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Yphone Review - A Toy iPhone for your Toddler

Giving children a real phone as a present is not viable because real phones are expensive, and youngsters could be exposed to harmful content on the internet. Here is when the YPhone proves to be useful.

Photo by charlesdeluvio / Unsplash

This year, children are obsessing over the YPhone toy phone like never before. The Yphone is the first smartphone to be designed by a professional company. When considering the phone's characteristics, it has quickly become a popular option for parents to purchase as a present.

Children will constantly try to copy their parents' behaviors, and if they see you talking on a mobile phone, they will want a toy mobile phone to play with.

However, giving children a real phone as a present is not viable because real phones are expensive, and youngsters could be exposed to harmful content on the internet. Here is when the YPhone proves to be useful.

Toy phones have long since outgrown their role as playing accessories, and today's versions have a greater level of sophistication to keep active children interested and occupied.

What Is It About the YPhone That Is So Appealing?


The YPhone is a toy phone designed specifically for children. These toy phones are right for infants, toddlers, and young children. The youngsters and the babies will be mesmerized and entertained by this makeshift mobile.

The phone's front side resembles a mobile, with buttons for all the different numbers, colors, and other options. The build quality is excellent.

The Yphone features a stuffed animal teddy bear with an image of a heart printed on its back. Various cartoon characters and patterns have been incorporated into various forms to keep the children interested.

All of the buttons are functional. They can perform a wide variety of functions. The appearance of the phone alters with lights synchronized to the music with each button push that you perform on it. More may be accomplished with the YPhone thanks to its functional buttons.

The toy phone contains various tunes that can be played, and the children can listen to them and learn the melodies. They can sing along with the phone's tune. When a variety of music and songs are included, it can keep even the fussiest babies interested. They will refrain from messing with your mobile device in any manner.

Although the phone's sides give the impression that they are opaque, they contain dazzling brilliant lights. The fact that the phone shines in every direction makes it entertaining for the children to look at and use as a toy.

The flashing lights of multiple colors around the phone's borders give it a realistic appearance. Children are drawn to bright lights, loud music, and other sounds.

The YPhone is intended to give the impression that it was constructed with a built-in camera. Children believe they possess a genuine telephone due to the device's kid-friendly size.

Children are always anxious to gain knowledge of the world around them, including its various forms, colors, textures, tastes, and sounds. In addition to helping youngsters master motor skills, the toy phone also encourages the development of hand-eye coordination.

Specifications of the YPhone

The YPhone is just a child's plaything. It is not a real phone, and no games are included. The dimensions of the toy phone are 12.5 centimeters in length, 5.8 centimeters in width, and 0.8 centimeters in thickness.

The children may easily hold it. In addition, it boasts a space-saving design, a sturdy chassis, and only 90 grams in weight. The Yphone may be purchased in either black or white color variants.

A power switch, an insulating sheet, and an interface for charging via Micro USB are all included in the package.

Depending on the charger, toy phone charging time ranges from ten to twenty minutes. Additionally, it contains colorful buttons that are appealing to children.

Other Yphone Features

As soon as you press the switch, the YPhone will open. When youngsters touch the button, they hear a message about the picture displayed on it.

When you press one button, light emanates from the Bezel. In addition to their sensitive nature, the buttons can be used to access a variety of other modes. This toy phone shines when it's set to inquiry mode. The children can ask questions and get responses.

The power switch is conveniently located at the bottom of the phone and is simple to use. One button press will allow you to change the number, color, or fruit, among other things.

By pressing and holding the button, you can also adjust the volume to one of five different levels. YPhone includes 20 traditional children's songs and ten classic music pieces for falling asleep.

This educational toy phone has buttons that depict things like fruits, numbers, and colors, and it assists with comprehension and recognition of these things. Enhancing verbal abilities is another benefit of doing so. Children are encouraged to sing with the toy phone when using the music mode.

The toy phone is made out of ABS plastic, which is a material that is both non-toxic and safe. Because of how light it is, it is perfect for use by kids.

When looking for new toys, you must find ones that are safe for children to play with and do not contain the harmful chemical. It is in your best interest to opt for one made of ABS plastic, which is generally considered devoid of harmful compounds (even though no plastic is good).

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Yphone is the perfect gift for your small kid to keep them entertained for long durations. Moreover, they will learn something while playing with the Yphone. Instead of giving them your real phones, which harm them immensely, this Yphone is an excellent choice for a guilt-free phone time for kids.