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TVF Permanent Roommates: The series that made Mikesh and Tanu relationship goals for all

Permanent Roommates is a story about a young long-distance couple who eventually end up in the same city- drama, comedy, roma
Permanent Roommates is a story about a young long-distance couple who eventually end up in the same city- drama, comedy, romance, and much more.

When Mikesh leaves his job in the US to be with the love of his life Tanya, who resides in Mumbai, most of us, as viewers, judged the situation wrong. And why wouldn’t we? It was a rash decision taken without discussing it with Tanya, who deserved an equal right to know about the major life changes that were about to happen in her life.

mikesh permanent roommates

But we judged them soon, didn’t we? Permanent Roommates is a story about a young couple who has been a long-distance relationship for three years who eventually end up in the same city, facing the prospect of marriage. The TVF Permanent Roommates web series has two seasons released in 2014 and 2016, each of which holds different reasons to watch, each being equally engaging.

The web series comprises of dialogues like

“Ek galati to insan bhi maaf kar deta hai , main to phir bhi bhagwan hoon,”

which is a clear reflection of the smooth and jazzy humor that comes with Sumeet Vyas’ character Mikesh.

TVF Permanent Roommates: Certainty in Uncertainty

TVF Permanent Roommates

Despite being in a long-distance relationship for over three years, Mikesh Chaudhary’s eager decision to get married as soon as he lands in India leaves Tanya Nagpal (Nidhi Singh) confused about the one decision that can change her life forever. Following her roommate’s and her reluctance, Tanya refuses. The two eventually decide first to move in together, before deciding on their marriage. No matter what these two went through, together or with each, it always brought them closer. The two start living together and go through multiple ups and downs that lead to falling out, reconciling, and Tanya’s premarital pregnancy, ending up in planning the wedding, with unforeseen consequences.

Permanent Roommates Season 1: Capturing the real essence of living together

The ‘Miki-Tanu’ jodi, despite having clashing personalities, doesn’t fail to leave the audience mesmerized with their cute chemistry and raw humor. When the Permanent Roommates Season 1 launched back in October 2014, it took over the internet by storm. One thing, being TVF’s production that made the quirky sitcom shine on the internet, was the realistic approach to characters in the series. Be it Purushottam, Tiwari, or their family members, each character has been build from our surroundings. There’s a Mikesh in our friend circle and a Tiwari in our lives.


Adding to the context, the dialogues are smooth and straightforward, making it look like they have been picked from a conversation between our friends.

Mikesh says,

“Tiwari sahi kehta hai, ye anda khane wale vegeterian kisi ki sage nahi hote”

One of the most crucial scenes that depict Tanya’s frustration of living with Mikesh was when she starts screaming for being a part of a life she doesn’t want. And as individuals, we all get it, when you start living with someone, be it your roommate, flatmate, husband, or friend, it takes time to adjust to each other’s habits. While some get along well, others end up living their separate lives. The season finale showed the intimate reconciliation between the two when they finally break the silence in the office while signing papers for their flat.

The Dramatic One – Permanent Roommates Season 2

The TVF Permanent Roommates Season 2 takes a toll on the quirkiness and not so cliched scenarios to turn it into a Bollywood drama. It comprises of all the elements that make a Bollywood film- strong protagonists, slow-motion romantic scenes, and a villain. The series begins with the meeting between the two families of Mikesh and Tanya, revealing the dynamics and making the plot wider. However, what brings humor and quirkiness to this Permanent Roommates season 2 is the supporting cast that creates a ruckus and brings in the element of fun while preparing for the wedding.

Permanent Roommates Season 2

The wedding, which came forth as an immediate consequence of Tanya’s premarital pregnancy, also shows how in India, the marriage is not only about two individuals getting married but its also about the lifelong bond created between the families of the bride and groom. Mikesh’s father and his old school humor showcase where Mikesh gets his strange and annoying humor characteristic from.

While the plot displays the bond between the two, Miki and Tanu getting stronger with each passing day, it fails to show the real-life ‘ann-bann’ faced by a couple, which formed the crux of the season 1. However, both the seasons of Permanent Roommates, despite standing feet apart, bring forth different themes and different emotions into the audience’s notice. There has been a high demand for Permanent Roommates Season 3, the release dates for which have not been confirmed yet.