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How Vishnu Sharma developed a one-stop-platform for job seekers in the social and development sector

Vishnu Sharma, hailing from a small district of Madhya Pradesh, has started an independent platform, that enables the recruiter to hire.

Vishnu Sharma, hailing from a small district of Madhya Pradesh, has started an independent platform,, that enables the recruiter to hire the best talents and jobseekers to get the best jobs in the development or social sector in India.

The IIITM Gwalior graduate believes “an idea can take you anywhere in the universe,” the belief that kept him motivated while working on the project. In 2017, Vishnu started developing his website with the help of two web developers, last year, around July, funding the entire project on his own.

Vishnu’s startup platform is a resource portal for social sector enterprises, NGOs, CSR Foundations, social ventures, companies, and research organizations to reach out to professionals and job seekers for Jobs, Fellowships, Research, RFPs, and Tenders.

In a short span of four years of career, Vishnu switched seven jobs. Vishnu has previously worked with a lot of organizations at multiple levels as a consultant, Program Manager for the National Achievement Survey conducted by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development, and so on.

Exclusive recruitment for the social/development sector

He realized one thing over time was there was a dearth of dedicated recruitment portal for the development sector; a few of them were even charging quite a hefty fee from jobseekers. He knew that it was difficult for an unemployed person to pay fees to get a job and thus developed, where no person has levied a charge to find a job, giving them unlimited job access.

Vishnu said,

“Our vision is to redefine the recruitment with a mission to provide exclusivity of posting jobs on a real-time basis from every nook and corner of the country.”

Currently, the firm is their first phase of the venture and is looking for seed funding to recruit more people to enhance the effectiveness and operation of its enterprise and are working with the belief of ‘redefining the recruitment’ in the development sector.