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Yuva Swabhiman Yojana – Initiative by the Madhya Pradesh Government

Yuva Swabhiman Yojana is an initiative started by the Madhya Pradesh government to uplift the youth employment in the state.
Yuva Swabhiman Yojana is an initiative started by the Madhya Pradesh government to uplift the youth employment in the state.


  1. Yuva Swabhiman Yojana Introduction
  2. Yuva Swabhiman Yojana Registration
  3. Features of Yuva Swabhiman Yojana
  4. Yuva Swabhiman Yojana Operation Plan
  5. Selection for Yuva Swabhiman Yojana
  6. Attendance and other Regulations
  7. Benefits of the scheme
  8. Eligibility rules
  9. Documents needed for Yuva Swabhiman Yojana
  10. Conclusion

Yuva Swabhiman Yojana Introduction

Yuva Swabhiman Yojana

The Yuva Swabhiman Yojana was launched last year, in February 2019, though the announcement was made on 26 January 2019 by the kamal Nath led government of Madhya Pradesh. This scheme follows along the lines of MNREGA (1). Yuva Swabhiman yojna has been launched to provide 100 days of employment to the urban poor youth of the state of MP. The process of online registration started on 10 February 2019.

Not just employment, the scheme is also aimed at providing useful work-related training to the urban unemployed in MP. The Yuva Swabhiman Yojna seeks to benefit the youth of 21 to 30 years of age. The registration for the scheme was to start from 10 February 2020.

Yuva Swabhima Yojana Registration

Yuva swabhimaan yojana

1. Go to the official website.
2. Choose the APPLY option
3. Click on Register. After which a form will appear. Fill in all the details asked.
4. Click on Proceed after filing the registration form.
5. After this, you can check the status of your application.

Features of Yuva Swabhiman Yojana

1. All eligible youth of MP will be provided with temporary employment for 100 days. A stipend of Rs. 4000 for every month will be paid to them.

2. Urban bodies like the municipal corporation, municipality, the municipal council have been given the charge of seeing this scheme through successfully.

3. Candidates will have to answer two questions at the time of registration – a.) Selecting a trade area for training. B.) work operations such as property tax collection, surveys for property tax, and construction works.

4. As mentioned earlier, the candidates will be employed for 100 days, out of which the first ten days will be dedicated to training for the particular work skill.

The stipend will be transferred to the bank account of the candidate at the end of the month.

Yuva Swabhiman Yojna Operation Plan

After registering successfully at the portal –, the candidates can get their acceptance letters printed out.

Please note- the work will be allocated on the first-come, first-serve basis. The candidates will be provided all the latest updates and updates about their work through SMS on their mobile numbers.

Selection for Yuva Swabhiman Yojana

The onboarding of the candidates will be done by the nodal officer on the portal itself through Aadhaar based biometric e- KYC and map. The portal will also be used to deliver the candidate’s choice of skill training. Apart from this, candidates will be provided body level training 8 hours per day for ten days. The training imparted will be work-related.

Attendance and other Regulations

Special attention will be paid to the attendance of the candidates, which will be recorded with the tanning service provider at the supervisory and skill training center in the body.
A candidate must have a minimum of 33 percent attendance in work and 77 percent in training. The payment will be made at the proportion rate or Pro-rata basis against the working days in the municipal body.

The payment will be made by the nodal officers who will issue an Apo through their digital signature and make the payment directly into the bank account of a candidate.

Benefits of the scheme

1. Will benefit youth falling between the age group of 21 to 30 years of age, and where the annual income of the family is less than Rs. 2 lakh.

2. The scheme is focused more on the economically weaker sections in the state of MP.

3. More than 2.4 million people are unemployed in the state, and this scheme will benefit them.

Eligibility rules

1. This scheme is only for the youth of MP falling within the age brackets of 21 to 30.

2. The program is only for those who are unemployed and fall under the category of economically weaker sections.

Documents needed for Yuva Swabhiman Yojana

  1. Candidates must have their aadhar card.
  2. Candidates should have the income certificate


Until now, more than 2 lakh youth have registered for Yuva Swabhiman Yojana.
The chief minister Kamal Nath had the following statements to make –

“We will prepare a new map of development for the better future of the state. In this, along with agricultural development, efforts will be made to provide employment to the youth.”

Along with it, he also said that the biggest challenge before him is to build a more robust agricultural sector as it forms the backbone of the Indian economy. A weak agricultural system will have an adverse effect on other industries.

The focus remains on providing employment and training to the youth of the state. The youth today has all the necessary communication and technological skills at his disposal; the state is thus focused on utilizing these to employ the youth of the state. Providing a better future to the youth of the state is essential for the overall development of the state and the entire nation. Yuva Swabhiman Yojana is a big step in this direction, and the state also plans to make some more significant investments for this purpose.