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Next 57 Mohali vs. BiggBang Mohali - Coworking Comparison

If you're looking for a coworking space in Mohali, Next57 & BiggBang are the places to be. Here is our comparison between these two places,

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Mohali is a city in Punjab, India. There are plenty of coworking spaces in Mohali that offer free Wi-Fi, food services, and more. Here's our comparison of Next 57 vs. BiggBang Coworking Space located in the same area!

Next57 vs. BiggBang Coworking Space in Mohali

If you're looking for a coworking space in Mohali, Next57 & BiggBang are the places to be. These spaces offer an array of amenities that make it easy for your business or personal needs. Their location is also great; it's just stepping away from some of the best restaurants and cafes in town, plus plenty of parking is available right outside the door!

The coworking spaces at Next57 & BiggBang are perfect for startups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. They offer various services that cater to all businesses, including meeting rooms and private offices. The facilities include Wi-Fi, printing, and copy machine access, plus there's tea and coffee, so you'll never run out of fuel!

Location: Next 57, Mohali Phase 8B, Industrial Area

Next 57 Mohali is located in the city's heart and provides various services, including meeting rooms, private offices, and event space. The coworking space also has a cafe that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The space is designed to be flexible and conducive to productivity, with lounge areas, a game room, and an outdoor terrace. The coworking hub is home to many startups in the city, including those in the technology, real estate, and healthcare sectors.

Location: BiggBang Coworking Space, Mohali Phase 8A, Industrial Area

BiggBang Coworking Space is located in Phase 8A, Mohali, about 2 minutes from Phase 8B, where Next57 is located. Both areas are easily accessible by public transport. You can get there by taxi, car or bus.

The nearest railway station is Nangal Railway Junction (N) which lies about 2 km from our location. The journey from Chandigarh takes approximately 15 minutes with a train frequency of 6-7 trains per hour at peak hours during weekdays and weekends, respectively.

More about BiggBang Coworking

BiggBang Coworking Exterior

Bigbang Coworking is a 6-story tower with 700 seats. The office space is divided into private spaces, single-seat offices, and community rooms. The private spaces offer larger offices for groups of up to 50 people, collaborative workspaces for up to 8 people, and individual desks or tables for 2 or 3 people.

Office Interior at BiggBang Mohali

The single-seat office has just one desk available; it can also be shared by two people who are not colleagues at Biggbang Coworking but may have frequent contact with each other (e.g., if your company has an office in the building).

More about Next57 Mohali

Next57 Mohali Exterior

Next57 is a coworking space in Phase 8b. It has 500 seats with private offices, single seats, and conference rooms. The building has a gym and coffee shop on the ground floor.

Office Interior at Next57 Mohali

Price Range - Next57 vs. BiggBang

When choosing the right coworking space for your needs, there's much to consider. First, you must decide how much money you want to spend on rent. Next57 is more expensive than BiggBang.

Finally, if the price isn't an issue for you but you still want all the features in the world. Both companies have packages that include free WiFi access and membership reimbursement programs down through private offices with conference rooms and even dedicated meeting spaces!

Visit BiggBang Coworking's website here.

Visit Next57's website here.

There are a lot of different coworking spaces in Mohali to choose from

There are a lot of different coworking spaces in Mohali to choose from. You can choose based on your needs, price, location, and amenities.

There are coworking spaces in Mohali that offer a variety of services. Some have meeting rooms, event spaces,s and even coffee shops on-site. Others have only desks but still manage to provide many amenities, such as free Wi-Fi, printing facilities, access to meeting rooms, and more.


After reading this article, we hope you understand how coworking spaces in Mohali compare. We’ve gone into the details of each company to help you make an informed choice about which coworking space is right for your business needs.