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How Conmest is Bridging the Gap between Customers and Contractors

Lets uncover the story behind Vinay Agastya’s startup Conmest, a platform that is working to bridge the gap between customers and contractors.

Vinay Agastya, a person who has been focused, practical, and result-oriented, hails from Hyderabad, the city of Nawabs. Being an MIT alum 2015, he has a proven track record of business development, Business turnaround, and managing change in highly competitive B2B markets.

Vinay Agastya
Vinay Agastya

Vinay is passionate about marketing and sales and how it can be used to change the paradigms, accelerate the market, and help improve the company’s performance.

What Does Conmest Do?

Conmest - Website Screenshot
Conmest – Website Screenshot

Conmest is a Prop-tech Startup based out of Bangalore, working to bridge the gap between Customer and Quality Construction, renovation and architectural contractors, bringing the best professionals in the region, thoroughly vetted by the company experts with pocket-friendly quotes.

Conmest is a one-stop solution shop for all the construction needs. Often people have a dream of having their own space and worry about the hassle, but here is where the Conmest helps customer building their space area, taking all the troubles while you relish the experience.

Check out the Conmest platform here.

An Idea is a Commodity

Vinay Agastya – CEO (Left) along with Rohit Kiran – COO (Right)

The idea behind the conmest was to democratize the disorganized and misunderstood construction sector in India and make it a breeze for people to go for home construction.

At Conmest, the company provides diversified domain expertise in construction, architecture, design & Technology. Our Vision is to create a construction Ecosystem of Technology, E-Commerce, and finance. That enables a transparent, collaborative, and seamless experience for customers, creating value through time and cost savings.

Check out the Conmest platform here.

Challenges in the outset!

There is nothing like a challenge to bring out the best, and Due to the age-old way of finalizing a contractor for a home by looking at Hyperlocal deals, people don’t trust any other form of reach out. Hence there is a lot of resistance. On the partner’s front, cash flows and legal compliances are a nightmare.

Building collaboration and Experiences

In a shortcoming, the company has grabbed an exclusive partnership with RBL Bank India for payment solutions and giving access to credit for customers.

Conmest’s Growth and the First Milestone

The company is currently serving 14 customers in 3 cities, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, at a 20% growth rate.

The first milestone was ten paying customers with a G.P. of 20% with CSAT of 100%.

Company’s Vision and footprints

The company has the Vision of building dream homes for any individual. Renovating a legacy property is a labor of love. Yet, the Indian construction industry is known for its lack of transparency and riddled with problems.

The company is a design-focused comprehensive construction management company that helps gain complete control of the project from pre-construction to handover by leveraging our state of the modern art technologies for construction in a no-nonsense, affordable and straightforward way. The best part dawns here. We make asset ownership a delight with our personalized maintenance services post-handover.