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How Abhay Mishra is doing wonders in the Nutraceutical world – The Joints Co.

The Joints Co brand is aimed at providing services to the Joint Health Category and the company is getting a good response fr
The Joints Co brand is aimed at providing services to the Joint Health Category and the company is getting a good response from the targeted segment.

The world around us is changing at a much faster pace, and we humans are trying to keep up with these changes. The technological advancements are taking place at lightning speed with the introduction of e-commerce platforms for clothes, medicines, groceries, etc. Then we have companies like Tesla, Volvo, and others that are providing facilities like autopilot mode and cruise control that are making drives for people more comfortable and safe.

But amid these developments, we forget that all this is coming at the cost of our health, especially physical health. With more e-commerce platforms and other facilities, the physical movement of people has reduced, and people are more dependent and glued to their smartphones and laptops. This lack of progress is causing many problems, and the foremost is joint pain. Joint pain is something that every person will face after a certain age, but today, youngsters are getting affected by this quickly as compared to others.

To help this problem, Abhay Mishra decided to bring a change in the society as he decided to launch his platform, The Joints Co in India. Belonging to a military background, staying fit, and leading a healthy lifestyle was a part of his life. After spending time in the U.S. for an assignment, he was amazed to look at the potential of the health supplement industry, and he thought of introducing this alternative in India.

Abhay Mishra’s shift from the Army to Entrepreneurship

Abhay Mishra
Abhay Mishra

Abhay Mishra is the son of an ex-Indian Air Force person, and due to this, he had to shift places now and then, and he grew up in different parts of the country. He then joined a boarding school named Rashtriya Military School, Dholpur. He wanted to join the Indian Army and serve the nation, but destiny had different plans for him, and he landed in Indian Institue of Management, Ahmedabad, for his Masters in Business Administration degree.

Like all his batchmates, he also wanted to join a high-profile job in the food/Agri MNCs as he was interested in this field. In the beginning, he started with AVT spices and took care of the sales and marketing of the company. This was when Abhay was introduced to the world of nutraceuticals and other products. With his working in the B2B department, they were mostly supplying raw materials for ingredients and nutraceuticals to big businesses across the globe. After this, he worked with Allana IFFCO Group, Dubai, in their Agri commodities, which helped him gain confidence and knowledge to start his own company.

His exposure in the corporate world helped him learn everything about business from accounts to sales to research to people management and everything that comes with opening a new business. With all the knowledge available to him, in 2018, he decided to leap in the direction of entrepreneurship and established the firm Nutrisage.

Anupama: A partner and believer

Anupama (right)

Anupama is MBA herself and is instrumental in the foundation of Nutrisage Life Care. She is also a trained Yoga teacher and an avid health enthusiast. Although from a family of Allopathy doctors she is a firm believer in Alternative Options viz. Supplements, Yoga and Natural therapies and keeps the company’s focus on a holistic health approach. She takes care of emerging trends, HR & Accounts of the firm.

What is Nutrisage?

With an improvement in the economic condition of people, there have been some significant lifestyle changes as well. This change, however, also leads to an increase in the ‘lifestyle diseases,’ which are rising quickly due to bad food habits, sedentary lifestyle, stress, pollution, and several other factors. The increase in awareness about other preventive options and expensive healthcare has lead to the increased demand for Nutritional Supplements.

Nutrisage is in the business of nutritional and health supplements, and they own the brand that is aimed at providing consumers a healthy life. They launched The Joints Co brand, which was aimed at providing services to the Joint Health Category of the industry, and the company is getting a good response from the targeted segment.

The barriers in their journey

The biggest challenge for Abhay was to quit the cushy high paying job and becoming an entrepreneur. They entered the joint care category after excellent market research, but they always feared how people would react to the product and for how many months they’ll be able to stay afloat in the market.

However, this self-doubt journey would end soon as they were confident about one thing that the quality of the product will speak for itself, and things will grow eventually.

Collaborations by The Joints Co and journey till the first milestone

The platform is recognized by the Amazon Launchpad, which gives excellent brand visibility and helps them grow. This will slowly increase with time, and this is working for them as they reached their first milestone in the business. The first milestone set by Abhay for Nutrisage was to have 100 satisfied customers. By the end of this financial year, the target he has set for the company is to get 1000 satisfied customers.

The current growth and vision for time to come

The company is witnessing steady growth as the number of people using their service is increasing by 30% every month. Along with this, about 30%-40% of people are those who have already used their services and come back to purchase the supplements again.

Abhay has been working in this industry for a while, and his aim for the company is to become a $10 million company that is specializing in nutraceuticals in the coming five years.