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How Yellosa Khoday is Providing one-click Holiday Solutions with his startup- My Holiday Happiness

Yellosa Khoday's startup My Holiday Happiness is providing handcrafted one-click holiday solutions to its clients. MHH has al
Yellosa Khoday’s startup My Holiday Happiness is providing handcrafted one-click holiday solutions to its clients. MHH has also been rated 5 stars by all its 140+ customer reviews on Google. Let us uncover the story behind Yellosa’s startup.

Vacations provide a perfect escape from reality into your fantasy world for most of us. Who doesn’t want a stress free holiday? However, what stresses most of us out more is the process of planning a vacation. Fitting in the right hotels, flights, and adventure activities in our budget can be a hectic task, which often takes the ‘yay’ out of our vacation.

Yellosa Khoday’s startup My Holiday Happiness is providing one-click holiday solutions to its clients with their handcrafted holiday packages. Yellosa’s effort is to provide the best hotels and cabs for commuting to their clients so that they can enjoy their holiday, stress-free.

Check out the platform here.

Yellosa Before Starting Up

Yellosa Khoday
Yellosa Khoday

Born and brought up in Bangalore, Yellosa completed his schooling and his Bachelor’s in Science (Statistics/Maths) from the city itself. Additionally, he also holds a Certificate of Data Sciences from IIM Rohtak. Before starting with his startup, My Holiday Happiness, Yellosa served in the corporate sector with his expertise in Data Analysis, Marketing Models, Statistics, etc. for over fourteen years.

The Inspiration Behind My Holiday Happiness

Yellosa noticed the patterns in the holiday industry, which often led to disappointment for the buyers. Customers often get cheated out of their time and money when sellers take the full payment for the holiday package from the customers but fail to keep their promise of providing quality services.

Gandhiji quotes,

“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him.”

He also witnessed some horrendous first-hand experiences of his friends who were cheated on by their travel agents/service providers. One of his friends made full payment to his travel agent, and when the trip was about to start, the agent disappeared and switched off his mobile phone. The other time, a customer was promised a particular number of places for visiting, which, however, was not kept up to the standards.

Keeping this in mind, Yellosa started My Holiday Happiness to protect a customer from holiday frauds while providing them the best holiday services.

“We always believe in customer satisfaction and quality services,”

says Yellosa.

My Holiday Happiness

My Holiday Happiness - Team
My Holiday Happiness – Team

Yellosa Khoday’s startup My Holiday Happiness provides customized ready travel packages to the clients/customers according to their budget, time, and place. Unlike other travel agencies, that take a while to calculate the exact holiday scenario, My Holiday Happiness provides instant customizable holiday solutions to their customers along with their preferred hotel type ( 3 Star, 4 Star), the commuting vehicle required, etc. in a few clicks, directly from the website.

My Holiday Happiness’s website provides multiple package options in its ‘tours’ section, which takes a maximum of 3 minutes to finalize the whole procedure of booking. The firm also provides an option to the consumer to make 100%, 50% or 30% pre-payment, according to their needs.

Check out the platform here.

Hotels at My Holiday Happiness

Yellosa’s startup only provides the top and the best three hotels from each city. The hotels are personally visited by the team to verify and quality-check the premises according to the checklist for My Holiday Happiness hotels. Additionally, all the pictures of the hotel are taken personally. Usually, images are not reliable for trusting the quality or the environment of the hotel at other platforms.

Cabs at My Holiday Happiness

All the cabs and drivers assigned by My Holiday happiness are pre-verified for behavioral and other purposes. As a customer spends most of his time commuting during his trip, it is essential to have a cab driver that is well informed about the city.

Yellosa told TimesNext,

“Our rule is to not start a trip unless the cab, the driver, and the hotel are verified. By the time the other travel agents provide itinerary to customers, the customer can book the package with us.”

On Hurdles Faced

Yellosa, while discussing his idea to start his business with his colleagues, was often shunned upon. He was earning Rs 1.5 lakhs per month at his company, and starting a travel business seemed a bit vague for others, which made him disappointed.

He told TimesNext,

“I was demotivated in the beginning. However, I never stopped working to build this company/startup. This is my brainchild now, and I have faced issues with the qualities of the hotels and the cab services after I started off. Even I got cheated by the drivers and the hotels. But then I fixed this issue by visiting the hotels and creating a good list of service providers. I did the same for the cabs. And, this idea worked really well when it comes to providing services to the customers.”

Enhanced Partnerships & First Milestones

The startup has collaborated and partnered with multiple hotels and cabs. However, due to their stringent rules for cabs and hotels, Yellosa created an SOP that needs to be abided by both hotels and cabs. Orders are not provided to them until the terms and conditions are not fulfilled, which has given a smooth flow to their services.

Talking about his first milestone, Yollesa told TimesNext that his first order came in without any promotional activities or marketing from their side. “I still have the photo framed with the customer. The customer did not know that they were our first direct client, but we did give them complimentary perks and goodies to make them satisfied. The firsts are always special, indeed,” he expressed.

Currently, the company has over 140+ reviews on Google, which are all 5 stars, making it another milestone or achievement for My Holiday Happiness.

My Holiday Happiness- Growth & Vision

My Holiday Happiness claims to be growing at a 20% MoM rate. They aim to become ‘the best in the travel business’ and expand their presence pan India. Customer satisfaction is their priority, with a promise to provide quality services, but also ensure the customer has a delightful holiday experience.

“We will take our company to that level where people would only think about MY HOLIDAY HAPPINESS when it comes to booking travel packages,”

he remarked.