiers by utilizing cutting-edge tech and adopting the value chain/customer-in-view.

They do this to harness the all-new potential of cognitive technologies and the rich data already present in businesses. On April 5th, 2016, Blackstone Group completed the acquisition of Mphasis.


Gaurav Bhalotia started FindMyHealth in 2012 as a health tech startup. (41)

FindMyHealth is a wellness platform driven by artificial intelligence. It provides users with practical, nutritious, and natural alternatives to transform their food habits and lifestyle for good.

FindMyHealth, one of the startups in Bangalore
FindMyHealth Facebook Page screen grab

FindMyHealth accomplishes this by analyzing the customers' selfies, using strong assessment methods based on artificial intelligence, which then proposes customized herbal mixtures and vitamins.


Started by Achintya Dayal and Arjun Raghunandan in 2016, KipStay is a network of homestay accommodations enabled by technology and is kind to one's wallet. It is located in rural areas of India that have not yet been explored.

Kipstay manages various homestays within a two to five-hour drive of major urban centers and is furnished with amenities reminiscent of those in a typical residential setting. After that, it leases them out on a nightly basis.

Kipstay was created to revolutionize the concept of brief holidays. The atmosphere, setting, and layout of the homestays offered by Kipstay are all crafted in such a way as to assist guests in unplugging, detoxing from the strains of daily life, and recharging their batteries.

Chikmagalur served as the location for the debut of Kipstay's first resort, which was met with an enthusiastic reception from guests. Kipstay sold three months' worth of weekend stays in the first week of its introduction, and winter reservations were booked four months in advance.

Kipstay was able to secure finance from several High Net Worth Individuals as well as graduates of IIM Ahmedabad.


Mobile Premier League, also known as MPL, is an electronic sports (eSports) platform that allows players to compete in their preferred games and receive cash prizes. (42)

Sai Srinivas Kiran G and Shubham Malhotra laid the foundation for this esports platform in 2018.

MPL, one of the startups in Bangalore
MPL website Screengrab

It is a talented daily fantasy sports platform that offers a wide range of games to satisfy the emerging demands of today's game players and helps them participate with their pals and show off their skills, along with the possibility of gaining incredible cash prizes.


Richa Kar & Kapil Karekar are credited with having established Zivame in 2011. (43)

Zivame, one of the top 50 startups in Bangalore
Zivame Website screenshot

It is India's most popular online lingerie platform, with over 5,000 different styles, 50 different brands, and 100 sizes. Zivame was able to secure finance from various institutions amounting to $57.5 million.

Zivame is a digital women's underwear store that provides customers access to hundreds of women's intimate apparel designs. Zivame provides its customers with various products, including lingerie, activewear, pajamas, boxers, housecoats, and more.


Systemantics is a robotics company that began operations in 1995 and specializes in constructing industrial robots for use in the manufacturing industry. (44)

Systemantics came into existence in 1995 by Jagannath Raju.

Systemantics website screengrab

Systemantics is in the business of designing, manufacturing, and selling components and systems for factory automation. A pick-and-place robot that may be used for the assembly and feeding of small parts is one of the items that this company offers.

The venture capital firm Accel Partners, the co-founder of Infosys, Nandan Nilekani, and Blume Ventures have all provided financial backing to Systemantics. Systemantics has formed partnerships in the field of robotics with the companies Titan and Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL).


Dailyhunt is a well-known news and media aggregator app in India and headquartered in Bangalore. The service offers material written in regional languages. It was launched in 2007 by Umang Bedi, Umesh Kulkarni trio, and Virendra Gupta. (45)

DailyHunt, one of the top 50 startups in Bangalore
DailyHunt website screengrab

The portal is now proficient in 14 Indian languages, all of which are used for the delivery of its materials in the form of new and up-to-date information on themes that are currently trendy.


Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain founded Ather as an electric automobile manufacturer startup. (46)

Image Source: Livemint (46.1)

The city of Bangalore is home to the corporate headquarters of Ather, which was established in 2013. Ather is a well-known brand in the automotive industry for the production of electric vehicles.

Ather has produced two different models of scooters, the Ather 450X and the Ather 450 Plus, both of which were introduced in 2020, and it sells these products throughout the country.

To this day, it has made more than 40,000 vehicles. A total of close to $102.2 million has been raised by Ather, with significant contributions from Flipkart, Hero MotoCorp, and Tiger Global.


Established in 2016 by Lalit Keshre, Harsh Jain, Neeraj Singh, and Ishan Bansal, Groww is a mutual funds investment company based in Banglore. Groww is a mutual fund investing portal that assists users in investing in equities and mutual funds. (47)

Groww, one of the top 50 startups in Bangalore
Groww website screengrab

Users of this site can make direct investments in exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, equities, initial public offerings, and digital gold.

According to the reports in April 2021, the firm had already raised a total of $140 million at the time it was founded by individuals who had previously worked for Flipkart. The majority shareholder in this enterprise is known as Next billion Technology. The present valuation of the corporation exceeds one billion dollars.


Ezetap is a startup that processes payments through mobile devices and accepts online payments via credit cards and debit cards. (48)

Ezetap website screengrab

Abhijit Bose and Bhaktha Keshavachar founded it in 2011 as a fintech startup.

Ezetap sells portable point-of-sale (PoS), pin, & magnetic strip scanners all in one convenient package. It is not only able to scan the magnetic strips found on credit and debit cards, but it also can turn mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, or even Windows personal Computers into PoS terminals.

Over the past three years, Ezetap has made significant advancements, and the company recently introduced the 'Chota ATM' in collaboration with SBI. Sanjay Swamy, a managing partner at AngelPrime Partners, invested in the company and joined it as a co-founder and chairman.

AngelPrime Partners also invested in the business.


2008 saw the foundation of Practo, a healthcare SaaS provider. Abhinav Lal and Shashank ND founded the organization. (49)

Practo, one of the top 50 startups in Bangalore
Practo website screengrab

Practo is the top healthcare network globally and links patients with healthcare providers worldwide. Additionally, it assists individuals in improving the decisions that they make regarding their healthcare. Practo is one of the Software as a Service (SAAS) firms in Silicon Valley that is expanding the fastest.

Practo is an all-in-one platform that helps customers with their healthcare needs, including choosing a healthcare provider, scheduling an appointment, consulting with a doctor online, having their medical tests, or even buying medications.

In addition, Practo develops software technologies that assist healthcare providers (which might range from private practices to hospitals) in digitizing their operations and providing high-quality medical treatment to millions of patients worldwide.

The company operates at seven locations worldwide: Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune. Singapore is also one of the company's locations.


Nikhil Kamath and Nithin Kamath founded this discount broking stock broker in 2010. (50)

Zerodha Screen grab of the website

Zerodha Broking Limited is an Indian company that offers a wide range of financial services, including institutional and retail broking, stockbroking for currency and commodities, bond fund and bonds investing, and more.

The company was the first Indian brokerage house to reach this milestone in June 2020, when it reached a self-assessed worth of more than one billion dollars and became a member of the exclusive unicorn club. is a groundbreaking website that offers Indian customers a do-it-yourself (DIY) platform to assist them in drafting various legal papers and contracts online. (51)

LegalDesk, one of the top 50 startups in Bangalore
LegalDesk Website screen grab

It was founded by Ashok Kadsur and Krupesh Bhat in 2015.

The only things consumers are required to do to take advantage of the features offered by are to fill out their requests along with all of the relevant details, review their legal papers, and download them as per their comfort.

Additionally, customers can have actual copies of the paperwork sent directly to their front door if they so want.

The team at LegalDesk comprises a variety of professionals, including legal experts, product developers, software developers, content creators, salespeople, and much more.

Summing Up

Banglore has emerged as the shining beacon in the Indian startup scene. It is helping India step into the 21st century with many world firsts.

With the quantum of talent available in India's population of 1.4 billion and the government supporting the startup ecosystem, we can expect many more startups and unicorns soon.