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The Bengaluru-based startup Vicara (1) is working in motion analytics and gesture recognition. The startup has recently secured an undisclosed amount in its seed funding round. ITI Growth Opportunities Fund led the lastest round of Vicara. A leading Fortune 500 company based in the UK, also participated.

Mohit Gulati, ITI Growth Fund Managing Partner, stated that the team of ITI GO also focuses on investing in innovative technology. Vicara is turning itself as the future of coherent human-machine interaction. Until now, the motion tracking was only in the practical applications for AR and VR. However, recently we see many motion engines utilizing the technology developed by Vicara. He added that when we combine it with the 5G, we can have the world at our fingertip. The ITI Growth fund is excited and delighted to partner with the young and dynamic team of Vicara. The collaboration is formed to shape more applications of the technology.

Vicara Groundbreaking the Interfaces and Insights in Motion Tech

The deep tech startup plans to utilize its latest funding to expand its team, innovate new line of tech solutions, and develop IP and Client acquisition. It is pioneering in motion-based insights and interfaces.

Two electronics engineers of VIT founded Vicara in March 2017. The duo is young, focusing on a startup based on technology to remove the gap between machines and men.

Abhishek Satish and Adarsh Warrier, founders of Vicara, started their journey to reinvent the interactions between humans and machines. Their first product Kai is a wearable gesture controller. It was launched at Indiegogo in 2018, and the campaign raised over 110,000 USD.

Adarsh Warrier, the Co-founder of Vicara, stated that there is a requirement for smart technologies based on motion more than ever today. There are so many tech applications such as gesture recognition, smart helmet, health wearables, tracking of production, etc.

The startup has worked with several companies listed in Fortune 500. It is currently in association with the JioGenNext program, backed by Reliance. SINE-IIT Bombay and VIT TBI previously incubated the startup. In 2017, it also raised angel funding from investors such as Michael Marks, Founder of Innoventure Partners, and Mahesh Bhalla, M3B Caoila Managing Partner, and Ex-GM of Dell.