Women’s Cricket World Cup 2021 – All you need to know

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Article Index:

  1. Introduction
  2. Women’s cricket world cup 2021
  3. Where will it be held?
  4. Who are all participating?
  5. Who won Women’s cricket world cup 2019? 
  6. Who won Women’s cricket world cup 2018?
  7. Who won Women’s cricket world cup 2017?
  8. Who is the best woman, cricketer?
  9. FAQ’s



Women’s First World cup held in 1934, when the British team visited Australia and New Zealand. On 28-31 December 1934, the first test match was won by England. The next year the first Test was England versus New Zealand. These three countries were the only women’s cricket teams to play the Test. In 1960, South Africa entered and played against England in Cricket. The top-class players of England played cricket in 1962 with a limited number of overs. After exact nine years, England beat Australia at the Cricket Ground in Brisbane.

Discussions started in 1971 with Jack Hayward on the hosting of a women’s cricket World Cup. South Africa was not allowed to participate despite scrutiny from the west for its apartheid rules. Australia and New Zealand were allowed to play. Hayward had previously arranged women’s tours of the West Indians and the two other competing countries, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, were drawn from this region. Britain also had a “young England” team in place to make up the numbers, including an “International XI.” The International XI was called on by five South Africans to play for reimbursement.


Women’s cricket world cup 2021

The announcement made on Tuesday, November 12, for the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2021. The next competition will include 31 games, the semifinals as well as the final. On January 30, 2021, in New Zealand, the much-awaited ICC Women’s World Cup begins.

New Zealand will stage the 50-over ICC competition, whether absolutely or together for the fourth time. In contrast to staging the women’s championship in 2000, the Men’s World Cup co-hosted in 1992 and 2015. A report from New Zealand Cricket has stated that the upcoming World Cup would run from January 30 to February 20.


Where will it be held?

The ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2021 will begin on January 30 in New Zealand with a total of 31 matches, including semifinals and the final.

Following two World Cups for men, in 1992 and 2015 and for girls in 2000, the series will be the 4th event held entirely or together in New Zealand.

New Zealand Cricket (NZC) said in a report, the 50-50 over cricket championship runs from January 30 to February 20.

The World Cup 2021 will be the 12th ICC Cricket Women’s Cup and New Zealand will have officially qualified as host.

ICC’s four top teams will be given direct quotas, while Bangladesh and Ireland must take the second chance for the other three nations, and the winner of each regional qualifier for 2019 – Africa, America, Australia, East Asia, the Pacific Ocean and Europe.


Who all are participating in ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup?

In the present, the top four teams are direct qualifiers for the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2021 which are Australia, India, England, and South Africa. The remaining teams will get a second chance through the qualifier match. Australia and England are the two most successful teams until now. On the other hand, India has qualified for the finals twice, and West Indies have reached the final once.


Who won Women’s cricket world cup 2019? 

England has won the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup Championship 2019. The tournament held in August and September in Scotland. Eight teams have taken part in the qualifier round in the ICC WOmen’s Cricket World Cup. Zimbabwe banned from the championship. However, Namibia replaced Zimbabwe in the tournament. Also, all the female umpires were appointed for the tournament rather than men. All eight teams fought during the warmup match. During the first warmup, it was Ireland vs Papua New Guinea. Although, the Ireland team won by 70 runs. The next warmup was between Netherlands Vs Bangladesh in which Bangladesh won by ten wickets. In the third warmup, Scotland and Namibia fought against each other and Scotland won by 84 runs. In the last warmup, the match was between the United States and Thailand in which Thailand defeated the United States by 58 runs.

During the finals, Bangladesh Women fought against Thailand Women and defeated Thailand by 70 runs.


Who won Women’s cricket world cup 2018?


The ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2018 hosted in the West Indies.The event qualifying tournament conducted in the Netherlands in July 2018. Both Bangladesh and Ireland won the Women’s World Twenty20 tournament semifinal matches in the qualification. The first game between England and Sri Lanka in Saint Lucia dropped because of the rains. The ICC looks at a program of action to transfer some group match to Antigua with further rain warnings in Saint Lucia. The ICC announced that the game of Group A would start in Saint Lucia on the next day. The ICC cited logistical issues and costs as the main factor in not shifting the matches.

With its success over New Zealand, Australia progressed in Group B to earn it three wins out of three games. India, in Group B, also qualified for the semifinal, after beating Ireland with 52 runs and three matches win.

 In Group A, the western Indians, together with the British, progressed to the semifinals, with wins in their pre-last group phase. West Indies faced Australia in the first semifinals and England and India in the second semifinal respectively. 

Australia beat the West Indies with 71 runs and England defeated India with eight wickets to progress to end.

After beating England in the final by eight wickets, Australia won its fourth title in 2017 ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup Championship.


ICC Women’s Cricket 2017 Champions

The 2017 ICC Women’s World Cup Final was a women’s One Day International cricket match. It was played between England and India during the 2017 Women’s World Cup. 

England won by nine runs to achieve their fourth World Cup title. Anya Shrubsole named player of the match. It was one of the closest finals in tournament history, with only 2000 finals decided by a narrower margin — the final match held in the Lords, London. 


Best woman cricketers in the World

There are several good women cricketers in the world. Everyone has different abilities and records out there, which is not comparable. Still here is the list of Top 5 Female Cricketers:

1. Ellyse Perry

Ellyse Perry
Ellyse Perry

She considered as No. 1 women cricketer in the world. She is an all-rounder in the field. She was a fantastic player in all four World Cup wins in Australia from 2010 to 2014, including a heroic three for 19 in the World Cup final 2013 when it was hardly possible to walk. It was accompanied by success with a bat: on average 95.33 in the Ashes of 2014 and then in two-day international matches, with 16 fifties, including five in a row during the World cup of 2017. 


2. Suzie Bates

Suzie Bates
Suzie Bates

For at least the last quarter of her 12 years, Bates displayed the kind of reliability that has kept her consistently at the “best in the world” talk. Bates is an all-rounder who saw and achieved everything in the game. It is surprising that she also carries up captaincy responsibilities on her teams–the Vipers and Scorchers–while even playing. Two years later, she was a junior international hit by one hundred at the age of 19. In the last seven years, 7 ODI hundreds saw them rated in the ICC at No 2. In the format T20, she also holds the same position.


3. Meg Lanning

Meg Lanning
Meg Lanning

It can seem a surprise to see Lanning, who is nicknaming “Jesus” in a few positions pick her up bronze in our ranks-rarely sees the silver. Unquestionably, because of a shoulder weakened her, she pays the price for not able to play that caused the Australian team. She played with a single-arm through the 2017 World Cup, allowing her 328 runs to 82 with a 152 knock, not to Sri Lanka. She was back in action earlier in March and flickering 88 against England on 45 balls of a T20.


4. Mithali Raj

Mithali Raj
Mithali Raj

Raj, the highest-ranked Indian player in the chart, has found herself above all. Last August, she hit a remarkable seven straight half centuries, the longest string of women’s ODIs. The youngest in the group in 35, her influence show no signs of diminution. She has won Charlotte Edwards in this tournament as the leading scorer in women’s ODIs and now has the record of the 50 + scores she won in March, guiding India to a win against England.


5. Marizanne Kapp

Marizanne Kap
Marizanne Kap

Kapp consistently jostles it as the most vigorous all-rounder in the world with Perry and thrives in bat pressure situations. Kapp is an offensive player. She is very at the center of the rise of South Africa as a real opponent of the duopoly of Australia and Britain. She has been the sixth woman to play the T20 hat trick for the top score in her nation during a World Cup ODI (102 in 2013 vs Pakistan).



1. Who won the Women’s Cricket World Cup 2019

Bangladesh women team has won the 2019 Women’s Cricket World Cup after defeating Thailand women.


2. Who won Women’s Cricket World Cup 2018?

Australia won the Women’s Cricket World cup 2018


3. Who is the highest scorer in Women’s Cricket history?

Mithali Raj is the highest scorer in the history of Women’s cricket surpassing men cricketer Rohit Sharma.


4. What is the new rule of ICC?

The new rule, allowing replacement for the injured player, will come into effect from August 1, 2019.


5. Who is the best women cricket player in India?

Mithali Raj is known as the best female cricket player in India.


6. Who won Women’s Cricket World Cup 2018?

Australia won the Women’s Cricket World cup 2018


7. Who is the highest scorer in Women’s Cricket history?

Mithali Raj is the highest scorer in the history of Women’s cricket surpassing men cricketer Rohit Sharma.


8. What is the new rule of ICC?

The new rule, allowing replacement for the injured player, will come into effect from August 1, 2019.


9. Who is the best women cricket player in India?

Mithali Raj is known as the best female cricket player in India.


10. What is the league format of the World Cup Tournament?

Each of the nine teams in the WTC has three domestic and three international series. The critics are often decided by themselves, within the context of current member rights agreements. There can be a total of 2 games, up to a maximum of 5 matches, in each series.


11. What is the reason to start World Cup Championship?

The WTC was developed to contextualize bilateral cricket. The best teams in the world go head to head for every match in a series. The World Test Championship recognizes the importance of the longest length of the sport and guarantees an exciting event for the format just like the ODI and T20I World Cups for women and men.

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