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Weirdo – A startup initiative by young and independence striving Individuals

Weirdo - The story of one such startup which started with creativity and need to accomplish personal goals and soon turned in
Weirdo – The story of one such startup which started with creativity and need to accomplish personal goals and soon turned into a great eCommerce platform.


Priyanka Saini
Weirdo Founder: Priyanka Saini

Priyanka Saini from Roorkee is one of the founders who came up with the idea of Weirdo.

Weirdo Co-founder - Mohd Shariq
Weirdo Co-founder – Mohd Shariq

Mohd Shariq from Ghaziabad is the second founder who assisted Priyanka and kept her motivated.

Roots of Weirdo

Weirdo started when the founders were both in college. It was Priyanka’s first semester when she began to feel the need to be independent and do something of herself. She has always been into professional dancing and used to teach plus learn. So she soon felt the need to take care of her expenses by herself. That’s how this startup began.

Priyanka soon joined digital marketing internships, which turned her into a potential client.

Reflecting upon her personal life, she has not been a person who made a lot of friends, but soon this trait evolved, and she did make a few good friends. Parth, Saim, and Shariq were those people.

During the interview, she quotes,

“So there is a person in your life who motivates you although I was already on track but not big enough and lacked the mindset and goals to make it large.
I, too, had a person in my class who had a positive vibe and was the reason behind what I m today.”

These three buddies: Shariq, Saim, and Priyanka, started working towards a goal with a motivation to get a BMW M8. Jokes apart.

They started their journey, trying to gain some digital marketing clients. Their days were not so simple, and the journey was quite severe. She recalls waking up at eight, getting, and going to the office. Coming back and then meeting at her place to do the daily activities for the clients and ourselves.

They learned it all from designing to development to make sure they can save on human resources. The day used to end around 1 or 2 am, then they used to discuss cars they will buy, among which M8 was the first one they wanted to and leave for the day. Post dinner, reading a few research materials, they hardly slept for 3-4 hours.

Down the line, they felt the need to quit their jobs and work for their dreams finally. As this happened, one of their partners left the journey to success here itself. Now it was just Priyanka and Shariq.

Post leaving the job, they both gave all the time to their startup trying to acquire digital marketing clients; a few we had were – Social Street Cafe, Alpina Hotels, Nagpal Jewellers, and many more.

What does Weirdo do?

WEIRDO - Website Screenshot
WEIRDO – Website Screenshot

The startup is more revolved around the concept of digital marketing services.

However, Weirdo has always tried to touch the strings of people through many mediums. It has an Instagram and Pinterest page related to poetry with a lot of customer base where people love and adore the pages.

That’s where the founders thought they would launch products for people who were already connected with them.

Summing up, Weirdo is an eCommerce store with quirky T-shirts of different niches. However, there is some other planned material which will soon come into action.

Check out the Weirdo platform here.

Weirdo – The idea and inspiration

The idea behind this startup was always to be connected to people in a way that the founders touch the strings of their hearts. The team thought that this could be done through poetry, or work, or the products.

However, the common inspiration for them lies in the idea that they all never wanted to do fulltime jobs struggling to be seated on the same chair for 8-9 long hours. Rather, I wanted to escape the harsh realities of the lives.

Tackling the challenges

There was a time when they left the jobs, and the client was not investing enough. Neither did they have money to try and experiment with something. They made sure to never regret the decision for this startup.

They have been in the service space as well and thus had collaborations with good brands. But these brands are not anywhere related to the eCommerce platforms they are operating upon currently.

The first milestone for Weirdo

They had the poetry page and really did not know whether an ecommerce platform will be something their customers will accept and appreciate.

So the first milestone was to achieve ten sales without any investment, purely organically. Soon they jumped onto 13, where they decided that they will take it further improving day by day through baby steps which the brand was seeking.

The current growth status of Weirdo

The company, as told, has multiple aspects, so it is a profit-making company, but the eCommerce platform is new fresh and thus, in its very initial stage. The founder told us,

“We wish that to grow the way people can accept it in terms of price and quality.”