Bangalore based Media tech startup – Red Bangle is providing a full-stack content production platform helping deliver powerful videos across the world

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What is Red Bangle all about?

Red Bangle is a B2B, full-stack content production platform. The company has technology that helps fulfill video needs through a curated global network of filmmakers; efficient video production process flows, interactive video reviews, and cloud-based video asset management.


The Founders

Red Bangle Founders - Lakshmi Rebecca and Sunil Patrapati
Red Bangle Founders – Lakshmi Rebecca and Sunil Patrapati

Lakshmi Rebecca, the Founder of Red Bangle, was born in Hyderabad and raised in Chennai. Lakshmi holds a postgraduate degree from Sheffield Business School, UK and she has 20 years of experience in creating content ranging from learning programs and documentary films for BBC and Discovery, to print campaign material and ad films. 

Sunil Patrapati, the Co-Founder of Red Bangle, was born and brought up in Chennai. Sunil holds a double degree in IT and Visual Communications and has an experience of 15 years in developing learning solutions, games, and enterprise software.

Check out the Red Bangle platform here.


 The inspiration behind starting Red Bangle

The Red Bangle Team
Red Bangle – Office

While talking to TimesNextLakshmi told us that she used to run a production house where she observed how distributed and unorganized the market was, as well as how specialized some filmmakers were. 

Lakshmi and Sunil realized the power of harnessing this distributed creativity through technology and efficient processes, which inspired them to develop a technology platform that would aggregate creators, boost efficiency in the content production process and could deliver content ROI analytics.

Check out the Red Bangle platform here.


Challenges at the outset

We don’t grow when things are easy. We grow when we face challenges.”

Lakshmi believes that any entrepreneurial journey is full of ups and downs. 

The company raised 100k USD in angel funding and the founders invested another 50k USD of their own money into the venture. After such an investment, the company had to be revenue positive from day one for which the founders were very cautious about spendings and kept reinvesting to build their technology solution.

Lakshmi told us that it was very challenging for every team member and them as they had to make a lot of sacrifices, which even included not taking salaries home for months.


Red Bangle – On Growth and First Milestone

The Red Bangle Team
The Red Bangle Team

The company got its First Milestone Breakthrough by working with a large IT company and fulfilling their video requirements everywhere from Japan to Poland, and across the US.

Red Bangle has flourished so well in no time. The company has built a creator network across 40 countries and has completed over 400 projects and has reached a million dollars in terms of annual revenue.


Vision of the Company

Team at Work
Team at Work

The company’s visions in ‘Revolutionising Storytelling Across the World’ through a unique business model and its technology platform.

To start with, the company is bringing this vision alive through how they create videos for global enterprises.

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