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Zomato vs Swiggy

Online food delivery services have revolutionised the way we satisfy our cravings. You no longer have to book a table at a restaurant or even leave the comfort of your home to enjoy good food. You can understand this rise of food-tech business just by taking a look at the roads. More than public and private vehicles, we see these bikers skimming through the traffic. They even have to disrupt the traffic guidelines so they could convey the food to fulfil our appetite. This rush shows the influence of food delivery startups in our lives. Whenever people have a sudden craving for food, they look no farther than Swiggy (1) and Zomato (2). The only real topic here is Zomato vs Swiggy.

Thanks to these leading food-tech startups, your favourite dishes and snacks are now available at your doorstep. However, there are various pros and cons for both these apps that make us wonder which is better. As a matter of fact, Swiggy started the food business in mid-2014, while Zomato was a late competitor in this field. Despite the fact that Zomato was late, it has stirred up quickly with Swiggy.

Presently, Swiggy fulfils around 4 million requests every month while Zomato has arrived at the 3 million requests mark. Zomato has become a profitable organisation very quickly. As a result, it pronounced a zero commission offer for the restaurants. This mission is, without a doubt, going to have a great impact on the business of Swiggy. With such competitive strategies from both the companies, it is difficult to choose between them. Let’s get into the roots of this Zomato vs Swiggy battle to achieve a verdict.

App design: Zomato vs Swiggy

As the Zomato vs Swiggy battle has been boiling, both the food-tech startups have overhauled their total application design. The foremost priority of Swiggy is to assist clients with investigating their decisions in the simplest and quickest way conceivable. They created the layout with the idea that clients regularly don’t get an opportunity to scrutinise the whole menu. This issue arises due to the limited access that we are acquainted with at restaurants. Thus, Swiggy overhauled the application so that the users can see the full menu using a simple vertical swipe.

Zomato vs Swiggy
The founders of Swiggy, Nandan Reddy, Rahul Jaimini and Sriharsha Majety

The user interface and layout of Swiggy are fit to both left and right-handed customers. They have presented it all in an improved and easy-to-use setup. In addition, their champion element is the photographs of the highlighted dish they show on their application. Despite the fact that it isn’t strictly the same dish sometimes, this feature provides more convenience. On the contrary, the update by Zomato did not give them the outcomes they expected. Both the clients and experienced UI designers have reported that Zomato’s new plan moved its consideration from food tech application to a dine-out searching application.

Furthermore, Swiggy allows you to order your food right away without making it crucial to turn on your location access. They do keep sending you a notification in case you have not turned it on. At the point when you turn on the location access, Swiggy identifies your area accordingly. However, Zomato makes it mandatory to turn on the gadget area tracker. Zomato is very acceptable at auto-identifying your area when you switch it on. They also have a rating feature which allows you to choose the order accordingly. To conclude, Swiggy wins the Zomato vs Swiggy competition when it comes to the comfort of using the app.

The business of Zomato vs Swiggy

The primary income model of both the applications comes from the restaurants that they have tied up with. However, this policy has often favoured Swiggy because it is a lot quicker than Zomato with its administration. It offers dependable services for both client and restaurant manager as delivery bikes arrive within 5 to 10 minutes when the request is submitted. Once the delivery guys pick up the food, the duty lies with Swiggy. Regardless of whether a client drops the order halfway, Swiggy guarantees they will credit the sum in the restaurant’s record. They even have a GPS network to follow the delivery boy, which is useful for the client.

Zomato vs Swiggy
The founder of Zomato, Deepinder Goyal

The pros of Zomato when it comes to business is their Zero Commission Campaign which will be a threat for Swiggy. At present, Swiggy charges around 15 to 25 per cent commission from its accomplices. By getting enlisted for the zero commission model, they can decrease the money they pay to Swiggy. Zomato has the upper hand as it charges no commission from its collaborators. Both the startups are benefitting and getting a charge out of serving the users with their favourite food.

To upgrade its business, Swiggy has recently collaborated with a wide range of eateries. From pocket-friendly joints to the crème de la crème outlets, many dine outs have profited the business just as the shoppers. Especially for the restaurants with a minimum seating capacity, a platform like Swiggy is very useful. It rounds up orders and guarantees conveyance with the least labour bringing most profit for both the parties.

The customer’s verdict

The demands of each foodie can be quite different from each other. If the customers need their food to arrive quickly, Swiggy can be the ideal choice for them. Similarly, when you are searching for acceptable food at a limited value, you can’t overlook Zomato. It is also the first name that comes to our minds with regards to checking restaurant menus and customer reviews.

While Zomato has thrilling discounts, Swiggy finished off the game with their ‘No Minimum Orders’ and ‘Live Tracking Features’. Some people also think that Swiggy wins the Zomato vs Swiggy war when it comes to the actual delivery of food.  The immediate reason for this is that the logistics of Swiggy is faster when contrasted with Zomato. Zomato is slower than Swiggy, and their COD is a slight bit of a problem.

Swiggy takes only one request at time Zomato takes 2 to 3 orders at once. They also have no requirement for minimum order which wins the heart of many users. While Zomato is winning with its online media publicity, Swiggy has earned their clients’ loyalty through explicit messages giving TVCs. In conclusion, Swiggy is the best choice to discover food from hyperlocal stores. If you are digging into offers and discounts, Zomato is the easy choice. In the end, it all comes down to individual prerequisites.