Upasana Dhankhar’s journey from being an academic oracle to a social entrepreneur

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Upasana and her team have been addressing the counseling needs of people in an increasingly conflict-ridden world with her startup Melodypipers and working towards creating content that assists in building happy people & honest relationships. 

Health is wealth, but how many of us focus on our mental health as that forms the most crucial part of our body. With awareness, today, everyone is lucky enough to get the help they need if they try to reach out. 

What was the inspiration?

Upasana Dhankhar training young professionals
Upasana Dhankhar training young professionals

Upasana Dhankhar, coming from an interdisciplinary academic background with law, history & gender studies being the three running strands during her tenure as a teacher in DU, got her involved in intense & long emotional conversations with many peers and students. She noted that people have been struggling emotionally, legally & career-wise more & more despite having all the resources available to them. Seeing the struggles of a cross-section of people and understanding of the interconnectedness of their problems to individual awareness, inter-personal skills, and socio-legal processes inspired Upasana to create a single platform to address them all- Melodypipers.

Upasana, JNU alumni, said,

“I have always been inclined towards working for social welfare and have worked with various humanitarian organizations and endeavors over the years. I had been planning to build a welfare society or trust for a long time, and then I happened to do an online course on Entrepreneurship and was inspired to take up social entrepreneurship.” 


Building Happy People & Honest Relationships

Melodypipers Internships Program
Melodypipers Internships Program

With her social startup, Upasana and her team have been addressing the counseling needs of people in an increasingly conflict-ridden world. Melodypipers works towards creating content that assists in building happy people & honest relationships. With their mentoring program, they plan to help the mentees in holistically developing their skills & creating quality content out of their experience, becoming a single spot professional advisory services platform. The lawyers, counselors, life coaches, and various mentors would help the users & train them into aspiring professionals and leaders to live a more fulfilling life. 

Upasana faced multiple problems at the outset of her startup. Hailing from an academic background, she needed a shift of attitude and outlook to enter the aura of social entrepreneurship. With the help of support, she has been able to overcome such obstacles and achieving her vision step by step. 


Works & Collaborations

Adv Sumit Chander addressing the aspiring professionals
Adv Sumit Chander addressing the aspiring professionals

The Gurgaon-based firm has been collaborating with various eminent intellectuals for its mentoring program. The social enterprise has organized multiple stakeholder conferences on issues like Emotions & Economics and New Education Policy. It has even conducted sessions on Working for Vision for HORA Fintech, a workshop on Entrepreneurship for National Law School (Delhi), another seminar on Social Sciences and Liberal Arts for Social Development at Rajdhani College and pro bono sessions on Sexual Harassment & Women’s Rights for school teachers and college students.

NEP Conference: Multiple Stakeholders
NEP Conference: Multiple Stakeholders

Melodypipers that turns one on 30th November 2019 plans to scale its operations and get more professionals on board. Currently, the firm has more than 1,500 reaches of readers weekly. 


Her vision for the company

Melodypipers Session on Sexual Harassment for School Staff
Melodypipers Session on Sexual Harassment for School Staff

Upasana told us about her further plans for Melodypipers & said,

“We are using offline channels for our users while using the learning to integrate deep tech and create an online offering. We are building a collaborative media channel to create inspirational content for our current users. The tech team is busy creating an interactive algorithm and digitizing the advisory services platform with embedded gamification. We are designing a seamless and intuitive UI to run at the top of the platform to deliver maximized empathy. Our Web app will be launched in a couple of months, and we plan to launch the mobile app in 2020.”

Melodypipers have been working for one single-core mission, and that is to create Happy people & Honest Relationships. They aim at being the top community wherein experts share content, helping guide individuals at different pedestals and different situations in their life and also assist them professionally.

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