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What the Folks: Web Series Review: A Dramedy on Youtube

What the Folks is a Youtube series whose most surprising aspect is that while it has a very natural
What the Folks is a Youtube series whose most surprising aspect is that while it has a very natural


What The Folks is a story about how multicultural communities crack traditions, bridge differences between generations, and learn to value one another, amid widely opposing views of the universe.

  • Genre – Comedy, Drama
  • Platform: Youtube
  • Premiere Date: 16 August 2017
  • Creator: Anirudh Pandita
  • IMDb Rating: 8.2/10

What the Folks – Season 1

Dice Media, Pocket Aces’ long-form storytelling site, proudly confirmed the debut on 17 August 2017 of its much-anticipated web series “What The Folks” (WTF), that went live on Facebook and YouTube.

What the Folks - Season 1

What the Folks is a five-part web series about a guy called Nikhil who has to live with the parents of his wife Anita for some time because of work. The pair has been married for some time, and while Anita stays in Delhi, Nikhil has settled into Mumbai with parents of Anita, and younger sister Akshata. It sets up all the aspects of the traditional family drama right away: the reverse saas-bahu series.

The bittersweet experiences of Nikhil with the family of his wife have funny scenarios that are strictly relevant to the youth of today. It’s a story about how multicultural families crack barriers, transcend cultural differences, and learn to value one another, given the reality that they still have very different perceptions of the universe.

The series is all about Nikhil, who takes up all the time on the screen, is very likable. Still, while mainly appearing on Skype and phone calls from the workplace, you feel like Anita is the real takeaway right here. She is squarely on the right hand, and she sympathizes with the condition of her mother, but still holds on her mother when she is too whiny. When handling a reasonably difficult scenario from away, Anita teaches you the number of ways you can manage the circumstance.

What the Folks – Season 2

On 17 October 2018, the second season of What the Folks dropped their show. Nikhil’s parents are about to visit their son’s new house this time in What the Folks – where he lives with his wife, Anita. The second season’s first episode ends breathlessly, now with the protagonists all revealed.

What the Folks - Season 2

The script does a fair job of demonstrating the contrast between the four characters in thinking patterns, attitudes, and other aspects of life. What the Folks is created, keeping in mind the urban and youthful audience, something that the creators of Indian content have been getting to see for a while now. From Bollywood to television to the streaming sites, we can nowadays only see content related to youth.

The season begins with Nikhil’s parents coming to stay in their new house in Mumbai with the young couple ahead of a family function in Alibaug. A woman’s relationship with her mother-in-law on most Hindi television is similar to a minefield.

Yet in What The Folks, disputes about domestic issues between saas and bahu – whether to cut vegetables in length or width-wise, do not become metaphors for irreconcilable discrepancies. The show turns its attention to a genuinely troublesome relationship – between Nikhil and Shreya, without any real conflict to resolve on that front.

What the Folks – Season 3

The long-form storytelling channel of Pocket Aces Dice Media is back with their popular web series ‘What the Folks’ season 3. With a third season, it is one of the few web-shows to return! This 5-episode series released on 5 October 2019.

What the Folks - Season 3

The second season was a gradual development of family relationships that concentrated on more severe problems such as divorce, cancer, loss of contact, etc. and based mainly on the family of Nikhil- The Solankis.

The fun and entertaining show has melted the audience’s minds and is a blast of fresh air from the often predominant tv family dramas. A year after that, Season 3 will see the return of the most famous characters Vandana, Kiran, Sudha, and Shreya, each transitioning to a new phase of existence, rediscovering each other.

Season 3 deals with problems relating to aging parents, changing marital desires, empty nest syndrome, and divorce life, among many others. Each episode should leave the viewer on their feet with a grin as it mixes comedy with scenarios that are too similar to home. A partnership with two common brands – the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) as the Title Partner & Godrej Interio as the Driven By Partner – is also seen in this season.


In a final word, broken families are everywhere over you, not just you. Everyone is facing similar battles; the age divide is years long. What is most important, despite everything, is the fact that you love them, and they love you. And please sit back, watch What the Folks and appreciate the moment and laugh, too.