Governing a country is never an easy task, and it’s not a job that a single person like the President or the prime minister of a country can do alone. It is vital for the country that the authority to make decisions on different matters is distributed among people that are appointed by the prime minister of India. These ministers appointed by the prime minister have defined roles and duties that they have to fulfill depending on their designation and position in the government.

These ministers are appointed for different tasks and are selected as the governing head of the respective ministry that they are appointed to govern. Several ministries are present in India that cover various departments of the country to control and take care of the matters that fall under that ministry. One such major department is the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Meaning of Ministry of Home Affairs India

Ministry of Home Affairs is a standard government department that is present in every country, and this department is responsible for policing, emergency management, national security, the conduct of elections, and many other tasks. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) or Home Ministry is a department of the Government of India. This department is known as Grha Mantralaya in the Hindi language.

As mentioned above, this is an interior ministry of India that is responsible for the maintenance of internal security and domestic policy for the country. This department also has the controlling authority for Indian Police Service (IPS), DANIPS, and DANICS. The officials of the department are usually the best of their batches IAS and IPS officers that are appointed based on their excellent service and the skills they possess.

The department is given an annual budget of Rs. 103,927 crores ( $15 billion) to carry out the tasks that they are appointed to do. The agencies that work under the ministry are:

  • Intelligence Bureau (IB)
  • Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)
  • Border Security Force (BSF)
  • Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)
  • Sashastra Seema Bai (SSB)
  • Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP)
  • National Security Guards (NSG)
  • National Investigation Agency (NIA)
  • Delhi Police (DP)

Departments of the Ministry of Home Affairs

The ministry is responsible for providing the state governments with workforce and financial support to maintain the security, peace, and harmony of the states without harming the constitutional rights. The departments that come under this ministry are:

  • Department of Border Management
  • Department of Internal Security
  • Department of Jammu and Kashmir Affairs
  • Department of Home
  • Department of Official Language
  • Department of States

Divisions of Ministry of Home Affairs

There are further divisions of the ministry itself, which is helpful as they were not separated as specialized departments. There are 20 divisions in the ministry, and these divisions are:

  1. Administration Division
  2. Border Management Division
  3. Centre-State Division
  4. Coordination Division
  5. Disaster Management Division
  6. Finance Division
  7. Foreigners Division
  8. Freedom Fighters and Rehabilitation Division
  9. Human Rights Division
  10. Internal Security Division-1
  11. Internal Security Division-2
  12. Jammu and Kashmir Division
  13. Judicial Division
  14. Left-Wing Extremism Division
  15. North East Division
  16. Police Division-1
  17. Police Division-2
  18. Police Modernisation Division
  19. Policy Planning Division
  20. Union Territories Division

Where is the Ministry of Home Affairs located?

Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi
Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi

Ministry of Home Affairs is located in New Delhi with the address being North Block, Cabinet Secretariat, Raisina Hill, New Delhi.

Who is the current Home Minister of India?

Amit Shah
Amit Shah

Minister of Home Affairs or Home Minister is the head of the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of India and is one of the senior-most officers of the Union Cabinet. Since the time of independence, the office is considered as the second in seniority to the Prime Minister. The current Home Minister of India is Amit Shah of the Bhartiya Janta Party, and the swearing-in ceremony was done on 31st May 2019.

The President of the country appoints the Home Minister on the advice of the Prime Minister. The service years for this position is five years and the selected minister reports to the Prime Minister of India and the Parliament of India.

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