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How Aditya Nandagiri is giving unemployed youth; a chance to showcase their competence –

Aditya Nandagiri's Startup - Nopareshan aims to help students who attempt competitive exams. Let's uncover the story behind t
Aditya Nandagiri’s Startup – Nopareshan aims to help students who attempt competitive exams. Let’s uncover the story behind this startup.

The Founder

Hailing from Telangana, Aditya Nandagiri is the man behind Nopareshan. After high school, he went on to prepare for JEE but failed to crack the exam. Though he did not clear the exam, he believes that his efforts were equivalent to that of an IIT graduate. He has also learned ethical hacking intending to make people aware of the softwares that can potentially interrupt their privacy. He even worked as a freelance ethical hacker when he was a certified ethical hacker.

Additionally, he also patented the idea of a device that prevents the theft of luggage to himself; Nopareshan was not his first startup.

In 2017, Aditya co-founded a software startup with his younger brother and had raised $52000 from school alumnus & their parents. Subsequently, in 2019 he founded Nopareshan.


Nopareshan is an online platform that gives scholarships to students & unemployed by conducting online exams. The startup stood in the top 5% in the Startup Turkey program.

They offer scholarships to the students who write exams on the platform and become toppers. Not only toppers, but each student also gets a cash prize according to the marks scored.

The company gives specific time to each question so that by practicing on the platform, students can easily find out which problem to attempt, which to skip & try afterward in the actual exams. Students can attempt 5 to 10 additional questions in addition to what they have attempted in their previous review.

They have three types of exams on the platform:

  1. Classic Exams: This exam is conducted at a fixed time. Toppers get a cash prize to meet their monthly expenditure. All the participants get one rupee for each mark they have scored.
  2. Arcade Exams: This exam will be active 24 hours for all 365 days. Any time, any user can come to the website and enroll themselves. The exam will automatically start once 100 users register. For every hundred users enrolled, a new exam is created automatically. Cash prizes can be used for their pocket money.
  3. Sniper Exams: It is a 15-minute exam designed for every four enrolled users. The fee for enrolling yourself is Rs100. You can write this exam anytime any day.

The platform also offers various Thematic Exams like those for traffic rules, RTC& Metro, and much more.

Check out Nopareshan’s company page on

Check out the platform here.

The Vision, Idea, and Inspiration behind Nopareshan!


Aditya aims to help millions of students who attempt competitive exams like IBPS PO, Clerk, SSC CGL, Assistant, Civil Services every year in India. Aspirants don’t do jobs, and thus they don’t have income. Also, the preparation time is around one to two years. As per statistics, most of the aspirants fail in the first attempt due to a lack of time management. Aditya himself lost a prelims exam of an insurance company with 0.25 marks and could not survive without money, so he quitted the competitive exams.

And thus, he wanted to create a support platform for all the aspirants.

In simple words, the company’s vision is to give unemployed youth a chance to showcase their competence and make money.

Challenges faced on the outset!

When asked about the challenges that the company faced in its initial days, Aditya said-

“Yes, the fund raised was not sufficient to hire developers, development of the website was outsourced to a company, it cost much more by the end of development, and could not reach more students with low funds. Students want freebies, but resources with us did not allow us to give freebies. We are looking for a second seed fund that can leverage the situation.”

Collaborations and Partnerships of the company!


The idea behind Nopareshan is unique and very popular among the lakhs of aspiring students.

As of now, they have collaborated with an engineering college and coaching institute to conduct exams for the students.

For the company, these collaborations were a learning experience and helped them to know what factors cause failure to their service.

First Milestone and Current Growth Status!

When we asked Aditya about the first milestone that he achieved, he said,

“The first milestone was to sustain my ideas and turn it into a startup.”

Currently, the company is a sober market place. The company is steadily growing at a rate of 40% per week.