Preparing for JEE: Which IIT is the best for me?

As an aspiring IITian, feel free to explore various courses each IIT is offering and make a choice based on your interest and suitability. Make sure your decision brings out the most profitable outcome for your future and career.

Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) are amongst the leading and prominent colleges in our country. Here is everything you need to decide which IIT is best for you.


Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) are amongst the leading and prominent colleges in our country. You need to crack an entrance exam called the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE), which is a national level exam to get admission in these institutes. JEE is also considered as one of the toughest exams to crack in India

Million of students of our country start their education journey to get enrolled in IIT because these institutes provide an exceptional atmosphere for the growth and development of its students. As a student preparing for JEE, you must know that every single mark holds its importance when it comes to this entrance exam. You will share your targets with thousands of other students; hence even a single drop in your score will give much variation to your final ranking.

That’s why we suggest you premediate your rank when it comes to JEE because of its immense competition and uncertainty factor. Students can quickly achieve it by estimating their JEE scores. It will further help you with your direction towards which IIT and branch to choose from the prominent IITs. You may also need counseling to know which courses are best in which institutes. We also suggest you to start making a list that would help you make a final decision. 


Below are the leading IIT colleges of our country, along with the courses they offer. 

1. Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

IIT Bombay
IIT Bombay Compus

IIT Bombay is among the top IITs of our country, and students have an immense craze for the IIT Bombay for some reason. This Institute is located in Pawai, Mumbai.

The main courses other than engineering you will find in IIT Bombay is ‘Entrepreneurship.’ If any of our readers is interest in the subject could consider the ‘Entrepreneurship Department’ in IIT Bombay. Further, Pawai is one fo the startup hub of the country, hence any exposure in the center while studying in this subject would be quite beneficial for their career. 

Moreover, Pawai is one of the startup hubs of the country. Hence, any exposure to entrepreneurship for students studying in this area will prove to be very fruitful in the coming future. IIT Bombay also offers various other courses like Bachelor of Science, Economics, Chemistry, and more. 

Also, we consider that the Computer Science Engineering and Electrical Engineering is one of the best courses you could get in IIT Bombay.

The Institute also offers various integrated courses, and its Integrated Electrical Engineering course is considered as best in the college. Their Mechanical Engineering courses and Engineering Physics courses also hold good credibility.

For those who are interested in Computer Science Engineering, then they must score at least 65 in the All India Entrance Examination to get enrolled in IIT Bombay.  


2. Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

IIT Madras
IIT Madras Campus

The campus of IIT Madras is vast and beautiful. There is no doubt that it offers everything students need for their growth and development. IIT Madras also houses one of the fastest supercomputing facility in India. Further, IIT Madras offers various integrated courses along with regular Engineering classes.

Students could also take their BSc and MSc courses in Physics, Biology, among others. The top courses offered in IIT Madras are Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Engineering. You have to score at least 160 in JEE Advanced to secure a seat in the Computer Science Engineering branch of IIT Madras. If you want to enroll in its Electrical Engineering classes, you need to score a rank of under 600 in the entrance examination.

Apart from branches as mentioned above, IIT Madras offers various other courses like Aerospace, Chemical, and Mechanical, which are also popular among the students. 


3. Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

IIT Kharagpur
IIT Kharagpur Campus

The nation considers IIT Kharagpur as one of the prominent and most beautiful campuses of India. It is one of the first choices for most of the students aspiring to join the IITs as it offers a variety of different and unique courses. 

The unique courses include Applied Geology, Agriculture and Food Engineering, Exploration Geophysics, among others. It also provides an Architecture course of five years duration. Computer Science Engineering and Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering are among the best classes you could take in IIT Kharagpur. 

Further, IIT Kharagpur offers various courses on Mathematics and Computers along with integrated classes which currently trending among students. For obtaining a seat in Computer Science Engineering, you must secure a rank of under 250. For Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering, your level must be under 900 in the all India entrance examination. 

For student exchange programs and research work, IIT Kharagpur has over 30 MOUs for various student exchange programs and research works. They have collaborated with multiple international universities in Australia, France, Germany, Spain, and the UK. 


4. Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

IIT Delhi Campus
IIT Delhi Campus

IIT Delhi gives a delightful experience to its students and visitors with its beautiful and extravagant campus along with various modern amenities. 

ITT Delhi consists of three programs in Engineering, including the Mathematics Computing branch, Computer Science Engineering, and the Electrical Engineering branch. It also offers integrated courses in engineering, which are quite popular among students.  

You need a rank under 100 if you are interested in securing a seat in Computer Science and Engineering in IIT Delhi. Students want to take classes in Mathematics and Computing; they need a rank of under 320. You need to secure a level under 600 for IIT Delhi’s Electrical Engineering class. , 

IIT Delhi is quite convenient for those who are preparing for CAT along with their engineering, as there are various good CAT coaching centers nearby the campus. 


5. Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

IIT Kanpur Campus
IIT Kanpur Campus

IIT Kanpur is vintage and one of the most prominent institutes in the country in terms of size. The research and development department of IIT Kanpur is considered as best in the country. IIT Kanpur has a lush green campus that brings out a rejuvenating feeling. 

ITT Kanpur also consists of the best amenities and facilities for its students. It comprises an airstrip and houses an Olympic size swimming pool, which of the biggest attraction on the campus. Further, IIT Kanpur provides excellent sports facilities to its students. 

Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mathematics and Computing are the top branches of IIT Kanpur. For a Computer Science Engineering seat in IIT Kanpur, you need an under 200 rank. For courses like Electrical Engineering and Mathematics and Computing, a position of under 850 is usually sufficient.


6. IIT Varanasi

IIT Varanasi Campus
IIT Varanasi Campus

IIT Varanasi is considered as the best college when it comes to placements. It is an institute which provides quality education along with extravagant campus.

The top branch at IIT Varanasi includes Computer and Science Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. For securing a seat in the courses mentioned above, you must obtain a rank under 800. 


7. IIT Gandhinagar

IIT Gandhinagar Campus
IIT Gandhinagar Campus

IIT Gandhinagar is one of the most extravagant colleges, along with its infrastructure and student-friendly campus, capable of providing them with all sorts of amenities. The placements rate of IIT Gandhinagar is also immensely high. 

You will find all the courses in this Institute with its respective packages at the time of placements. As the IIT Gandhinagar gives out the best quality engineers in the market each year, leading companies from the globe flock the Institute for investments.  

The top courses of IIT Gandhinagar are Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. You will get a guaranteed seat in any of these courses of IIT Gandhinagar with a rank of below 4000. 


8. IIT Roorkee

IIT Roorkee Campus
IIT Roorkee Campus

IIT Roorkee is located on the hillocks of Roorkee in the district of Uttarakhand, India. It consists of a massive total of 21 departments, that offers various courses like Applied Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, Management, and Engineering. IIT Roorkee focuses primarily on scientific and technological education and research on all the classes it offers.  

Computer Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering are the top courses of this Institute. To get a seat under Computer Science, you have to secure a rank under 350. With a position under 500, you can ensure a seat in Electrical Engineering. You could quickly obtain a place in the Civil Engineering course in IIT Roorkee with a level of under 2000. 


9. IIT Indore

IIT Indore Campus

IIT Indore, a recently founded IIT institute by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development in 2009. IIT Indore is located at Simrol, which is about 24 Km from Downtown Indore, in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It comprises of a well-versed and innovative campus, which came as a boon for many students across the country.

The top branches of this Institute are Computer and Science Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. If you desire to obtain a seat at IIT Indore for Computer and Science Engineering, you need to get under 500 rank. You could secure your positions for Mechanical and Civil Engineering at IIT Indore with the level under 1000 and 2000, respectively. 


10. IIT Mandi

IIT Mandi Campus
IIT Mandi Campus

IIT Mandi is one of the prestigious colleges of India which has completely converted itself into a technological hub. IIT Mandi is Located in the beautiful locales alongside the river Uhl at Kamand, Himachal Pradesh.

IIT Mandi is an autonomous engineering and technological institute. The Institute has a pleasant and environment-friendly campus that students never feel like leaving. The staff of IIT Roorkee mentored the first batch of engineers who graduated from IIT Mandi. 

It offers Computer Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Electrical Engineering courses along with various other classes. Students need to obtain a rank at least under 250 to get a secured position for these classes in IIT Mandi. You could get a seat in Electrical Engineering with a grade of under 500. You could quickly get a place in Civil Engineering with a ranking of under 2000. 


The Final Verdict

Needless to say that all the IITs in our country are equally good and provides magnificent surroundings for the germination and advancement of its students along with providing excellent job offers after you completion of the study. However, it is better to find which one suits you the best, especially when you get the top ranks. It will also help you decide your course and the Institute.

We hope that our article has helped you find the unique courses and specializations offered by top IIT institutes. Best of Luck!

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Team Rucha Joshi
Team Rucha Joshi
Rucha Joshi, currently managing a team of over 20 content writers at TimesNext is fueled by her passion for creative writing. She is eager to turn information into action. With her hunger for knowledge, she considers herself a forever student and a passionate leader.

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