How to Choose your BSNL Number Online [2019 Updated] List

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Article Index

1. Introduction

2. What is BSNL Choose Your Number?

3. How to reserve & own your BSNL choice number

  • Visit the site
  • Select state
  • Select tab
  • Browse through the BSNL Choose Your Number list
  • Filter out from the Choose Your Number BSNL feature
  • Reserve your number
  • Enter an existing phone number
  • Visit your nearest BSNL customer care center
  • Complete the formalities
  • Verification

4. The Inception- BSNL choice number AP (Andhra Pradesh)

5. Conclusion



Bhartiya Sanchar Nigam Limited or BSNL is India’s oldest communication service provider company, tracing back its history to the British era. Today, we have the ability to choose whatever we want, with just a few clicks on the screen. The state-owned telecom firm has now made choosing your mobile number a more accessible and more convenient task by providing a dedicated mobile app and website for the BSNL Choose Your Number Online feature

The Choose Your Number feature allows its users to own the phone number of their preference by browsing through states, which are further subdivided into different zone categories, i.e., North Zone, South Zone, East Zone, and West Zone. The feature is presently available on their official website. Users now have an option not only to choose the number they desire but also to choose a better series of numbers available under the fancy numbers tab, accessible at a one time fixed price.

Note: BSNL is the first Indian telecom firm to introduce the Choose Your Number online feature in the marketplace.


What is BSNL Choose Your Number?

The traditional practices of owning a customizable number involved a lot of hassle and paperwork. But with the introduction of online Choose Your Number BSNL feature, owning a BSNL choice number has trimmed all the complications, making it super smooth to book a fancy number. 

BSNL Choose Your Mobile Number is an online feature that allows you to select a mobile number of your choice from the BSNL Choose Your Number list containing several series of mobile numbers. You can also reserve the mobile number of your choice by filtering out various permutations and combinations of your preference. 

The Fancy Numbers tab allows you to pick from a unique series of mobile numbers available at a fixed price. Also known as vanity numbers, these numbers have a combination of digits that gives a distinctive look to the phone number.

Note: Fancy number prices vary according to the level of their sequence. For example, a Level 1 Fancy number would contain sequence like 94XYXYXYXY, costing Rs 3,000 (exclusive of GST).


How to reserve & own your BSNL choice number

1. Visit the site

Visit the official website for BSNL Choose Your Mobile Number here.

2. Select state

Scroll through the different zones and select your state. 

3. Select tab

A screen showing a table with two tabs- Choice Numbers and Fancy Numbers- would pop up.

4. Browse through the BSNL Choose Your Number list

Select the tab of your choice and start browsing through the list of various mobile number series. 

5. Filter out from the Choose Your Number BSNL feature

To filter out the various permutations and combinations to be contained in the mobile number, click on the filter icon and select filter from the drop-down menu under the “Mobile Number” column containing options- ends with, contains, starts with and equal to- and click search.  

6. Reserve your number

After scrolling through the list of multiple numbers, select the number of your choice by clicking on “Reserve Number.” 

7. Enter PIN

A confirmation box will pop up, asking for your existing mobile number. Enter your phone number, after which, BSNL will send you a 7-digit PIN. The PIN is valid for 72 hours only.

8. Visit your nearest BSNL customer care center

After receiving the PIN, visit your nearest customer care center of BSNL and present your PIN and mobile number to the executive assigned to you. 

9. Complete the formalities

Complete all the required formalities and submit the necessary documents.

10. Verification

It will take some time for the verification process, after which, if verified, the number of your choice will be assigned to you. 


The Inception – BSNL choice number AP (Andhra Pradesh)

In November 2011, BSNL introduced a new promotional scheme offering a Choose Your Mobile Number BSNL AP, available exclusively in the Andhra Pradesh telecom circle, on an experimental basis. BSNL was the first Indian telecom service provider to introduce and implement such a scheme in the market. On receiving a positive response from the AP telecom circle, the state-owned telecom company BSNL decided to expand its CYME (Choose Your Mobile Number) scheme, applying it to PAN India. The BSNL choice number AP provided around one lakh numbers to its users to select from through the web for free. 

Note: Despite taking steps to increase the profitability, BSNL reported a total loss of Rs 8,851 crore for FY’12. Currently, the PSU BSNL is expected to post losses of more than Rs 14,000 crore for FY’19.


At present, different telecom circles offer different amounts of BSNL CYMN. For example, BSNL choice number Maharashtra has 9,390 choices & 1,00,515 fancy numbers; Punjab has 1,510 choices & 56,595 fancy numbers; Andhra Pradesh has 15,165 choices & 2,88,521 fancy numbers and Kolkata has merely 84 choices & 6,463 fancy numbers. 

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