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YSR Navasakam Scheme – Everything That You Need To Know

In this article, we have covered all important details regarding the YSR Navasakam such as important dates, schemes, survey l
In this article, we have covered all important details regarding the YSR Navasakam such as important dates, schemes, survey login, and more.


  1. YSR Navasakam scheme details
  2. important dates(2020 revised edition)
  3. YSR Navasakam schemes
  4. Benefits of YSR Navasakam Scheme
  5. How to login on
  6. Registration Process and Identification of Beneficiaries
  7. How can you contact
  8. Most Googled Questions about YSR Navasakam
  9. Conclusion


YSR Navasakam

YSR Navasakam is a scheme launched by the government of Andhra Pradesh for the successful execution of various welfare schemes of the government. The government has opened the portal- where beneficiaries of the plan can apply for cards as well as check other essential details such as the YSR Navasakam survey and YSR Navasakam login details.

YSR Navasakam scheme details

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy

The scheme was introduced by the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy (1), on 20th November 2019. Under this scheme, a beneficiary list was prepared and was issued on 20 December 2019.

YSR Navasakam – Important dates

YSR Navasakam

1. Beneficiary registrations start- 20 November 2019

2. The final date for beneficiary identification- 30 November 2019

3. Beneficiary list publish date- 1 December 2019

4. Reviewing the list-2 to 7 December 2019

5. Corrections -10 to 14 December,2019

6. Beneficiary list released-20 December 2019

7. Issuing cards-1 December 2020

YSR Navasakam schemes

There are around ten social and financial security schemes under YSR Navasakam for the benefit of those living in rural areas in Andhra Pradesh.

1. YSR Amma Vodi

This scheme is aimed at financially supporting those mothers who fall under the BPL category. This scheme is also focused on enabling mothers to educate their children up to class XII.

2. YSR Rice Card

Under this scheme, those families whose monthly income is less than 10000 INR in rural areas and below 12000 in urban areas, will be provided with a rice card. There are other conditions that beneficiaries looking forward to availing this scheme will have to satisfy-

a. Total landholding (both wet and dry)should be less than 10 acres

b. Monthly electricity consumption should be no more than 300 units.

c. No one in the family should be a government servant or a pensioner. Sanitation workers are an exception.

d. Do not pay the income tax.

3. Jagananna Vasathi Deevena Card & Jagananna Vidya Deevena Card

The Vidya Deevena card is issued for a fee refund, and the Vasathi Deevena card is for compensation in food and hostel expenses for students.

4. YSR Arogyasri Card –

This scheme is for those whose annual income is less than RS. 5 lakh and is not government employees.

5. AP YSR Kapu Nestam

This scheme is to render financial help to kapu women who are above 45 years.

6. YSR Netanna Nestham

The government will extend financial assistance of yearly RS.24000 to weaver families.

7. YSR Pension Kanuka Card

This scheme is for providing pension cards to those who are above 60 years of age and with family income less than RS.10000 per month in rural areas and RS. 12000 p.m. in urban areas.

8. AP YSR Sunna Vaddi

The government will pay the interest due for the financial year 2019-2020 on loans from SHG bank on the outstanding amount as on 11/04/2019.

9. Honorarium to Imams, Muazams, Pastors and increase in salaries to Archakas

As the name suggests, under this scheme, the government of Andhra Pradesh will pay compensation to imams, muazams, and pastors.

10. Financial Assistance to Nayee Brahmins, Rajakas and Tailors-

The financial assistance of Ten thousand rupees per annum will be extended to Nayee Brahmins, Rajaks, and Tailors.

Revised conditions for the identification of Beneficiaries

Andhra Pradesh’s government recently introduced revised guidelines and eligibility conditions for the identification of Beneficiaries.

Benefits of YSR Navasakam Scheme:

People residing in villages and rural areas seldom have any knowledge of government schemes, and this leaves them at a disadvantage due to which they cannot benefit from these services and projects which are started, especially for them. YSR Navasakam scheme aims to bridge the gap between villages and the various government schemes launched by the government of Andhra Pradesh. Local volunteers conduct the YSR Navasakam survey by visiting houses of all those who wish to become recipients of the various schemes launched by the government. By holding the YSR Navasakam survey, the government will be able to issue cards to benefactors and also keep track of who all are availing any government scheme.

How to login on

Follow these steps to log in-

  • Visit the YSR Navasakam website –
  • Click on the login option on the right side of the page.
  • Type your username and password.
  • Click on the login option.

Registration Process and Identification of Beneficiary List:

  • STEP 1: Volunteer Training

The government is training several volunteers to conduct a door-to-door survey for the identification of beneficiaries.

  • STEP 2: Manual Training

Volunteers are supposed to conduct a manual door-to-door survey to find out the beneficiaries that fall under the 12 schemes of AP YSR Navasakam

  • STEP 3: Enrollment

Volunteers will visit the homes of the beneficiary, collect their data, and register them online for the schemes.

  • STEP 4: List of Beneficiaries

After the registrations, a list of beneficiaries is generated, containing the names of the eligible people.

  • STEP 5: Objections by Applicants

Those who are having any sort of issue related to the list can file their objections. The government is responsible for solving these objections.

  • STEP 6: Final Beneficiary List

After resolving all the objections, a final list is published.

How can you connect with YSR Navasakam?

You can log in to the official Website of YSR Navasakam. In case if you want to give any suggestions for improvement or any other message, you can contact the YSR Congress Party on several social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or you can straightforward write a mail to the YSR Navasakam.

Most Googled Questions about YSR Navasakam

1) Will the government charge fees for the cards provided under this scheme?

No. YSR Navasakam is a government initiative, and it is entirely free for the local people. It is launched to give benefits to maximum people, not for monetary purposes. Therefore, don’t believe anyone who demands any sort of money for these cards; they are a fraud. You can file a complaint against them.

2) Who is funding this scheme?

It requires a handsome amount of funds to implement such a large project for a wider audience. Hence, as this scheme is for the Andhra Pradesh residents, the State Government is funding this scheme. Andhra Pradesh CM, Jagan Mohan Reddy, declared this decision.

3) What documents are required to apply for the scheme?

There is not an extensive list of documents that need to be submitted. Applicants just need to provide copies of their Aadhaar card and Voter ID cards so that the government can check their backgrounds. As a result, it becomes effortless for people to apply for YSR Navasakam.

4) Can non-residents of Andhra Pradesh fetch the benefits of YSR Navasakam?

No. YSR Navasakam is a revolutionary step by AP Government to extend the benefits of government welfare schemes to the maximum residents. Therefore, non-residents will not get any benefit out of this scheme.


The government will distribute a separate card for each independent scheme. The final distribution of cards to eligible beneficiaries will commence from 20 December 2020. The YSR Navasakam survey involves volunteers selected by the government to collect information about those who wish to benefit from the schemes. After the regional secretaries complete the process of social auditing, the data passes to the gram sabha, which then prepares a list of all eligible beneficiaries. YSR Navasakam online portal has become a boon for those who wish to keep track of the various schemes introduced by the Andhra Pradesh government. Likewise, the government can also keep track of the beneficiaries of their projects.