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10 Definite Ways on How To Earn Money Online in India [in 2020]

Here are the best ten definitive ways on how to earn money online that you can use to establish a reliable source of income
Here are the best ten definitive ways on how to earn money online that you can use to establish a reliable source of income

The one thing common in wealthy individuals is that they have multiple sources of income. To be honest, there is no quick way to earn money, and if someone claims there is, it is definitely a scam. There are two ways to earn money- active income and passive income. Active income involves money that comes your regular job or business, whereas passive income accumulates from assets, bonds, and stocks, without involving your regular participation.

In this article, we’ll be talking about the top 10 methods you can use to earn money online without any fear of getting scammed. Today, anyone with a stable internet connection and a laptop can start earning money right from their homes.

Note: Data entry jobs are mostly scams that try to waste time and money of an individual. Do not get involved in it.

Tips on how to earn money online

Ensure that you follow these tips to start your journey to earn money online:

  • Have a stable high-speed internet connection to increase efficiency
  • Have a functioning laptop or PC
  • Internet is your best friend right now, learn as many skills as you want from the net
  • Ask for guidance through forums or personal networks
  • Learn the methods of monetizing your skill online

10 Definite Ways To Earn Money Online:

1. Freelancer

How To Earn Money Online

There are many sites that offer freelance work opportunities to their users. For example, Fiverr, amongst one of the most popular platforms for freelancers, allows users to either hire or offer their services to the clients.

As a freelancer, you have the ability to work from anywhere in the world, and at any time you want to. Initially, you start out as a freelancer at the primary market price, but as your reviews and experience get better, you can start charging higher rates.

Some ways to earn money online as a freelancer are:

  • Content writing
  • Web designing
  • Logo making
  • Graphic designing

Freelancers can earn up to Rs 60 lakh per year. (1)

2. Start Your Blog

How To Earn Money Online

The world-wide-web is the virtual world, and websites are properties. There are millions of blogs and websites on the internet that cater to the needs and content taste of their audience. As a content creator, you can either write content for someone else and get paid for your service or write content for your own website/blog and start earning independently.

Creating your blog site from scratch can be a bit tough and requires some basic investment amount, up to Rs 10,000. You need to buy a good domain name, create an appealing website, and start posting content consistently. It takes time to establish an audience on a blog, but it can serve as a long term source of income.

Some skills you must master to become a blogger are:

  • Relatable and straightforward content writing
  • Basic photo editing skills
  • Excellent communication skills for collaborations
  • Good knowledge of Google AdSense

A blogger can earn money online, which can go up to Rs 10 lakh plus a month in India. (2)

3. Consultant

If you want to earn money online, one of the best investments you can make is the one in yourself. Once you’ve acquired enough knowledge and experience in a particular field, you can earn money online by selling your advice as an expert on the subject to your clients.

For example, if you’re a digital marketer, as a consultant, you can advise your client by helping them form the digital marketing plan for their company. You can start charging as much as you want according to the standard market price, depending on your reputation and consulting experience in the market.

To become a consultant:

  • Find a core skill and gain an in-depth learning
  • Practice in your niche to gain experience
  • Make mistakes, but take lessons from them
  • Market your expertise to your clients

4. YouTuber

How To Earn Money Online

The one thing that pops into your head when you hear the word YouTuber is an individual creating video content for their audience on a regular basis. However, as a YouTube content creator, you can work on the video platform, as your vlog. Currently, there are many individuals that earn millions through their YouTube channels, making it their full-time job.

There are two types of YouTube (3) channels that you can work on. The first involves presenting your face to the world and being the host for the audience. The second is creating a cash-cow channel in which a user can create unique viral content for their users and start to earn money online without ever showing your face.

Essential elements to make quality YouTube content to earn money online are:

  • A good quality camera
  • Tripod
  • Good lighting
  • A functioning computer system
  • Mastered video editing softwares like Adobe Premiere Pro (4), Final Cut Pro X (5), etc.

The sky is the limit for you as a YouTuber. On average, a YouTuber can earn money online from $20k to $30k each month. (6)

5. Buy and Sell Domains


Domain names are the real-estate of the internet. You can buy, sell, or even rent domains from users online. Domain trading holds great potential and has a very high-profit margin if done the right way. The quality of a domain is measured by its name, its extension, and its Domain Authority.

The cost of a good domain starts from Rs 50k and can go up to Rs 50 lakh, depending on the value of the domain. However, being a domain trader can be a bit tricky, especially if you have zero knowledge about the domain selling market.

Confused on how to earn money online by trading domains? Here’s how:

  • List domain for selling on sites like Flippa (7) or KillerLaunch.
  • Buy domains from sites like GoDaddy (8) and Expired Domains (9) (hard to find good domain names)
  • Start your own domain buying and selling website

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing refers to earning money or commission by promoting someone’s product or service online through your article or blog. For each sale made using your link, you receive a certain percentage of commission.

Affiliate marketing has become a popular way of promoting products in the modern world. Various businesses rely on marketing their products through influencers, YouTubers, and bloggers. The reason why Affiliate Marketing does wonder in creating sales is as it is promoted by an individual that has created a connection with his/her audience,

which makes it a trustable and more effective way of marketing products.

How to earn money online through Affiliate Marketing:

  • Start your blog, YouTube Channel, or social media blog
  • Gather a good audience following in a specific niche
  • Sign up for Affiliate Marketing programs from sites like Amazon (10) and promote products of your blog niche
  • Earn commission on each sale made via your link

Note: Once you’ve created content for promoting someone else’s product on your site, it becomes a source of passive income where there’s a one-time effort.

7. Instagram and Facebook Blog

The term social media influencer doesn’t define only models or dancers. Like any other blog, Instagram and Facebook hold great earning potential if handled the right way.

To be honest, people earn as low as Rs 500 per post to as much as Rs 20,000 for just posting a picture or poster on your social media blog. Simply pick up a niche for your Instagram or Facebook blog and start posting quality content consistently with the relevant hashtags and other tags. You’ll accumulate a good following with 12 months.

How social media blogging is different from website blogging:

  • You can engage with your audience on social media
  • Social media blogging is more graphic centric
  • Websites use SEO, and Instagram & Facebook have hashtags

An Instagram page with a following of over 500k can earn anything between Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 7 lakh per post. (11)

8. Sell Your Product

The beauty of having your own business of selling products is a very empowering experience that helps mold your personality into a better entrepreneur with every experience. People often mistake selling products would be a hefty and expensive task. However, you can use the modern tools of the internet to market and sell your products independently.

There are two types of online product sellers:

(a) Middlemen: A person who sells someone else’s products and earn their share of profit as a middleman. You can easily import products in bulk from sites like Alibaba (12) and sell them online through Instagram, Facebook, or your website easily.

(b) Entrepreneur: A person that creates, markets, and sells their own products with strategic marketing planning is called an entrepreneur. Yes, starting your own business requires a decent amount of investment, but you can get it easily from banks in the form of a loan.

9. Online Courses

If you have any skill that you believe is something you can teach to a larger audience, then creating your online course can serve as a great opportunity to start earning money online. Depending on your target audience, you can teach anything and everything from cooking to writing to digital marketing to your audience.

There are two ways to fetch money by creating your online course:

(a) Via blog

If you already own a website or a blog, creating an online course for your audience is a win-win situation. This way, you can easily market your online course to your audience and start earning via direct sales.

(b) Via third-party platforms

There are various third-party platforms like Teachable (13) that allows users to create and sell online courses. By being on an online course centric website, it will be easier for students to locate your course and for you to manage customers and accept payments through such third-party platforms.

10. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is essentially an independent contractor that provides administrative and other types of assistance to its clients while operating from their own desired location. While working as a virtual assistant, you can either work for a corporate or another business like an employee or set up your own freelance virtual assistance business.

Virtual assistants are skilled work from home professionals that offer their assistance and administrative support services to corporates, businesses, and entrepreneurs. Virtual assistants deal in phone calls, marketing, blog management, proofreading, email correspondence, Internet research, data entry, scheduling appointments, tech support, customer service, editing, writing, bookkeeping, project management, graphic design, event planning, and social media management.

The income for virtual assistants can go from the range of $6,240 to $31,200 from beginner to expert. (14)

FAQs on How to Earn Money Online in India:

1. Is earn money online right for me?

You’re inspired enough that you have some spare time, and how to earn money online in India is what you want to do, so sure, why not? Make money online will help you produce a few additional profits.

2. Which earn money online India making program is the best one?

There is no one best software to earn money online in India.

There are many things to remember:

  • how you run a website/blog (what type of content you have on it)
  • how much spare time you have
  • how much space you have on your website/blog for advertising
  • how many visits you receive and more

Research the different services that make money online and determine which one you think would fit you well.

3. I found it great to earn money online making program, should I go for it?

Perhaps. Although some excellent services on how to earn money online in India, if it sounds good to be real, it is! Be cautious of online money making services asking you to put down some cash. There are lots of scams out there. Do some work on the online fundraiser platform that you come across.

4. How do I know which programs to earn money online India are legitimate and which ones are scams?

There are other warning signs and indicators like coercive selling strategies that you can look out for. For more detail, please read our article on earn money online in India.

5. How much money can I earn money online?

It all depends on you and the program(s) you go for how to earn money online in India. A lot of cash can be made online, and it takes time and persistence (and a touch of luck too!)

6. How can you earn money online in India through Blogging?

Many famous writers are out there, individuals who get paid to post about their interests, thoughts, and activities. It will take some time and effort to earn money online India. Bloggers usually make money from advertisements posted alongside the blog (such as by Google AdSense) or by selling on fee partner items.

7. How to earn money online for beginners?

You have to write blogs on your web and post them. Suppose you’ve got more than 30-40 blogs on your network and have a reasonable traffic rate. You can sign up for Google Adsense, and start making your blog money! Affiliate Marketing on this page is the most comfortable and convenient way to earn money online in India.

8. Can Anyone Work From Home and earn money online in India?

We wish we would tell it’s for everybody to work from home, but that wouldn’t be accurate. Other issues might be a deal-breaker. E.g., individual businesses need you to work over the holidays. If you’re not accustomed to working alone or can be easily distracted, working from home might not be for you. However, we are also trying to advise someone to take the time to learn how to earn money online India.

9. What is an easy way to earn money online?

There are numerous secure forms on how to earn money online in India. For that matter, they do not require heavy lifting, harsh weather, or even leaving home. The only thing is that there are so many choices to choose from when it comes to the internet, it’s difficult to choose only one!

10. What games earn money online in India?

There’s a vast number of games that offer real money to play on their sites, either website or download, to play the game you want. Generally speaking, they are board games or poker games, and you can check out above where we told you about the exclusive deals they are offering and how fantastic their apps are to earn money online India.

11. How to earn money online by playing online games?

Yeah, you can earn real money by playing online games, we’ve also built a list of the best online games in India to make money where all you need to do is follow a few quick moves. The article tells people how to earn money online in India quickly.

12. Which is the best game app to earn money online in India?

As we described, there is a range of apps where you can earn money, but because of the fantastic features they provide, these six platforms listed above are what we consider the best. They ‘re still some of the best other earn money online India methods.

13. How can you earn money online through reselling?

Able to set your margins: You are free to place your margins when you are a reseller. You can pick the quality you want for your items anyway. Since the cost of the merchandise is small, you can price the details to ensure the resellers’ competitiveness. The higher the price you set, the more you will make and learn how to earn money online in India.

How to earn money online – You’ve all got your answers!

In this article, we’ve tried to elaborate as much as we could on the ways you can earn money online easily through the methods given above. However, you might notice that most of them work better when done together. For example, affiliate marketing comes handy when you have excellent social media reach, and the same goes for other methods of creating content for online consumption. Be your own boss by being an Intrepreneur in the internet generation.